How To Create A Great Outdoor Living Space:

Outdoor Living Space Ideas


Outdoor living is quickly becoming a trend.  More people are taking pride in their yard and patio areas.  As a result, they spend more time outside.  What was once considered a normal part of the home has become an extension of your home.  So, a great garden and outdoor living space can even be a selling point for your home.

Having the space and making it neat and tidy are great, but how do you make it a more useable area?  How do you encourage yourself and your family to spend more time outside?  I wanted to share a few ways that you can invest in  luxurious items, accessories and other things to create an a great outdoor space. We encourage you to invest your time and your money in your garden.  You won’t be disappointed, it will pay off in resale value.


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Make an outdoor dining area

The one thing that enjoyed most is dining outside.  So, if you find yourself stuck with what to do with your garden or patio area consider a dining area.  Keep things simple, but invest in a new dining table and chairs.  Also, add an umbrella to shade you from direct sunlight.  Furthermore, invest in a cover to keep the furniture in good condition too.  Especially, during the winter.  If you don’t feel like you have a large enough space for a table and chairs, consider extending your patio area.  A decked level would also work.  You can add details like wooden shades and planters to make an impact.

Take the cooking outside

Dining outside is great, but why not think about doing the cooking outside as well.  Again, you can keep things really simple and invest in a BBQ.  Some BBQs are full on outdoor stoves where you can cook a full meal or grill.  If you’re brave enough when the weather becomes chili, you can still enjoy your outdoor stove.

However, a BBQ can just be the start of your outdoor kitchen.  Home owners love the idea of creating an outdoor cooking area.  Some have included a pizza oven, a fire pit to keep warm and even an outdoor sink.  These are some amazing examples of outdoor kitchens that could tempt you into investing in one so that you can create a great outdoor living space too.


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Add a fun element to your outdoor living

 Who says that a yard is just for sitting, reading or sipping on a beverage.  Although there is clearly nothing wrong with this, adding fun elements to your outside space could really bring it to life.  A portable hot tub can make a big difference. You may be thinking that a hot tub is a little extravagant, but there are some health benefits to having one.  For example, hot tubs help relieve anxiety and stress as well as improve your sleep.  Another idea is to create a children’s play area.  You can separate parts of your yard to ensure that you have adult space as well as a great place for your children to enjoy.  You could add a treehouse, a slide or swings.  While you’re relaxing on your deck, the children can enjoy their space.

Socialize more in your garden

Socializing can often be seen as something you do inside your home.  After all, that’s why a majority of people invest in an open kitchen and dining areas.  Or, they invest in a plush kitchen. However, socializing can now be extended to your outside area.  Consider having additional seating and LED lighting installed.  Adding the seating and lighting around a fire pit makes the area inviting.  Additionally, when the temperature drops a fire pit could help you extend the use of the seating area too.

While it can be quite tempting to dismiss your garden during the winter months, keeping it tidy is recommended.  Stay on top of the flower beds and your lawn.  Having a tidy space is also inviting, so invest in outdoor storage to keep lawn care items out of sight.

I hope that some of these suggestions have offered you some inspiration on how to create a great outdoor living space.

6 Amazing Ideas to Transform Your Garden

ideas to transform your garden


Are you tired of the same bushes and pots of plants in your garden? There are a few things that you can do to improve this green area and transform it into a magnificent recreation place.

After many years of planning and saving, you finally have your own house. Or maybe after years of cramming inside a tiny flat, you can have your own little place to play and relax. Your new home has some very useful rooms, a very nice kitchen, and a beautiful front yard. Keeping your garden beautiful is a fun and exciting experience. Pay attention to the following tips, and you’ll see how your garden starts to glow.

  1. Water your plants

It may sound obvious, but it has to be the first on your list. Plants vary according to how much and how often they need to be watered. The different plants need different amount of water, and thus you need to plan accordingly. You can build a smart water system that can use the unused water or rainwater. A good water system in the garden can make your garden blossom with flowers and fruits.

  1. Decorate with a hammock

If you have two big trees and they are reasonably close to each other, you can try hanging a hammock between them to add an extra chill look to your garden. You can take a quick nap while enjoying the beauty of your garden.

  1. Paint some rocks

Rocks are the natural decorative elements of a garden. They are everywhere. Find a medium-sized rock and then paint it with a bright colour. It will transform your garden into a perfect eye-catcher. However, don’t paint them all as huge pink rocks all over the place would have the complete opposite effect. Another practical décor idea is to have artistic paints on the surface of the rocks,

  1. Choose a theme for your garden

Who says gardens are boring? You can choose a topic or theme and plan your garden following that idea. Jungle, beach, or the forest are some of the vegetation types that you could use to give your garden a touch of the foreign world right there in your house. These plants have a special treatment, and you should also pay attention to your lawn care. If your lawn does not follow the same style of the theme you have chosen, it will definitively look odd.

  1. Ask a gardener

Sometimes an expert advice is the best way to start. If your garden has some problems, such as water supply, tricky areas for lights or maybe a fungus is attacking your plants; the best option would be to call a professional. It is nice to have somebody monitoring the place once in a while.

  1. Glass bottle border

If you want to divide your garden into areas, you can use some glass bottles. First, you will need to decide on the size and shape of the bottles, the medium-size ones work best if you want to delimit a path. Then, you can try painting the bottles and aligning them following a color pattern you have selected. If you don’t like it, you can easily remove the bottles and start all over again.

Hope these ideas to transform your garden will help you find the perfect balance to improve your garden. It can be difficult at the beginning to find the rhythm and energy to maintain an area as green as you want. But, it is surely worth trying.

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7 Ideas To Decorate Outdoor Space for Fall

outdoor space for fall


Fall is in the air.  The air is getting crisp, and soon the leaves will changing from green to shades of red, brown, yellow, orange and burgundy.  As a result, most people are thinking about how they can decorate outdoor space for fall. It’s the perfect time to change up your décor and give your backyard and porch a makeover.

First, the changes don’t have to be extravagant.  You can go from summer to fall without breaking the bank.  Check out our tips on how to decorate outdoor space for fall below:

1. Add a Bench or Baskets So, benches are great for sitting on or displaying fall flowers, and pumpkins. And baskets filled with gourds and Indian corn are a sign of fall for sure. If you’re able to locate apple baskets, they would be perfect for displays.  

2. Build/Add a Fire Pit  – Next, add a fire pit to your deck or backyard.  They’re great for making s’mores or warming up while sipping a glass of cider or wine.  Don’t forget the hot dog roasts.  Open fires make a perfect venue for roasting them.  

3. Change Cushions and Pillows – Furthermore, switch your summer pillows to a fall theme.  Shades of orange, brown, yellow and burgundy are great ways to bring fall into your outdoor space. Just scatter a few here and there.  

4. Add a Rug  – Your deck is part of your outdoor space tool.  As a result, add a rug to your deck.  It will bring the space together.  An outdoor rug is just as affective as an area rug indoors.  Most importantly, it makes the outdoor living space cozy and comfortable. 

5.  Add Plants and Flowers – Additionally, fall is the perfect time to add mums and pansies to your yard.  And don’t forget your containers.  They will both last well into fall. If you decide to plant mums in the ground, mulch them well.  They will return year after year.  Mums can be found in white, yellow, orange and burgundy.  

6.  Add Cornstalks to Corners – Cornstalks give height and interest to an area.  So, stop by your local farmer’s market and pick up a bundle.  Or, if you know a farmer close to you, stop by and see if they will give you a few stalks from their fall harvest. 

7.  Add Pumpkins  – Last, pumpkins can be used in many areas of your yard.  The front porch, in baskets, on benches, in wagons and the list goes on.  Use large or small pumpkins, and don’t forget to get a variety in both orange and white.  Paint them black or gold, get creative.  

Finally, we hope that you enjoyed our tips on how to decorate outdoor space for fall.  Implement a few of our ideas, and you will be able to transform your outdoor space from summer to fall without breaking the bank.  Also, you may  like:  How to Throw an Epic Fall BBQ.