15 Tips To Save Money


tips to save money
Are you wondering how to save money? I look back over my life when I first moved out of my parents house and out on my own, and boy have I come a long way.  For most of my life I have been a single mother.  Budgeting, scraping, and sacrificing was a way of life for me.  However, I’m proud to say things got better as time went on.  I was able to purchase my own home, send my daughter on a international vacation, college educated her,  purchased a new car for her college graduation, travel, and built a significant savings account and retirement nest egg.  This is not a boast, but a blessing.  As a result, I want to share my tips to save money with you.

You ask how I managed, I say discipline and remembering that every penny counts. Here are a few tips on how I saved:

  1. Pay yourself first – First, bank a portion of your check regularly. Put it into an account and forget about it.  I’ve cried broke my entire life, and I act as though the money doesn’t exist. People say they can hear me squeak.
  2. Shop wisely – I shop at thrift stores, yard sales and second hand stores. You can find brand new items, name brand items and gently used items. Don’t by-pass the Dollar Stores either, they’re great for school supplies, coloring books, crafts and snack items.
  3. Use coupons and discounts – You can save tons of money by using coupons and taking advantage of discounts.
  4. Look for free activities – Take advantage of free activities during the summer and holidays for family activities.
  5. Bank a part of your child support – If you’re single parent bank a portion of your child support. If you can’t bank half, bank what you can. I was able to send my daughter to Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria on child support that I saved for her.
  6. Drive an inexpensive car with low maintenance – My first car didn’t have an air conditioner and it was a straight stick. At this stage in my life I couldn’t handle either of the two, but I sacrificed when I was younger and able to endure.
  7. Pack your child’s lunch – My daughter was a brown bagger until high school. Packing her lunch relieved me of having to pay another bill.
  8. Limit credit cards – Additional tips to save money is cash and carry.  It was my motto for most things.  Buying budget furniture and refinishing items cut down on household expenses.
  9. Start a Thrift Saving Plan (TSP) or 401-K – I invested my money for the past 25 years, and again acted as if it didn’t exist. When I needed a loan, I borrowed from my TSP at a much lower interest rate. When I retire, I will have a monthly check from my employer as well as everything that I have saved and earned for 25 years in my TSP. I plan to use this money to travel the world.
  10. Purchase clothes off season – I purchase clothes on clearance at the end of each season for the following year. I’m now able to shop where ever I want whenever I want, but I still purchase the majority of my clothes off the clearance rack and the kid’s clothing there as well.
  11. Start a vacation club – I’m able to vacation several times a year. I treat my daughter, son-in-law, 2 grandchildren and my friend each summer to a week at the beach.
  12. Prepare meals for the week – This will eliminate stopping at fast food places and spending money unnecessarily.
  13. Become a DIYer – After I purchased my home, I did my own painting, mowed the lawn, trimmed it and fixed minor things around the house. I saved thousands of dollars by doing my own work and banked it.
  14. Assess your household expenses – Tips to save money can be applied to your household expenses.  Get rid of unnecessary expenses and bank that money. You were spending it initially, so you shouldn’t miss it if you bank it.
  15. Be Creative – When I break a dollar, I throw the money to the bottom of my purse. I empty my purse at the end of the week, and place the money into jars. Once the jars are full I head to the bank and place it into my travel account.
These tips to save money have worked for me over the years and I’m sure they will work for you too. Start out doing 1 or 2 tips and increase the tips as you go. Remember, pennies add up to dollars, dollars turn into hundreds of dollars and eventually thousands. What do you do to save money?


Wordless Wednesday – Sunset

                                                                    Sunset in the Virgin Islands

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10 Tips To Stay Healthy – Sponsored Post

It’s a new year and my main goal is to eat healthier, exercise and stay healthy. I’ve fallen off track on my healthy eating goals so many times I’ve lost count. This year I decided to pick myself up, brush myself off and get back on track. I made peace with the fact that there’s no quick fix, it requires a lifestyle change. I’ve tried fad diets, prepacked food diets, eating like a bird, not eating, you name it only to end up frustrated and returning to my bad habits.  

They say timing is everything. When I was contacted by Molina Health Care to do a post on health issues that affect me and my family I gladly accepted. The first step to overcoming struggles is to talk about them. I had put together a list of tips to achieve and maintain a healthy eating lifestyle and I thought it would be perfect to share for this post. 

The turning point for me to get healthy was when I looked at pictures and realized just how much weight I had gained. I reached a point where I hated to get my picture taken. I was missing out on three generations of family pictures with my daughter and granddaughter, because I couldn’t bear to look at the majority of the photos. If there’s a health issue blowing in the wind it will find my family, so I knew that I had to get serious and get to work. We have a family history of high blood pressure, diabetics, obesity, heart attacks, cancer and the list goes on.   

Eating healthy was always a must in my home. A snack for my daughter was jello when she was growing up. I truly believe my high stress job took its toll on me over the years, but I knew that I could no longer allow my job to control me. My job was a means to make an income, not a means to end my life. Here’s the tips that I’m now using to stay healthy:

  1. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet –  I started a kitchen garden several years and I grow the majority of my vegetables during the summer along with fresh fruits. There’s nothing better than being able to pick fresh fruits and vegetables outside your door. 
  2. Preserve fresh vegetables – I now preserve fresh vegetables during the summer to make soups and other dishes throughout the year. I also grow fresh herbs to flavor my dishes. If you don’t have a kitchen garden, visit a local Farmer’s Market. Seal and freeze the fresh vegetables for later use. 
  3. Get a partner to help you stay on track – My daughter is a Beach Body coach so we have teamed up to ensure that I stay on track. 
  4. Don’t deprive yourself – Give yourself a day or two to enjoy the foods that you truly love. Depriving yourself is a set-up for failure. Saturday or Sunday are my days to eat out and enjoy a burger, slice of pizza or pasta dish.  I look forward to it and I don’t feel guilty. 
  5. Give up the excuses – Make your health a priority. 
  6. Exercise –  Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. If you can’t get in 30 get in 5, 10, 15 or 20. Some is better than none. 
  7. Educate yourself  –  Learn what foods provide nutrition and energy for the body. Prepackaged and junk food are empty calories and contain high amounts of sodium and sugar. I’ve replaced chips with popcorn, candy bars with fresh fruit, ice cream with frozen yogurt. Gradually add healthy items into your meal plan. 
  8. Drink plenty of water and don’t skip meals – I love water, so drinking it has never been a problem for me. I replaced soda with water and Gatorade and eat 4 – 5 small meals a day. 
  9. Learn portion controlI took a class at my local hospital on eating healthy. You will be surprised on what is considered a healthy portion. (I got my answer on how I gained the excess weight). 
  10. Relieve stress and get rest – Know the stress factors in your life and eliminate as many as you can. Get plenty of rest. Replace bed pillows if they are old and purchase them according to how you sleep. I’m a side sleeper, so I purchased pillows made for my position. I sleep throughout the night now. 
I have incorporated these 10 tips into my life and now they’re pretty much second nature. Getting healthy won’t happen overnight and there are no quick fixes, believe me I have tried them all. It requires a lifestyle change, which requires you to make your health a priority every day. Check out the Eating Well article on Molina Health Care. It discusses acceptable servings from each of the food groups and is worth the read. It’s great information for healthy eating.  

The opinions in this article are my own. I do not work for, or with, any brand mentioned in this article, nor do I have any official relationship with them.  I have a relationship with GigaSavvy, for whom I create original editorial content.


How To Companion Plant In The Vegetable Garden

Now is the time to start winter sowing flowers for your kitchen garden.  So start planning your seed purchases for outdoor or indoor sowing so you can transplant them in your garden.  I use companion planting in my kitchen garden.  Companion planting is the pairing of flowers and vegetables.  It’s a must in my garden, so I wanted to share my flowers in the garden and how I pair the with vegetables.  You can also check out my other backyard vegetable gardening tips.

Next, I purchase the majority of my flowers from the local garden center off the clearance rack. Flowers don’t have to go into your garden immediately, which will allow you time to find bargains on what you want to plant. Just save a spot in your garden for them and start looking for sales around Memorial Day or the clearance racks around early or mid-June. 

Here’s my list:

  • Marigolds (scented)  – The number 1 flower in my kitchen garden. I plant a combination of scented yellow and orange marigolds with my tomatoes and throughout the garden.
  • Petunias – Great with tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers and beans.
  • Cosmos – Great for attracting bees, which you need for pollination. I usually find a good deal on Cosmos at my local nursery.
  • Sunflowers – These are a must in my garden. I plant them to feed the Gold Finch, but they are also great for pollination. I use them as a trellis for my cucumbers too. The cucumbers will grow up and wrap themselves around the stalk of the sunflowers.  Direct sow your cucumber seeds at the base of your sunflowers when the soil is warm enough. I winter sow my sunflowers.  You can see my post here, How To Make Bottle Greenhouses
  •  Sweet Pea – These are climbers and are great to plant with pole beans.
  • White Geraniums –  Great with tomatoes, corn, peppers and cabbage.  They keep Japanese Beetles away, so place them randomly in your garden.
  • Basil –  Although Basil is not considered a flower, it can planted with tomatoes.  I actually plant basil with my tomatoes plants as well as in my herb garden each season.  Using basil in my sauces and in my chili is a part of my recipes, so I must have plenty.  I also freeze it in ice trays. So, it’s a must in my garden.  I can never have enough.

Likewise,  I also do companion planting with my vegetables, especially tomatoes.  In addition, planting compatible vegetables help ward off insects that can destroy one or the other plant.  Most importantly, make the most of your space and make use of your plant’s ability to help the other grow. Here’s my list:

  • Tomatoes – Plant with basil, carrots, chives, garlic, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, or peas. Do not plant cabbage, kale, collards, cauliflower, broccoli or turnips with your tomatoes.
  • Peppers – Plant with basil, cucumbers or eggplant. (See the Do not plant list above).
  • Squash – Plant with bush beans or peas.  Do not plant with potatoes.
  • Cabbage – Plant with melons, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, spinach, or tomatoes. Do not plant with sage or peppers.
  • Cucumbers – Plant with peppers or sunflowers. Do not plant with potatoes.
  • Bush Beans – Plant with or near cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, corn, cucumbers, potatoes, or strawberries.  Do not plant with garlic, onions or any vegetables in that family.
  • Garlic – Plant with cabbage or tomatoes.  Do not plant with peas or beans.
Last, you can plant your companion plants together or in the same vicinity.  As a result, consider the pairs when you’re planning your garden layout.  Also, if you have questions about this list or other gardening questions please send an email to The Mailbox using rhonda@mother2motherblog.com.

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Sunday’s Best Linkup – #4


Welcome to Week 4 of  Mother 2 Mother’s Sunday’s Best Linkup. I’m happy to be the host of this fun and new linkup. Each month we will feature a theme, this month the theme is Baby It’s Cold Outside. Brrr! Please share your favorite winter posts old or new, cold weather recipes, crafts, winter scrapbook layouts, Christmas photos, anything that has a winter/cold weather flavor. 

                                                           I’m  Rhonda –  Your Host

Don’t have posts that fit into the theme, link up whatever post you would like to share. Anything goes here. You may link as many posts as you would like. Each week I will select my favorite post(s) and feature the blog on the link-up the following week.  An image from your post will be used on my blog the following week with a link back to your blog.  Be sure to check back to see if you’re the Sunday’s Best featured blogger of the week. 

February’s theme is Love Is In the Air.  We’re looking for loving memories of you and family, love stories, Valentine crafts, DIY, recipes, anything that you love and would like to share. 

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The Sunday’s Best Post is:


Of Mice and Ramen – Year of the sheep.

All of the posts were great, and I appreciate each of you linking up.  Take a minute to visit this great blog and connect with Veronica.  Her cookies alone are worth the visit. 

Now, lets link up those posts and be sure to visit a few other bloggers who have posted while you’re here. This is a great way to meet and connect on social media.  Be sure to PIN or share any posts that you like, we all appreciate a little love.     


Why I No Longer Use The Word Weak

This is a guest post did I for the blog A Peek Into My Paradise.  I’ve decided to no longer define who I am by Strengths and Weaknesses. Here’s Webster’s definition of weak:  

    WEAK. 1 : lacking strength: as. a : deficient in physical vigor : feeble, debilitated. b : not able to sustain or exert much weight, pressure, or strain.

I have spent years defining what I have perceived to be my Strengths and Weaknesses.  There are areas that I wish to improve, but when I assessed my skills and qualities I had a hard time finding weaknesses.  Here’s why:

  • I have raised a daughter as single mother and college educated her
  • I’m helping to raise 2 grandchildren
  • I manage a home 
  • I clean my home
  • I prepare the meals
  • I do the laundry
  • I work outside out the home 40 hours per week
  • I budget the income and pay the bills
  • I spend time blogging
  • I guest blog for other bloggers
  • I grow my own vegetables
  • I can summer produce for winter use and saving on the grocery bill
  • I maintain the outside of my home with the exception of mowing the grass ( I have lawn service)
  • I find time for family and friends 
  • I take the car in to be serviced after I negotiate a deal on the vehicle I’m purchasing

I could continue my list, but you get my drift. Weak, how can I be weak. It takes strength and endurance to do all of the above on a regular basis.  Now I do have a few things that I have a hard time passing up like chocolate, coffee, and chips. These just happen to be things that I like to indulge in, they don’t make me who I am. Life beats us down enough, why contribute to the negativity by placing unflattering labels on yourself. 

I have accepted that I am a work in progress and ever evolving.  Because I don’t always meet my goals or I’m not perfect doesn’t mean that I lack strength. There are many factors that contribute to how much I can accomplish and what I accomplish. I have found that if I set goals and continuously working toward them, it reduces the stress that I place on myself. I think as women we try to accomplish too much and often end up with the weight of the world on our shoulders. When we can no longer bear the weight we see ourselves as weak or society sees us as weak.  

Because I’m not as physically strong as a man doesn’t mean that I’m weak.  That’s just the way I was made. The majority of the time, I don’t want to open the jar, hammer a stake in the ground, change a dirty tire or haul heavy items. I simply don’t want to break a nail, have back pain or prove how manly I am, ha.  Now don’t get me wrong, I can hammer, change a tire, shovel the driveway, and haul heavy items. I’ve been single for many years. I can get it done.          
I have found that setting priorities has helped me meet my ever changing goals. Nothing is more important to me than my family, so whatever goals I set they come after my family.  If I don’t achieve them during the year, I continue to work on them the following year. 

I’m adding weak to the list of items that I’ve tossed because I will never wear or use it again. Join me ladies, you’ll find that you will have a ton lifted off your shoulders and you will feel much better.  Replace the word Weaknesses on your list with  Things I Wish To Improve!  

Crockpot Recipe: Pork Chops

crockpot recipes

Looking for a delicious crockpot recipe for pork chops?  I have an easy, but delicious one for you.  And it only uses 3 ingredients.  Delicious and simple!  So, how can you not want to try this crockpot recipe.  Furthermore, it uses 3 ingredients.  And the end result is a moist, tender chop that is perfect for dinner.  Also, it’s a perfect recipe to pair with rice, potatoes, or a salad and crusty bread.  Go ahead, wipe the sweat off your brow.  Oh right, this one didn’t require you to work up a sweat.

And crockpot recipes are a great go to turn to when your time is limited.  Put the ingredients in the crock and head off to run errands or do other chores around the house.

This is a simple recipe.  Here’s the ingredients that you will need for this recipe:

  • 1 can of Cream of Chicken Soup
  • 1 packet of Ranch Salad Dressing mix (The picture actually shows 2)
  • 3 – 4 thick cut pork chops

First, spray your crock with PAM to keep the ingredients from sticking.  Next, layer the pork chops on the bottom of the crockpot.  Spread the Cream of Chicken soup over the chops. Be generous, you want the pork chops to be thoroughly covered.  Be sure to lift the chops and spread the soup over the bottom of the chop too.  You may have to place a part of one chop onto the next chop.  If so, that will fine.  They will all cook thoroughly.  Pour 1 packet of the Ranch Dressing over the soup.  Cook on low for 6 hours or high for 4.  I prefer to cook mine for 6 hours.  The chops practically fall off the bone.

Last, the end result is a moist, juicy and delicious chop.  As a result, be sure to Pin this crockpot recipe.  Because you will want to make them again and again.  So, serve this dish with your favorite sides and vegetable.  Enjoy!  

Wordless Wednesday – Strut Your Stuff

This picture was taken at Hunt Club Farm in Virginia Beach, VA during one of our trips to their petting zoo with my grandchildren. 

Great Grains Granolas and Snack Mix Review

One of my goals for 2015 is to get healthy. As 2014 was rolling out and 2015 rolling in, I thought about how I would accomplish this goal. I knew I was done with fad diets and the prepacked diet programs. I had tried several of them over the course of the years, and I was not successful on any. I knew the first step toward my goal to get healthy was accepting the fact that it would require a lifestyle change. 

It’s funny how things work out, I was contacted shortly thereafter and asked to join Great Grains and the Fad Free pledge. I gladly accepted, it had never worked for me anyway. Another incentive for taking the pledge was Great Grains donates $3.00 for every pledge taken to AmpleHarvest.org. This is a non-profit organization that empowers home gardeners to donate fresh produce to local food pantries. This is a great incentive for me to plant more veggies in the garden this year, eat more veggies and help families that can’t afford fresh produce.  

In addition to taking the pledge, I reviewed Great Grains granola in Blueberry Flax and Super Nutty. The timing for this review was perfect. It was a great addition toward my healthy eating change. I’m now eating fruit and yogurt for breakfast instead of sausage biscuits, doughnuts and croissants. I sprinkle the granola on top of my Greek Yogurt and it is delicious. I actually like both flavors. Once these bags are gone, they will be added to my grocery list as they will become a staple in my home.  

Next, I tried out the snack mix. I received them in Dark Chocolate Nut and Cranberry, Nuts and Seeds. I love both. Vending machine junk food has been replaced with trail mix and granola bars, so the boxes of snack mix were perfect. It’s actually a healthier replacement for the trail mix. I like both flavors, but I love the Dark Chocolate Nut. 

The snack mix comes in these convenient packets. They’re great to throw in your purse when you’re on the run or take to the office for those mid-morning or afternoon hunger attacks. I’m glad I took the Fad Free pledge and I encourage you to take it with me. 

I will be giving 1 follower an opportunity to try these great products from Great Grains.  Here are the rules:

Take the pledge to be Free of Fad Diets and come back and leave me a comment letting me know that you’re committing to healthier eating.  The give away ends February 1, 2015 at mid-night. The winner will be randomly selected, contacted by email, and will receive the granola and snack mix shown in the review.  Good Luck!

Disclaimer – I received the above products for review; however, all opinions are my own.