How To Create A Great Outdoor Living Space:

Outdoor Living Space Ideas

  Outdoor living is quickly becoming a trend.  More people are taking pride in their yard and patio areas.  As a result, they spend more time outside.  What was once considered a normal part of the home has become an extension of your home.  So, a great garden and outdoor living space can even be a selling point for your home. Having the space and making it neat and tidy are great, but how do you make it a more useable area?  How do you encourage yourself and your family to spend more time outside?  I wanted to share a few ways that you can invest in  luxurious items, accessories and other things to create an a great outdoor space. We encourage you to invest your time and your money in your garden.  You won’t be disappointed, it … [Continue]

12 Side Dish Ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving side dish ideas

Nantucket Corn Pudding First, I love corn pudding.  It's always a favorite on the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner table.  Also, the ingredients are simple, and the end result is a delicious treat that is even better the next day. Sweet Potato Casserole   Garlic Mashed Potatoes I use Yukon Gold for my mashed potatoes, however I do love red potatoes.  This recipe leaves the skin on the potatoes and calls for roasted garlic.  I also like the fact that you can put them in the crock pot and let me cook while you're preparing other dishes.  This looks like a creamy and yummy dish that is sure to be a hit.   Scalloped Potato Roast   Beautiful dishes always awaken the taste buds.  This scalloped … [Continue]

Sunday’s Best Linkup – #151

Christmas decor ideas

  Welcome to Week 151 of Mother 2 Mother Sunday’s Best Linkup.  Christmas is around the corner.  So, we’re starting our Merry Christmas to You theme this week. We’re looking for Christmas crafts, recipes, decorating idea, mantel displays and more.  It's Christmas related, we're looking for it. We also welcome other recipes, crafts, DIY, … [Continue]

Tips on Renovating Your Backyard

renovating your backyard

  Now might not seem like the best time of year to get busy in the garden.  However, it is if you’re planning on a complete renovation.  Because it's a big job, it’s likely to take a number of weeks or even months to complete.  So, if  you start now you should be ready by the spring to start enjoying your garden.  Here are a few tips on … [Continue]

Skiing Tips In the Alps That Will Make Your Vacation With Children Amazing

skiing tips in the Alps

  Image from Going on adventurous holidays with little ones can sometimes be a little too much work. Traveling with children can be difficult, but the experiences and memories will be worth the preparation. When looking for a ski holiday there are resorts that offer the children's classes, in chalet child care, and other … [Continue]

Winis Multifunctional Outdoor Poncho Review

outdoor poncho review

    I was offered a discount on the Winis Multifunctional Outdoor Rain Poncho.  I've been looking for one to wear to my grandson's football games, so I purchased the product at a discount in exchange for a review.  This post contains an affiliate link.  If you click on the and decide to purchase an item, I may receive a small … [Continue]

6 Reasons Learning to Forgive Is Good

learning to forgive

    I've endured many hurtful events in my life.  They actually started in childhood.  Growing up in an alcoholic home, having an emotionally unavailable and abusive mother, being called names by others, teen pregnancy, and divorce added to my pain.   I remember being called names because of color, my hair, or because I was … [Continue]

Why Am I Thankful For the Stumbles In My Life

why am I thankful

  Thanksgiving is upon us.  This time of year I slow down and take inventory of everything that I'm thankful for and why I'm thankful.  I strive to give thanks throughout the year, but I know that I don't sing praises as often as I should.  When I started to write my list this week, I found that I was thankful for my stumbles. Most … [Continue]

Sunday’s Best Linkup – #150

Sunday's Best Linkup

  Welcome to Week 150 of Mother 2 Mother Sunday’s Best Linkup.  We’re continuing our Stuffed Turkey theme this week.  We’re looking for Thanksgiving crafts, recipes, decorating idea, mantel displays and more. We also welcome other recipes, crafts, DIY, home makeover, gardening tips, SEO & blogging information, sewing projects, patio … [Continue]

How to Enhance Conception: 5 Lifestyle Changes

    Conception can be tricky sometimes. Trying to get pregnant can be a hassle at times. Our bodies are not created equally, and may take extra work to get there for some. When it comes to conception, most of us disregard important lifestyle choices.  This includes diets, habits, lack of exercise, vitamin intake and so on. … [Continue]