Attracting Backyard Birds

backyard birds


Attracting backyard birds has become a big part of my gardening experience.  As a result, I have managed to attract Cardinals, Orioles, Blue Jays, Wrens, Gold Finch, Tuft Titmouse, Barn Swallows and more.  Furthermore, watching them feast and learning their habits can be fun and educational for children too.

Blue Jays can be aggressive; however, I have seen Robins that have held their ground against a Blue Jay.  Woodpeckers are another favorite.  The Red Bellied and Downy Woodpeckers are frequent visitors in my backyard. Finally, if you are a backyard bird lover check out my tips for attracting backyard birds.  Click out the links below:

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Last, we hope that you found some of our posts beneficial.  So, implement a few ideas and you will be attracting backyard birds too.  I suggest that you research the birds that are indigenous to your area.  Knowing the birds in your area will help you become knowledgeable of their habits and what to feed them.  Furthermore, it will also help you determine what feeders to use to attract them.  Do you feed them seeds, corn, suet or a combination.  Again, study the birds that you want to attract.  Knowledge is key, but you may find that trial and error is fun too.