15 Ways To Make Extra Money From Home


tips to make extra money from home

Looking for an avenue to make a little extra money?  Corporate America or just the work force period, is not for everybody.  But you can generate an income working from home.  Think about your natural talents, and you can make extra money from home too.  Here are a few ideas:


  1. Crafts – First, if you are crafty get out your glue gun and other materials to make wreaths, center pieces, signs etc.  They are great sellers.
  2. Baked Goods – Additionally, if you love to bake start creating cakes/breads/cookies and or cupcakes.  They are great sellers.  Cakes for parties are always in demand.
  3. Sell Books  – In spite of modern technology, people still want to hold a book.  Especially, books they can get for a bargain.  Hardback, board books, or paperback are all options.  Love stories, mysteries, children’s books, and biographies are in demand.  They will sell, I’m a buyer.
  4. Refinish Furniture – Turn old furniture into treasures.  Sell them on Craigslist or at flea markets.
  5. Sell on e-Bay – Furthermore, children’s clothing is  perfect for the e-Bay market. You can get free boxes from e-bay to help curb you expense.  I sell on e-Bay occasionally.
  6. Set up a booth at a flea market – Turn someone else’s junk into someone else’s treasure.  House hold items, old tools, dishes, kid’s toys are great sellers.
  7. Sell garden vegetables and preserves – Furthermore, farmer’s markets are a great place to sell your backyard vegetables, flowers, sauces, jams and jellies.
  8. Crochet or knitting – Beautifully created crocheted items like baby blankets, hats, gloves, scarfs etc. are money makers.  Baby blankets are great baby shower gifts and big sellers.
  9. Digital Scrapbook Sheets –  There are tons of scrap bookers out there who love the digit pages versus paper from big box stores.  Downloading the pages eliminates driving to stores.
  10. Save seed from you heirloom garden – If you garden, purchase heirloom seeds.  Save the seeds so you can sell them.  Design a cute seed packet so you can wow your customers.
  11. Teach a class – Additionally, if you’re good at photography, refurnishing furniture, crocheting etc., teach an adult class in your local community or on-line.
  12. Become a dog walker – There are elderly dog owners or professional people who will pay to have their dog walked during the day or evening.  Start advertising.
  13. Sell your jewelry – People love unique pieces of jewelry.  You can sell on e-Bay, Etsy, flea markets, or set up a web site.
  14. Clothing for dogs – If you can design and can sew, knit or crochet, sell your designs to dog parents. They love to dress up their little darlings too.
  15. Dog Treats  – Last, make and sell healthy dog treats to pet parents.  Create a cute packaging concept and sell them on-line or locally.

So, we hope that you liked our tips on how to make extra money from home.  Finally, get creative and come up with a plan.  Plans help you to set goals.  Start by setting a date on which you want to start selling. Work towards it. Women do it every day, you can do it too.






How to Make Additional Money


how to make additional money


When you’re a parent, it can be so hard to save money. Especially if you’re already living on a tight budget.  Furthermore, it can feel like you’re constantly grasping at straws.  Trying to figure out the right thing to buy or the best thing to do when investing or spending your money can be intimidating.  Actually, it’s not something that most people think about unless they’re in the situation.  We have tips on how to make additional money.  Here’s a few:

Sell Unwanted Items Online

First, there’s a lot of money to be made from selling  items that you no longer need.  Sites like eBay and even the marketplace on Facebook allow you to turn your trash into other people’s treasures.  Set aside a day to box up things that you haven’t used in months.  If they’re seasonal, but you haven’t used them in any season whatsoever it’s an item to sell.

Next, it can be hard to let go of things that are sentimental to you.  But if they don’t bring you joy any longer or you don’t get any use out of them, there’s no point in keeping them.  Furthermore, children’s clothes bundles can bring quite a bit.  They are great items to help you line your back pocket. So, make a list of the items that you want to sell and list in size order.  Take quality pictures and get them online to sell.

Choose a Good Savings Account

It can be easy enough to open a saving account.  However, you need one with a good interest rate.  Additionally, look for an account that will allow mobile check deposits, has a competitive rate, deposit insurance and no money fees.

Look For Extra Work

Also, think about what you’re good at and how you can make money.  The couple of hours a night that you spend on social media or watching television can be used to make a profit for you and your family.  Another way to make additional money is to look for work from home opportunities available online.  Choose one that will  fit in with your niche.  If you are a quick typist, you could look into transcribing for hospitals, courts and other professions.  Additionally, there are companies looking for hosts to sell their party products.  Do research and talk to friends so you can find them.

Utilize Coupons and Vouchers

There are websites and forums dedicated to coupons and vouchers.  Learning frugal money-saving tips and tricks is one way that you can stay within a budget and save.  You could go to sites like DontPayFull.com: 100+ money saving tips.  Implement what you can into your life.

additional way to make money

Don’t Say No To Freebies

If somebody is offering you something for free, and there’s a chance to sell it, don’t say no!  Again, someone else’s trash is another person’s treasure.  Recycling unwanted items is a great way to update your home.  With a coat of paint,  most old furniture can be upcycled into something that looks as  good as new.

We hope that our how to make additional money tips have inspired you to either implement a few or become creative and come up with a plan. Every dollar saved will move you a little closer to your goal.


15 Tips To Save Money


tips to save money
Are you wondering how to save money? I look back over my life when I first moved out of my parents house and out on my own, and boy have I come a long way.  For most of my life I have been a single mother.  Budgeting, scraping, and sacrificing was a way of life for me.  However, I’m proud to say things got better as time went on.  I was able to purchase my own home, send my daughter on a international vacation, college educated her,  purchased a new car for her college graduation, travel, and built a significant savings account and retirement nest egg.  This is not a boast, but a blessing.  As a result, I want to share my tips to save money with you.

You ask how I managed, I say discipline and remembering that every penny counts. Here are a few tips on how I saved:

  1. Pay yourself first – First, bank a portion of your check regularly. Put it into an account and forget about it.  I’ve cried broke my entire life, and I act as though the money doesn’t exist. People say they can hear me squeak.
  2. Shop wisely – I shop at thrift stores, yard sales and second hand stores. You can find brand new items, name brand items and gently used items. Don’t by-pass the Dollar Stores either, they’re great for school supplies, coloring books, crafts and snack items.
  3. Use coupons and discounts – You can save tons of money by using coupons and taking advantage of discounts.
  4. Look for free activities – Take advantage of free activities during the summer and holidays for family activities.
  5. Bank a part of your child support – If you’re single parent bank a portion of your child support. If you can’t bank half, bank what you can. I was able to send my daughter to Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria on child support that I saved for her.
  6. Drive an inexpensive car with low maintenance – My first car didn’t have an air conditioner and it was a straight stick. At this stage in my life I couldn’t handle either of the two, but I sacrificed when I was younger and able to endure.
  7. Pack your child’s lunch – My daughter was a brown bagger until high school. Packing her lunch relieved me of having to pay another bill.
  8. Limit credit cards – Additional tips to save money is cash and carry.  It was my motto for most things.  Buying budget furniture and refinishing items cut down on household expenses.
  9. Start a Thrift Saving Plan (TSP) or 401-K – I invested my money for the past 25 years, and again acted as if it didn’t exist. When I needed a loan, I borrowed from my TSP at a much lower interest rate. When I retire, I will have a monthly check from my employer as well as everything that I have saved and earned for 25 years in my TSP. I plan to use this money to travel the world.
  10. Purchase clothes off season – I purchase clothes on clearance at the end of each season for the following year. I’m now able to shop where ever I want whenever I want, but I still purchase the majority of my clothes off the clearance rack and the kid’s clothing there as well.
  11. Start a vacation club – I’m able to vacation several times a year. I treat my daughter, son-in-law, 2 grandchildren and my friend each summer to a week at the beach.
  12. Prepare meals for the week – This will eliminate stopping at fast food places and spending money unnecessarily.
  13. Become a DIYer – After I purchased my home, I did my own painting, mowed the lawn, trimmed it and fixed minor things around the house. I saved thousands of dollars by doing my own work and banked it.
  14. Assess your household expenses – Tips to save money can be applied to your household expenses.  Get rid of unnecessary expenses and bank that money. You were spending it initially, so you shouldn’t miss it if you bank it.
  15. Be Creative – When I break a dollar, I throw the money to the bottom of my purse. I empty my purse at the end of the week, and place the money into jars. Once the jars are full I head to the bank and place it into my travel account.
These tips to save money have worked for me over the years and I’m sure they will work for you too. Start out doing 1 or 2 tips and increase the tips as you go. Remember, pennies add up to dollars, dollars turn into hundreds of dollars and eventually thousands. What do you do to save money?