Thrift Store Find – Hand Carved Teak Bowls

teak bowls

I’ve always loved thrift stores, yard sales, and auctions.  Unfortunately, I had to set that passion aside over the years because of my career and other demands on my time.  I have gradually returned, and decided to share my thrifty finds with you.

When I was raising my daughter as a single mother, I had to figure how to budget and stick to it.  This included decorating my home, purchasing clothing, food, vacations and everything else that came along.   The solutions to these demands were growing my own food, second hand stores, clearance racks, and yard sales.  I truly believe that someone else’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Browsing thrift shops was a way for me to relieve stress too.  A little retail therapy goes a long way.  And I didn’t have to pay a fortune for my therapy.  I visited one of the local thrift stores recently, and found these 4 teak bowls.  They appeared to be hand carved, because their shape was irregular. They just appealed to me, and called out my name.  The price was $.99 per bowl.  They may have been priced so low because of their imperfection, but to me that uniqueness is what makes them valuable.


Thrift Shopping


As a single parent, buying things and figuring out how to use them later was not an option for me.  Everything purchased had to be a price within my budget and have a purpose.  That thought process is still in my DNA, even though I have reached a stage in my life where I can afford pretty much what I want.  For some reason, I have no desire to change that thinking.  It keeps me from overspending, and helps me stay on track with my finances.


Thrift Shopping


As I admired the teak bowls, I thought about how I would use them.  Ice cream with the grandchildren came to mind immediately.  Sold!  I could also use them for salads.

When I flipped the bowls over to check the price, I found this label on the bottom.  Teak is native to India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and Bangladesh.  It is also used to make boats, furniture, carvings and other small wood projects.

Knowing the origin of the teak bowls increased the value for me.  It made me want to preserve the uniqueness and irregularity of the bowls.  So, they became more of a bargain from a thrift shop to me.  One of the things about thrifting is being able to see the beauty in an item that another person no longer sees. The fact that I found a set selling on Etsy for $62.00 helps too.

If you’re a thrifty shopper, I hope that you will appreciate my hand carved teak bowls too.  If you’re not, I encourage you to check out a few shops, flea markets or auctions.  You may also like: Auction Tips for Beginners.

Penny Embellished Picture Frame

penny embellished frame

Looking for a unique gift for a friend.  Try making this penny embellished picture frame.  You can use it to frame a picture or a printable.  It’s unique and budget friendly too.  So, pick up a gold frame from the Dollar Tree or your favorite dollar store, and let the fun begin.

You will need the following items:

  • Gold Frame (I used a 4 x 6)
  • Glue gun
  • New pennies
  • Wet cloth



A 4 x 6 frame uses approximately 32 pennies.  The size of your frame will determine the number of pennies needed. I started at the bottom and moved around the frame.  Ensure the pennies are heads up and fairly new.  After all, if you will be giving it as a gift you want the frame to shine.

First, remove the paper from the picture frame and replace it with one of the quotes. You will one to complete this step first.  Trying to insert your quote after the pennies have been glued to the frame can be difficult.  The pennies have a tendencies to fall off if you place the frame face down.

Check out our quotes and feel free to download one for your frame.  I didn’t include a border because I didn’t want to distract from the frame once the quote was added.  Sometimes less is more.

penny quotes


Place a dab of glue on the back of each penny, and press it on the frame.  I found that the hot glue held the pennies in place better than the Elmer’s glue.  If your children will be working on the frame, Elmer’s glue may be better.

However, don’t place a large amount of glue on the pennies.  Pressure will cause the glue to spread, so you don’t want an excessive amount on the pennies.  Position the penny on the frame.  Wipe any glue mishaps before it dries.  Cover the entire frame with pennies.

penny embellished frame



Last, once the pennies have been added, allow the frame to set overnight to ensure the pennies are not disturbed.  We hope you like our embellished picture frame.  Finally, use your penny stash and a dollar frame to create this awesome gift.

How to Make a Poster Using Adobe Spark




Do you want to make a beautiful poster for an upcoming event or for your business?   Posters are a great way to get people talking.  Whether you want to make a handout or just something to post on social media, you want to be able to make a poster that is eye-catching and informative.  This doesn’t have to be as difficult.  Adobe Spark is the solution to your poster problem.  Read on so you learn how to create posters.  The program is easy to use and has great benefits. To get started, ask the following questions:

Posters are a great way to get people talking

Whether you want to make a handout or or just something to post on social media, you want to be able to make a poster that is eye-catching and informative.  Luckily, this doesn’t have to be as difficult.  Just ask the following questions:

What size do you need?

All posters are not created equal.  The size of your poster will depend on how you’re distributing it. Different websites have different post sizes, and your poster will have to be the right size to be seen in full resolution.  Keeping all of that information straight can be difficult, but there are easy and free ways to manage that.  There are often premade templates for printing or for various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  You can usually create custom sizes, too.  So regardless of how you want to use your poster, you can do it with ease.

How do you want the poster to look?

What is your event?  You wouldn’t want to market a business event with childish graphics or playful fonts. And you wouldn’t want to promote a wedding with dark colors or serious text.  There are plenty of rules when it comes to graphic design. But trying to figure out things like color schemes and font palettes can be difficult if you don’t have experience.  There are some paid programs that will offer templates for you to use. And there are even some free programs that will give you professional designs.  With these easy to edit templates, you can make a poster without having to worry about having a degree in graphic design.

What’s the best content?

Figuring out what needs to go on your poster is important. Depending on what your poster is for, it can have almost anything on it. When using templates, it’s even easier to input your text. These templates might even give you hints as to what can go where on your poster.  Adobe Spark also makes it easy to upload images from anywhere, including Dropbox. But you can also pull pictures from Facebook or even your own computer. It also offers a wide range of photos for your use.

How are you going to distribute it?

Making your poster is only the first step. You can download your finished poster as a file to your computer. This will allow you to add it as an attachment to an email.  You can also print it directly so that you can hand it out in person.  You can also share on social media.

I hope our tips on how to create a poster was helpful. Posters are great for advertising yard sales, bake sales, fundraisers or charity events, you name it.

14 Places to Score Cheap Sewing Supplies

Like anything else, your hobby is dependent on a budget. Not many people out there can spend as they please on their hobbies.  And therefore saving on your sewing stash is not a bad idea.  Don’t we all want to get more for our money?
Most needlecraft aficionados prefer their sewing rooms fully stocked.  However, this usually means having more than they would ever need.  After all, who wants to run out of thread or fabric in the middle of an exciting project?  Hobbies are supposed to relieve stress not cause frustration.  And I don’t know about you, but I jump at the chance of getting more for less! A dream stash of just about everything you need is certainly not as farfetched as you would have thought.

Another good thing about finding affordable supplies on sale is to be able to test out the quality of a new brand. Finding an item for less brings excitement.  Or if you have been wondering about a product, but leery about forking out the full amount puts you at an advantage.

Just be careful of buying things that may be old, especially thread. It’s very important to always buy the best quality thread, as older means weaker. That would just defeat the purpose of sewing in a big way!

To help you save money, Wunderlabel team lists 14 places where you can score cheap sewing supplies:



In guiding you through your journey to economical choices for your stitchery stockpile, we got creative and frugal at the same time. We hope you have found our list of places to score cheap sewing supplies beneficial.  Go on, you know you want to get a head start!

22 Fun and Creative Winter Crafts For Kids



winter crafts for kids


Winter can be a boring time for kids unless you have fun activities planned for them.  We have 22 fun and creative kid’s winter crafts that will get them off the electronics.  Our roundup of kid’s winter crafts will stop the boredom. Children need to be motivated, stimulated and encouraged to create.  Get out the craft supplies and lets get started:


kids winter crafts kids winter crafts


Winter Mittens for Preschoolers – This is an adorable for craft for preschooler and/or kindergarteners.

Plastic Bag Snowman – Do you have plastic bags filled with plastic bags?  I do.  I use them in my bathroom trash cans or when I’m carrying food to my mother’s.  But they can also be used to make this adorable snowman.  Who knew.

Paint Stirrer Snowman – These adorable snowmen are made from paint stirrers.  Stop by your local hardware store and pickup a handful.

Cotton Ball Snowman – Fun and simple craft that’s perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Snowman Candle – This can be a fun craft for the adult while assisting the children with their crafts.  It’s perfect for a winter scene on a mantel or table.

Painted Mason Jar – Display this painted mason jar snowman on the mantel or a table during the cold winter months. This could be another craft that’s perfect for an adult or older children.  They would make great gifts.

Finger Paint Tree –  So cute and so simple.  A permanent marker, white paint and blue paper for the scene.

Hot Cocoa – Who doesn’t love hot cocoa.  Whip up a batch for the kids to enjoy after they finish this adorable craft.

Marshmallow Snowman –  This adorable guy is made by dipping a large marshmallow into white and black paint.  The accessories are made from paper.

Newspaper Winter Landscape – This scene is made from newspaper and bubble wrap.  How creative, right.  I love it.

Shredded Paper Snowman – Put the paper in your shred bin to good use.  Make this shredded snowman.  The kids will love the shreds and the end result.

Hot Chocolate Mug – Fill the popsicle stick cup with lots of cotton ball marshmallows.  So cute. A plate of cookies and a hot cup of hot chocolate afterward is a good idea.

Sugar Snowflakes – Powered sugar and a few teaspoons of water make the paint for these adorable snowflakes.

Tin Can Snowman – Empty can don’t have to go to waste.  so, save a few tin can of various sizes for this snowman’s body.  A coffee, large vegetable and soup can would be good.

Paper Mache Snowman –  The site lacks step by step instructions; however, you can goggle paper mache and get creative.  The snowman is adorable.

Puzzle Wreath – Stop, don’t throw out the kid’s puzzles because they’re missing a few pieces.  Make this adorable wreath instead.

Marshmallow Snowman and Pretzel Snowman – Next, make sure you have enough marshmallows and pretzels for the kids and the projects.  Doesn’t it look delicious.

Doily Snowman – Purchase a pack of doilies in various sizes and get creative.  Perfect craft for a snow day.

Fingerprint Snow Globe – This snow globe is so cute.  Imagine those tiny fingers creating this adorable snowman and snowflakes.

Cardinals – My state bird.  Their beautiful red color against the fresh snow is a sight for sore eyes.  This piece of art doesn’t have step by step instruction; however, you can figure out what needs to be done by looking at the picture.  Get creative, you can do it.

Popsicles – Who doesn’t love popsicles?  Even in the winter they can tasty or help you think of summer when its so hot. Gather up pompoms, buttons, stones, glitter and glue.

S is for Snowman – Last, this is a great craft to teach preschoolers and kindergarteners about the letter S.

Finally, we hope that you will find a few winter crafts to occupy the kid’s this winter.  Have as much fun on the inside on snow days as the outside.  And you may also like Winter Word Search For Kids and Preschool Snowman Math Game.





Fun Crafts You Can Do Once The Kids Have Gone To Bed

fun crafts


It’s always a nice time when the kids go to bed. After all, it gives you some time to rest and prepare for the next day. But rather than spend the night in front of the television get creative.  After all, being creative is a great way to relieve some of the day’s stress.  And you will feel a sense of achievement.  Here are some fun crafts you can do once the kids have gone to bed.

Start Knitting

One of the best things about knitting is you can do it anywhere. You might spot people on the bus or even at the movies with their knitting needles. For one thing, knitting is highly therapeutic. And it can be a lot of fun when you are trying to create a masterpiece. Therefore, hunt down some great patterns, buy some needles and yarn and get started.  You might want to attempt to make something for one of the kids.  After all, a lovely knitted scarf or hat will make a great gift or treat.   Start with something small, and then you can go for a harder pattern once you become more experienced.  If you want to make it more social, look into attending a knitting group.  Or start your own. Get a few of your friends over, and you can knit to your heart’s content.

Become a Sewing Whiz

Sewing can be a vital skill for moms.   After all, there are bound to be times that your kid needs a costume or you want new throw pillows or curtains.  With basic sewing skills you can make both.  However, sewing doesn’t just have to be a handy skill.  For a lot of women, they do sewing as a hobby or use the skills for their business. After all, it can be quite relaxing sitting in front of a sewing machine making your next project.

Use the time to create once the kids have gone to bed.  Hunt down a good sewing machine to make your dreams a reality. Before you go to the shop, you can read reviews online such as this brother cs6000i review. That way, you know you are investing in a good sewing machine that will last you for years to come.

Start Drawing or Painting

For a lot of people, they find drawing and painting therapeutic as wel. After all, it’s a good way to get your emotions out after a long stressful day. You can paint how you are feeling, and it’s good for easing some pressure.  It can be a fun experience. After all, you might create some beautiful paintings that you can either put up in your home or sell to the public. Therefore, it’s worth doing some of this in your spare time as a fun new hobby. And you will be much more creative when you are next doing crafts with the kids!

And some jewelry making should also be on the cards too. Not only could you make some for the kids, but you could create some to sell online for some extra money. As this article says, there are lots of tutorials online which can make it an easy process.

We hope that our fun craft ideas have you thinking about getting creative and using your down time to utilize your skills.


Kindergarten Christmas Craft: Christmas Lights

kindergarten Christmas craft


Looking for a preschool or kindergarten Christmas craft?  This finger print Christmas lights artwork is sure to please.  The project is easy, fun and messy with a bright and colorful end.  It’s the perfect way to capture memories of those precious little fingers. Tis the season and Fa La La La!  Lets get those little ones in the holiday spirit.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Washable paints of various colors  (I purchased mine from the Dollar Store).
  • black marker to make the dots on the lights and wire
  • wet paper towels for cleaning messy fingers
  • White paper or cardstock

Be sure to have plenty of wet paper towels or an old wet cloth on hand.  You will want to wipe the child’s fingers before dipping them in the next shade of paint.  Lets get this project started:

  1. – Dust off those adorable little fingers.
  2. – Next, have the children dip their index finger(s) into the paint.
  3. – Press their index finger onto the white paper.
  4. – Repeat Step 3 until you have a string of lights  as shown.
  5. – Be sure to allow the paint to dry thoroughly before you proceed.
  6. – Make dots on each of the lights with the black marker.  (Place several places of paper under your sheet before you use the black marker to avoid bleeding on your table or work area.)  Unfortunately, I learned this lesson the hard way.
  7. – Use a pencil and lightly draw a curved line to connect the dots.  Also, write the child’s name on the paper.  Allow them to trace it with a crayon.
  8. – If you have older children allow them to trace the curved lines with the black marker.  Otherwise, you can complete the project or help the smaller children with this step.

We hope you enjoy this colorful kindergarten Christmas craft.   You may also like our Kindergarten Christmas Tree Card.





Kindergarten Christmas Craft: Christmas Tree


kindergarten Christmas crafts

Looking for a kindergarten Christmas craft?  This kindergarten Christmas craft is easy, and would be perfect for little hands.  It makes a beautiful Christmas card.  Furthermore, it is also a great project for first or second grade students.  Here’s what you will need to complete the project:

  • Cardstock or construction paper  (I purchased a pack of construction paper from Dollar Tree)
  • green washable paint  (I purchased the paint from Michaels)
  • brown washable paint
  • glitter (optional)
  • gold or silver star


Kindergarten Christmas crafts
Step 1 – Fold your stock card in half.  Use any color that will make your days jolly and bright.  Just make sure that you Christmas tree will show well on whatever color you choose.

Step 2 – Next place a few dots of brown paint on a paper plate.  Add green paint to your plate as well.  Instead of making a circle, you will need to form a straight line on the plate.  You will be dipping the toothbrush in the green paint, so you will need the line long enough so you can cover the toothbrush bristles.

Step 3 – For your information, I found it easier to draw the tree truck on the cardstock in pencil.  It’s easier for the kids to try to paint inside established lines rather than trying to paint the tree truck freehand.  You can sharpen the outline of the tree truck with a small brush once the kids finish painting it.

Step 4 – Allow the tree trunk to dry completely before you proceed.  It should take approximately 10  – 15 minutes.

Step 5 – Once the trunk has dried, dip the toothbrush into the green paint.  Help the children move the toothbrush up the paper to make strokes for the tree branches.  Dip the brush back into the green paint and move the toothbrush down the opposite side of the card to make a branch.

Step 6 – Repeat Step 5 until the tree is complete.  Allow the paint to dry completely.

Step 7 – Once the tree is dry, add a star to the top.  (This step is optional).

Step 8 – Add glitter to the branches (This step is also optional).

Last older children can write a message inside the Christmas card wishing mommy and daddy or their grandparents a Merry Christmas.  Let the smaller children write a message or their name as well.  Most importantly, they will be sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face.


Fun Halloween Crafts and Gifts for Children

halloween crafts, halloween


Now we are into the month of September; things are starting to look much more like fall. The kids are back at school, and the weather is starting to get a little cooler. The full season of fall will be here before we know it! There are so many fun things that you can do as a family during the season. It is a lovely time, where you can get snuggled with hot cocoa or bake lots of pumpkin spice treats. Of course, the exciting and fun time of Halloween will soon be upon us too. I don’t think that it is ever too early to start planning for Halloween. There are plenty of crafts that you can do with the kids, as well as give Halloween gifts. So if you are looking for some inspiration, you have come to the right spot.

halloween crafts, halloween gifts


Halloween Gift Ideas for Your Kids

Let’s face it; they will get plenty of candy when they visit neighbors or go trick or treating. So it might be nice to give them some things that aren’t candy related. I’m sure their dentist will be thankful! You could get some craft things for them together and create some cute labels. You could get some play dough and remove the normal label. There are lots of printables online, or you could always make your own. It could be a label to say something like ‘Boo Dough’ or ‘Witches Putty.’ If you choose the Halloween style colors, then it would make it even better. So look for orange, black or green dough.

You could even create some slime or putty of your own for them. The options are quite endless with this. It could be orange and pumpkin spice scented slime, or green witch or monster slime. There are lots of different recipes that you can find online. They are all quite straightforward to make and don’t need any crazy ingredients. Just pop it in a mason jar and print out a cute little label. It is a perfect gift for any elementary schoolers that you have. Who wouldn’t like some Halloween slime?!


halloween party ideas, halloween drinks


If you are a little short on time, then it might be easier to just get them a fall or Halloween themed gift from the store. How about a Halloween jigsaw puzzle from Stave, or a pumpkin scented candle or an actual pumpkin itself? Then they can spend time carving it or drawing funny faces on it. Instead of carving, you can also get some stickers or pins for pumpkins. Then they just stick things into and on the pumpkin. A bit safer for little ones, rather than having to get knives out to carve. Glow sticks are also a fun idea to put inside Jack o’lanterns, instead of candles. Much safer for our little ones.

Halloween Crafts for Your Kids

One fun little thing, which is still edible, though, could be making some sugar cookies. Get some leaf or Halloween shaped cookie cutters and then your kids can decorate them as they would like. It could be something that you give to friends or neighbors if you’d rather have someone else eat them!

I don’t know many children that don’t enjoy getting messy with paint. If you have got some green paint, then you can make some Frankenstein cards or decorations. Use the paint on feet and then print the feet onto cardstock. It is fun for everyone to get involved in. Then using some black finger paints, they can draw on some eyes, mouth, nose and of course, Frankenstein’s neck bolts. Then just cut them out to make some ‘bunting’ to display around the house.

Other crafts could be making some pasta skeletons. Glue dried pasta onto black paper or cardstock. They can make the skeleton bones with pasta, so get the penne style pasta or they could just use spaghetti. Quite a cheap but very fun activity. If your children are a little bit older, then making some pumpkin or ghost pompom could be a neat idea. You just get some cardboard in a circle, with a hole in the middle, to use as a frame. Then using the right color of wool, you can loop the wool through it. Keeping looping and pulling it tight. Then carefully cut around the middle of the loop, tie it up and you’ve got a pompom! Just stick on some eyes and it would make the perfect decoration this fall.

Have you got any favorite things to do with your little ones during fall?

Dollar Store Easter Mantel

Easter decorating ideas, budget decorating


I finally got my mantel decorated for Easter.  I decorated it with Dollar Store items. It’s nothing spectacular, but it feels like spring and the kids love the eggs and bunny.  To them that means Easter Bunny will be hoping down the bunny trail soon. Colored eggs, marshmallow peeps, baby chicks, chocolate bunnies, egg hunts and a family feast are forthcoming.  Excitement is in the air.


Easter budget decorating, spring decoratiing ideas Dollar Store decorating ideas


I made the wreath from Dollar Store Items last year.  You can check out My Frugal Easter Wreath here.  Additionally, I purchased the small buckets and plastic eggs from the Dollar Store.  The Spring sign is from Target’s bargain bins.  I actually purchased the buckets to house my herb plants this summer, however, I didn’t see the point of them just sitting around until summer.  I loved the color, and they matched the Spring sign from Target.

Also, I had planned to paint the sign white, but decided to leave everything as it was and use the painted white branches in the orange buckets to offset some of the bright colors. The branches had been used in my winter mantel scene previously.


frugal decorating, Easter decorating, Easter wreath ideas


Now to put everything together. I thought I would keep the Easter egg theme going in the wreath.  So, I decided to use the branches for egg trees.  Furthermore,  I also reuse the decorative grass from year to year.  When Easter is over, I just scoop it up and put it in a grocery bag to store.  I placed a layer over the mantel. Than I placed the Dollar Store gravel that I had used for another project in the pails and arranged the branches.  They were perfect for making the egg trees.


Easter egg trees, egg trees


I used ribbon to hang the eggs on the branches/twigs. I have yards of ribbon stored away to hang the eggs. You can use twine, yard or whatever you have on hand. I cut pieces about 6 inches long and hot glued them onto the eggs. Make sure you’re happy with the length, you will bending it in half to glue onto the egg. Glue one end to the egg and than glue the other end to the piece on the egg. Note: I tried using craft glue, it didn’t work very well.  I love my hot glue gun. The scattered flowers fall off a wreath.  Rather than gun them back on, I saved them with good intentions. Glad I did, because they make a great accent to the spring mantel.


Easter Bunny, Easter decorating ideas


I picked up this adorable bunny at Michael’s for 50% off.  Bargains at 70% off are usually what I wait for, but they only had one so I grabbed it.  Isn’t it adorable?  I plan to fill the bucket, a Goodwill find for $1.25, with bunny treats. Stay tuned for that post.  What are some of your favorite Easter decorating items?