Shopping Tips for Infant Car Seats and Strollers


tips for infant car seats


Taking baby on the road? There are a number of things to keep in mind when you are shopping for strollers and infant car seats. First, consider the age of the child.  Furthermore, how will you be using the stroller or car seat before you buy.

Buckle up baby

First, you will start with a portable infant car seat.  It will also double as a carrier and a rocking chair in a pinch.  Infant car seats are designed to be rear-facing (the safest seating for a baby) and it snaps into a base. You will find all-in-one car seats on the market.  They are a tempting choice because they could potentially save you money. However, the one-size-fits-all design may not work for smaller babies or smaller cars.  For example, these infant car seats are big and bulky.  It is built to last and could be a good backup car seat for a caregiver. One car that can accommodate any kind of car seat is the Jeep Compass. Make sure the seat you are buying will actually fit in your vehicle.

Traveling with a toddler

Your next car seat will be a convertible model when your baby is about a year old. Experts advise you to keep the seat rear-facing until your child is at least two years old.  So, the seat has to be able to accommodate the extra leg room while facing backward. When your child has passed the 40 to 50lb. mark, you will want to change the seat to a forward-facing installation.

Toddler booster seats are also available, and they are cheaper than convertible seats.  However, they are only safe for a child who has reached the recommended front-facing age of two years old.  Next, basic booster seats are designed to “boost” your child up to the proper level for seatbelt coverage.  High-back versions are recommended as a safer and more comfortable option.  Be sure to check your state’s car seat regulations.  They could vary from state to state. 

Let’s go for a stroll

Before you buy a stroller, consider how you will be using it.  Will you be walking through the city or down a country road? You will need a durable, comfortable stroller with strong wheels and a safety harness. Some strollers collapse down into a lying position so baby can nap comfortably and safely.  This is perfect for trips to the mall or other events.

If you are moving baby from car to stroller for your walks, you may appreciate the kind where you can strap the car seat right into the frame. As baby grows and is able to sit up, walk and toddle away, you may want to switch to a lightweight, collapsible stroller that is easy to pack when not in use.

As with any baby equipment, it is important to take your time.  Most importantly, do your research and invest in a car seat or stroller that you feel good about. Once you do, pack up baby and hit the road.

How to Bargain Shop For Kid’s Clothing


It’s amazing how much children grow in a year. Have you noticed that problem with your children? They grow out of pants, shirts, shoes and it happens quickly. At least 2 – 3 times a year I find myself going through my grandchildren’s clothing or asking their mother what kind of clothing they need to get through the summer, winter and the school year. Unfortunately there’s nobody to pass hand me downs too in the house for either, so I look for ways to shop wisely and within my budget.

I’ve found ways to cut down on clothing expense and the children look fabulous.  Just walking into a store at any given time and just purchasing clothing is not an option for me. I shop on a budget and I want quality. Here’s 7 ways while shopping for kid’s clothing that have helped me cut down on expenses:

  1. Purchase clearance items  – I purchase coats, tees, jeans, shorts, sundresses etc. in a bigger size for the next season.
  2. Shop sales – You can score some great buys during the holidays too. Check on-line and your local advertisements for sale items.
  3. Free shipping and discounts – Not paying shipping costs or getting a discount on your order can help cut down on expenses.
  4. Shop thrift and consignment shops – I send tons of clothing to thrift shops that are in excellent shape. Others do the same.  So check them out.
  5. Don’t purchase designer items unless you’re getting a huge discount – Kids outgrow them too quickly, and you will rarely get your money’s worth.
  6. Check out neighborhood yard sales – You can find bargains on jeans for boys to play in and adorable dresses for girls.  If you have a newborn, I’ve seen tons of baby clothing that look brand new.
  7. Check out on-line yard sales – I’ve seen great deals on local Facebook sites too.
I don’t recommend purchasing used shoes for children nor do I think everything has to have a designer label. I would rather save my money for week-end activities and educational items for my grandchildren instead of having them dressed in designer cloths and too broke enjoy life.  We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to bargain shop for kid’s clothing.
What savvy tips do you have on how to bargain shop for kid’s clothing.  We all want to save money.  You may also like: 8 Back to School Shopping Tips

8 Back To School Shopping Tips

back to school tips, back to school shopping tips

Back to school!  So, it’s that time of year and it’s right around the corner.  We’re heading to the malls and stores for back to school clothes, book bags, lunch boxes, and paper supplies.  Feeling overwhelmed?  Don’t we have simple tips  to help you prepare for the big event.

First, set a budget.  Next, seek out bargains.  And use our back to school shopping tips for ultimate savings.

Additionally, wondering how to stay on track with your budget?  A list will keep you on track and help you to not make purchases that your really don’t need.  Here are a few more tips:

  1. Head to the Thrift Stores – Thrift stores are excellent places to find bargains on jeans, tees, coats and more.
  2. Check Your Child’s Closet Before You Shop – Before you head to the store, check to see if your child has clothing that can be used or passed down. A new shirt/tee can dress up an old pair of jeans.  A scarf can dress up an old shirt.  A new pair of shoes will dress up everything!
  3. Recycle Old Jeans – If your daughter can still wear jeans from last year get creative. Add a design with jewels or paint or distress them.  You can turn the old into new.  Make it a mother-daughter project.
  4. Don’t make large purchases – Don’t purchase everything at once.  It may save on time, but you will most likely spend more if you’re not purchasing sale items.  Set aside several week-ends to shop when you have checked out upcoming sales.
  5. Look for Sales and BOGO deals – Scour your local paper for upcoming sales.  Only purchase items that are on sale and start shopping early for the best deals.
  6. Shop at Dollar Stores – Crayola Crayons, notebook paper, notebooks, rulers, sandwich cases etc. can be found for a bargain.  Ollie’s, Big Lots, Gabriel Brothers etc. should be on your shopping list for these products as well.  Check Ollie’s and Big Lots for good deals on school supplies too.
  7. Head to the Clearance and Sale Racks – I stocked up on end of season tees and jeans this week-end for my little man.  Target and Old Navy have great sales on jeans. You can find good deals at Gap, Children’s Place, and Polo too.
  8. Check Out Deals On-line  – You save on time and gas expense.  I look for free shipping sites.

Finally, we hope you found our school shopping tips beneficial.  You may also like:  Simple Tips to Consider for Studying Abroad.



Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday shopping tips



Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. Also, it’s one of the best days to grab steals and deals.  However, your planning must start before you hit the stores.   Check out the ads days before and especially around Thanksgiving Day.  I suggest that you make a list of the items that you are seeking and the store that has those items.  If you get a chance, check ads for the more expensive items prior to heading out on Black Friday.  I would shop for those items first.

Additionally, many stores start Black Friday around 8:00 pm on Thanksgiving Day.  To help make your experience easier, here are a few Black Friday shopping tips:

  • Be patient and wear comfortable shoes.
  • Carry a list of the items that you’re shopping for.
  • Set a budget, and don’t exceed it.
  • Map out a route so you don’t have to back track to stores.
  • Carry the ads with you, you may encounter a discrepancy with the sales clerk.
  • Be an Early Bird shopper, between 5:00 am and 11:00 am, for the best deals.
  • If possible, leave the children at home. You can accomplish more if you don’t have to stop to feed the little ones or leave because they’ve had a major meltdown.
  • Shop on-line in the comfort of your home. On-line retailers offer Black Friday deals too.
  • Get a gift receipt for any holiday purchases for exchanges or refunds.

Most importantly, remember the true meaning of the holidays.  As a result, don’t overextend your purchasing power. Just because an item is on sale doesn’t mean that it’s a bargain.  Set a budget and stick to it.  You may be able to find the item at another store or for a lower price at a later time.  Be sure to take your patience and manners with you.  There will be hundreds of shoppers looking for a deal just like you.  You may also like: How to Become a Flea Market Shopping Pro.