7 Ideas To Decorate Outdoor Space for Fall

outdoor space for fall


Fall is in the air.  The air is getting crisp, and soon the leaves will changing from green to shades of red, brown, yellow, orange and burgundy.  As a result, most people are thinking about how they can decorate outdoor space for fall. It’s the perfect time to change up your décor and give your backyard and porch a makeover.

First, the changes don’t have to be extravagant.  You can go from summer to fall without breaking the bank.  Check out our tips on how to decorate outdoor space for fall below:

1. Add a Bench or Baskets So, benches are great for sitting on or displaying fall flowers, and pumpkins. And baskets filled with gourds and Indian corn are a sign of fall for sure. If you’re able to locate apple baskets, they would be perfect for displays.  

2. Build/Add a Fire Pit  – Next, add a fire pit to your deck or backyard.  They’re great for making s’mores or warming up while sipping a glass of cider or wine.  Don’t forget the hot dog roasts.  Open fires make a perfect venue for roasting them.  

3. Change Cushions and Pillows – Furthermore, switch your summer pillows to a fall theme.  Shades of orange, brown, yellow and burgundy are great ways to bring fall into your outdoor space. Just scatter a few here and there.  

4. Add a Rug  – Your deck is part of your outdoor space tool.  As a result, add a rug to your deck.  It will bring the space together.  An outdoor rug is just as affective as an area rug indoors.  Most importantly, it makes the outdoor living space cozy and comfortable. 

5.  Add Plants and Flowers – Additionally, fall is the perfect time to add mums and pansies to your yard.  And don’t forget your containers.  They will both last well into fall. If you decide to plant mums in the ground, mulch them well.  They will return year after year.  Mums can be found in white, yellow, orange and burgundy.  

6.  Add Cornstalks to Corners – Cornstalks give height and interest to an area.  So, stop by your local farmer’s market and pick up a bundle.  Or, if you know a farmer close to you, stop by and see if they will give you a few stalks from their fall harvest. 

7.  Add Pumpkins  – Last, pumpkins can be used in many areas of your yard.  The front porch, in baskets, on benches, in wagons and the list goes on.  Use large or small pumpkins, and don’t forget to get a variety in both orange and white.  Paint them black or gold, get creative.  

Finally, we hope that you enjoyed our tips on how to decorate outdoor space for fall.  Implement a few of our ideas, and you will be able to transform your outdoor space from summer to fall without breaking the bank.  Also, you may  like:  How to Throw an Epic Fall BBQ.






Backyard Garden Tips That Will Make You Look Up


backyard gardening tips


I don’t know about you, but when I am busy in my garden, I am usually looking down.  After all, that’s where all the plants and flowers are, right! But I’ve just realized that it could actually be worth looking up while you are gardening. Here are a few backyard garden tips and reasons why:

Check Your Trees

It’s not just the plants and flowers in the ground that are susceptible to various diseases and pests. The trees in your gardens are as well. So, how do you know if you need to contact a tree surgeon such as http://www.arboristusa.com/? Well, the first sign of a fungal tree disease will always be noticeable in the leaves. More often than not, they will be very discolored. Your tree might also start losing leaves at an excessive rate. Next time you are out in your garden, look up to make sure your trees are in good health!

Think About Lights And Lamps

Would you like to spend your summer evenings sitting outside enjoying your garden? If so, you might want to add some lights and lamps to brighten up the outside of your property. Look up to see the best places you could put your lights. Usually, most homeowners like to place outdoor lights on the side of their property and garden shed. Another nice idea is to wrap some fairy lights around the top of your fences and any railings that you have in your garden. Just make sure that they are safe to use outside: http://www.screwfix.com/c/electrical-lighting/weatherproof-switches-sockets/cat830538.

Look Out For Birds

When you look up, you might notice a few birds flying around and nesting in your garden. Don’t notice many? If not, you can always encourage more birds to come to your garden by adding a bird feeder. Make sure it is always filled with bird feed so you can to attract a wide variety of birds. You might want to also include a bird bath in your garden, as this will encourage birds to visit your property for a bath as well!

Hanging Baskets

If you want to add some more dimensions to your garden, it could be worth adding some hanging baskets. You can hang these from the side of your property and wooden fences. These will increase the amount of flowers in your garden, and will give you a chance to add even more bursts of color. You will be able to find a wide variety of hanging baskets in your local garden center. Or you could try making your own from flower pots.  If you don’t find hanging baskets appealing, you could install raised flower beds. This is another great way to add some dimension to your garden!

So, next time you are working in the garden, don’t just focus on the ground below your feet. Look up and see the rest of your garden!  We hope that you enjoyed our backyard garden tips.