7 Christmas Items You Can Recycle


Christmas Items You Can Recycle

The holidays are upon us.  So, there’s food, music, carols, lights, Santa and reindeer.  We spend hours trimming the tree, wrapping gifts, and preparing to entertain family and friends.  Also, we spend days reading Christmas cards from family and friends and finding the perfect spot to display them.  Finally, Christmas day arrives!  We find a mountain of ripped gift wrap and bows in the middle of the floor.  The kitchen is filled with empty wine bottles and corks from the gathering, and you realize that you purchased too many candy canes for the kids.

Don’t throw any of it away.  Check out our tips on Christmas Items You Can Recycle.  There’s tons of ideas to recycle all of it:

Christmas Cards – First, Christmas cards have beautiful scenery on them.  You can recycle and use them as gift tags, frame them for a vignette, or donate them to your local school.

Candy Canes –   Next, candy canes can be used as stirrers for hot chocolate.  Kids love them.  Also, they can be pulverized and used in sugar scrubs or cookies and brownie recipes.

Wrapping Paper –  So, piles of wrapping paper are sitting in your living room. A 33 gallon garbage bag should be big enough to hold it.  But, don’t throw it away.  Wrapping paper can used for crafts, book covers, scrapbooking, shreds, puzzles for kids and more.  Save the best pieces and get creative.

Wine Bottles and Corks – Paint the wine bottles and use them as vases or for seasonal messages on mantel.  Joy or Peace can painted on them for Christmas or BOO for Halloween.  The wine bottles are perfect for ring toss games.  Additionally, turn corks into wreaths, ornaments or other crafts.

Christmas Gift Bows and Ribbon – Turn Christmas bows into wreaths or use them on next year’s gifts.  Save only those that are in good condition.

Cardboard Shipping Boxes –  Cardboard boxes make great craft material.

Gift Wrap Tubes – Last, these make tubes are sturdy and make great bases for kid’s crafts.

Finally, I hope that you will find Christmas items you can recycle.  So, if you’re a crafter put your creativity hat on and get to work next season.  You have plenty of time to find projects, and be sure to involve the kids!  You may also like: 7 Christmas Morning Tips You Need.


13 Fun and Frugal Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas


Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas


Note: This post contains affiliate links.  I am an Amazon partner.  So, if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may be compensated.  Compensation keeps Mother 2 Mother going and helps me spoil my grandchildren.  There will no fee or additional costs to you.

Tired of the same boring gift wrap in stores?  We have the solution, you just have to choose what you love.  We’re sure you can find a few Christmas gift wrap ideas from our suggestions below.  Included are a Santa theme, snowman, dried fruits, race car and more.  So, grab a glass of coffee, wine or eggnog and check them out!


Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

Hohoho!  Merry Christmas.  These adorable Santa inspired gift bags and gift boxes say that and more.  Unfortunately, there were no instruction on how to create these.  But, don’t be intimidated.  Get creative!  Plain red wrapping paper and gift bags, faux fur, buttons  and labels.  Hit the craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  You can find the accessories there.



How fun is this frosty the snowman siting by the tree waiting to be opened.   It’s simple, use white craft paper, black and orange construction paper for the buttons and nose, and a scarf.  You’ll be admiring this guy in no time.


Christmas gift wrap idea

A Christmas gift wrapped in Christmas lights.   What sets this gift wrap apart from the others is the lights made by little ones finger prints.  Also, check out my Kindergarten/First Grade Christmas Lights Crafts.  You’ll need brown Craft Paper, a black marker and washable craft paint.  Make it a family project.



I love this idea.  Instead of using gift tags, use one of your favorite photos of the gift recipients.  Brown Craft Paper, twine/string and a great photo is all that is needed.


Word Search gift wrap.  I love word search puzzles.  I even have my grandson hooked on them.  This idea is perfect for small gift boxes.  You create the word search puzzle and than print it on 12 by 12 paper.  Find the words that you want to highlight and than wrap your gift.  Merry Christmas baby!

Brown Craft Paper seems to be the way to go with gift wrap.  It’s inexpensive and can go a long way when wrapping gifts.  Personalize it with stenciled names on the gifts and a ribbon.  You can find stencils here.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find the original post on this idea.  The idea was picked up on Pinterest.


Christmas gift wrap ideas


I love to stencil.  So, I thought stenciling a Christmas design on brown Craft Paper would be fun.  It adds a perfection touch to brown background.  Many craft stores have Christmas stencils, brushes/sponges and paint.  Get creative.  You can do the ornaments as shown, reindeer, or whatever suits you.  Check these Christmas stencils too. However, I would stay with the white paint.  It looks amazing on the craft paper.  You can find the paint and stencil brushes at Michaels or other craft stores.



A Newspaper Christmas on gift wrapped in brown Craft Paper or any plain colored wrapping paper will work.  Simple, but makes a statement.  If you’re not the greatest artist, purchase stars from your local craft store.  Another idea, print The Night Before Christmas poem and make the tree from it.



Christmas gift wrap ideas

I love recycling old things.  Wrapping a gift in newspaper is something that I would do.  Somewhere doing my browsing a blogger suggested that if you have a sports fan use the sports section.  There’s the comics, style, real estate and the ideas go on.  Finish it with a nice bow.



Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas


Polka dot gift wrap is what’s happening here.  Brown Craft Paper, white ink pad and pencil with a clean eraser.  Finish the gift with a bow.  You can also do a Let it Snow theme.  Don’t cover the gift entire with the dots.  I would place them a various degrees to make it look their the dots are falling.


Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas



I thought this gift wrap was a perfect idea for the race car lover.  My grandson loves Hot Wheels and still does.  He’s 10. Wrap the gift with brown gift wrap, use black construction paper for the track and a white paint pen for the road markings.  The Dollar Tree, Dollar General and/or Big Lots has a nice selection of Hot Wheels that won’t break the bank.  So, get creative!


Using dried fruits on gift wrapped boxes is a great idea.  This blogger used dried oranges, but apple slices would work too.  Check out my post on drying orange slices here.  You can add cinnamon sticks and/or miniature pinecones.  A glue should be your friend for this project.  You will want your fruit and other accessories to stay on the gift.


Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas


Last, this is one of my favorite gift wraps.  Wrapping gifts in sheet music.  Get creative, this blogger used a full sheet of music to wrap gifts as well as strips of the music sheet.  Furthermore, google free sheet music or check your local music store for a deal. Finish it with a bow, string or greenery from your local Dollar Store.

So, we hope that you found a few Christmas gift wrap ideas that have inspired you.  You may also like 15 Festive Christmas Cookie Ideas.

22 Fun and Creative Winter Crafts For Kids



winter crafts for kids


Winter can be a boring time for kids unless you have fun activities planned for them.  We have 22 fun and creative kid’s winter crafts that will get them off the electronics.  Our roundup of kid’s winter crafts will stop the boredom. Children need to be motivated, stimulated and encouraged to create.  Get out the craft supplies and lets get started:


kids winter crafts kids winter crafts


Winter Mittens for Preschoolers – This is an adorable for craft for preschooler and/or kindergarteners.

Plastic Bag Snowman – Do you have plastic bags filled with plastic bags?  I do.  I use them in my bathroom trash cans or when I’m carrying food to my mother’s.  But they can also be used to make this adorable snowman.  Who knew.

Paint Stirrer Snowman – These adorable snowmen are made from paint stirrers.  Stop by your local hardware store and pickup a handful.

Cotton Ball Snowman – Fun and simple craft that’s perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Snowman Candle – This can be a fun craft for the adult while assisting the children with their crafts.  It’s perfect for a winter scene on a mantel or table.

Painted Mason Jar – Display this painted mason jar snowman on the mantel or a table during the cold winter months. This could be another craft that’s perfect for an adult or older children.  They would make great gifts.

Finger Paint Tree –  So cute and so simple.  A permanent marker, white paint and blue paper for the scene.

Hot Cocoa – Who doesn’t love hot cocoa.  Whip up a batch for the kids to enjoy after they finish this adorable craft.

Marshmallow Snowman –  This adorable guy is made by dipping a large marshmallow into white and black paint.  The accessories are made from paper.

Newspaper Winter Landscape – This scene is made from newspaper and bubble wrap.  How creative, right.  I love it.

Shredded Paper Snowman – Put the paper in your shred bin to good use.  Make this shredded snowman.  The kids will love the shreds and the end result.

Hot Chocolate Mug – Fill the popsicle stick cup with lots of cotton ball marshmallows.  So cute. A plate of cookies and a hot cup of hot chocolate afterward is a good idea.

Sugar Snowflakes – Powered sugar and a few teaspoons of water make the paint for these adorable snowflakes.

Tin Can Snowman – Empty can don’t have to go to waste.  so, save a few tin can of various sizes for this snowman’s body.  A coffee, large vegetable and soup can would be good.

Paper Mache Snowman –  The site lacks step by step instructions; however, you can goggle paper mache and get creative.  The snowman is adorable.

Puzzle Wreath – Stop, don’t throw out the kid’s puzzles because they’re missing a few pieces.  Make this adorable wreath instead.

Marshmallow Snowman and Pretzel Snowman – Next, make sure you have enough marshmallows and pretzels for the kids and the projects.  Doesn’t it look delicious.

Doily Snowman – Purchase a pack of doilies in various sizes and get creative.  Perfect craft for a snow day.

Fingerprint Snow Globe – This snow globe is so cute.  Imagine those tiny fingers creating this adorable snowman and snowflakes.

Cardinals – My state bird.  Their beautiful red color against the fresh snow is a sight for sore eyes.  This piece of art doesn’t have step by step instruction; however, you can figure out what needs to be done by looking at the picture.  Get creative, you can do it.

Popsicles – Who doesn’t love popsicles?  Even in the winter they can tasty or help you think of summer when its so hot. Gather up pompoms, buttons, stones, glitter and glue.

S is for Snowman – Last, this is a great craft to teach preschoolers and kindergarteners about the letter S.

Finally, we hope that you will find a few winter crafts to occupy the kid’s this winter.  Have as much fun on the inside on snow days as the outside.  And you may also like Winter Word Search For Kids and Preschool Snowman Math Game.





Kindergarten Christmas Craft: Christmas Lights

kindergarten Christmas craft


Looking for a preschool or kindergarten Christmas craft?  This finger print Christmas lights artwork is sure to please.  The project is easy, fun and messy with a bright and colorful end.  It’s the perfect way to capture memories of those precious little fingers. Tis the season and Fa La La La!  Lets get those little ones in the holiday spirit.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Washable paints of various colors  (I purchased mine from the Dollar Store).
  • black marker to make the dots on the lights and wire
  • wet paper towels for cleaning messy fingers
  • White paper or cardstock

Be sure to have plenty of wet paper towels or an old wet cloth on hand.  You will want to wipe the child’s fingers before dipping them in the next shade of paint.  Lets get this project started:

  1. – Dust off those adorable little fingers.
  2. – Next, have the children dip their index finger(s) into the paint.
  3. – Press their index finger onto the white paper.
  4. – Repeat Step 3 until you have a string of lights  as shown.
  5. – Be sure to allow the paint to dry thoroughly before you proceed.
  6. – Make dots on each of the lights with the black marker.  (Place several places of paper under your sheet before you use the black marker to avoid bleeding on your table or work area.)  Unfortunately, I learned this lesson the hard way.
  7. – Use a pencil and lightly draw a curved line to connect the dots.  Also, write the child’s name on the paper.  Allow them to trace it with a crayon.
  8. – If you have older children allow them to trace the curved lines with the black marker.  Otherwise, you can complete the project or help the smaller children with this step.

We hope you enjoy this colorful kindergarten Christmas craft.   You may also like our Kindergarten Christmas Tree Card.





Kindergarten Christmas Craft: Christmas Tree


kindergarten Christmas crafts

Looking for a kindergarten Christmas craft?  This kindergarten Christmas craft is easy, and would be perfect for little hands.  It makes a beautiful Christmas card.  Furthermore, it is also a great project for first or second grade students.  Here’s what you will need to complete the project:

  • Cardstock or construction paper  (I purchased a pack of construction paper from Dollar Tree)
  • green washable paint  (I purchased the paint from Michaels)
  • brown washable paint
  • glitter (optional)
  • gold or silver star


Kindergarten Christmas crafts
Step 1 – Fold your stock card in half.  Use any color that will make your days jolly and bright.  Just make sure that you Christmas tree will show well on whatever color you choose.

Step 2 – Next place a few dots of brown paint on a paper plate.  Add green paint to your plate as well.  Instead of making a circle, you will need to form a straight line on the plate.  You will be dipping the toothbrush in the green paint, so you will need the line long enough so you can cover the toothbrush bristles.

Step 3 – For your information, I found it easier to draw the tree truck on the cardstock in pencil.  It’s easier for the kids to try to paint inside established lines rather than trying to paint the tree truck freehand.  You can sharpen the outline of the tree truck with a small brush once the kids finish painting it.

Step 4 – Allow the tree trunk to dry completely before you proceed.  It should take approximately 10  – 15 minutes.

Step 5 – Once the trunk has dried, dip the toothbrush into the green paint.  Help the children move the toothbrush up the paper to make strokes for the tree branches.  Dip the brush back into the green paint and move the toothbrush down the opposite side of the card to make a branch.

Step 6 – Repeat Step 5 until the tree is complete.  Allow the paint to dry completely.

Step 7 – Once the tree is dry, add a star to the top.  (This step is optional).

Step 8 – Add glitter to the branches (This step is also optional).

Last older children can write a message inside the Christmas card wishing mommy and daddy or their grandparents a Merry Christmas.  Let the smaller children write a message or their name as well.  Most importantly, they will be sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face.


Snowman Preschool Math Game


preschool math activity sheet


This week we have a preschool math snowman game that will help your preschooler count from 1 –  20.  Today we’re counting the buttons on the snowmen.  You will need:

  • black and white construction paper or cardstock
  • black marker or pen
  • scissors
  • pencil for tracing
  • orange marker

I found it easier to make a sample snowman and top hat to trace and cut around.  However, construction paper from the dollar store can be used for the snowman or printer paper.  Anyway, I folded a sheet of construction paper in half and than folded it again. I placed the sample snowman on top of the folded sheet and cut around it.  I was able to create 4 snowmen at once using this method. 

Additionally, it was easier to use the cardstock for the top hat and cut out each one individually.  You will need a circle for each hat so you can write the number on it.  It was easier to just cut out the small circles for the hat individually.  Afterwards, glue the circle on the hat and than allow it to dry before writing the number on the hat. 

Next, while the glue is drying, make the faces and draw the buttons on the body of the snowmen from 1 -10 or 1 – 20, depending on how many you wish to make.  My 9 year old grandson helped draw the faces and make the buttons on each snowman. Once the bodies are made, write the numbers on the hats.

preschool games, numbers games for preschoolers, winter activites, winter games




Finally, teaching your child to count using this snowman preschool math game is not only educational, it will be fun.  Making education fun should be the goal. The goal is to count the buttons and than match the hat to the coordinating snowman.  If you have an older child like my 9 year old, let them count with your preschooler or kindergarten.  It’s a great way to teach them to count without getting bored. Stayed turned to our next snowman game.  You may also like Kid’s Donut Snowman Snacks.








How To Make a Grapevine Wreath Snowman

winter crafts, snowman crafts, grapevine wreaths


I love crafts, and when you’re buried under 3 feet of snow they sure keep you from going insane.  This grapevine wreath snowman was put together in about 30 minutes during our latest blizzard.  I know the storm was heading our way, so I headed to one of my favorite places for bargains, The Goodwill.  I purchased the 2 grapevine wreaths, mittens, matching hat and scarf for $5.59.  Afterwards, I headed to Michaels and nabbed the letter for $1.50 from the Bargain Ben.  It was the perfect size and blended well with the accessories. Score!

You will need:

  • 2 or 3 grapevine wreaths small to large (Check thrifts for bargains.  Michaels is a good resource too. Print your 40% off coupon.)
  • accessories (Dollar General or Family Dollar are good inexpensive resources too.)
  • Letter (Optional)
  • craft wire

Here’s the steps for making the snowman:

The grapevine wreaths that I used are the same size.  For $2.00, I decided that I would make it work. I laid the wreath on newspaper before working. Grapevine wreaths are known to drop leaves and small pieces. I connected the 2 wreaths with the craft wire.  I wrapped the wire around the two wreaths tightly to ensure they fit together nicely.  Before taking any additional steps, I also added wire to the top so I could hang it.  This is important.

I opted not to hot glue the mittens and hat to the wreath because the set is in excellent shape.   So, I’ll donate them back to the Goodwill undamaged.  Instead of using hot glue, I placed a piece of the thin craft wire carefully through the tops of each of the mittens.  Next, I wrapped the ends of the wire that I threaded through the mittens around the wreath one at a time.  Allow the top mitten to cover the wire from the second mitten.

Fortunately, the letter had a ribbon at the top.  As a result, I cut it and tied it to the wreath so it would hide the craft wire on the top mitten.  Next I tied the scarf around the section where the two wreaths meet. This scarf is silk, I plan to wear it in the summer and fall.  You can use a wool scarf as well.

Adding the hat was tricky.  I opened the hat and placed it over the wreath as best I could.  Once I had the hat in place, I sprayed it with spray starch to help stiffen it so it would keep its shape.  I allowed it to dry and sprayed it again and again.  Once the hat was dry and stiff, I hung the wreath and added the twig arms.

Finally, you can make a cardboard top hat if this type proofs to be difficult and glue it to the wreath.  Paint the cardboard hat either black or red and allow it to dry before placing it on the snowman. I love it, how about you.

17 Winter Snowman Craft Ideas For Kids

winter crafts for kids, snowman crafts, kids snowman crafts



Soon snow will be falling and we all know what that means.  School closures for days and kids who will be stuck in the house.  But, don’t fret.  We did a round up that will help make those snow days less hectic.  Most importantly, these crafts don’t require electronics.

So, I love snowmen.  As a result, I gathered a variety of crafts that feature snow and/or snowmen.  Most use items that moms have around the house or they can purchase from the dollar store.  Here’s my snowman craft ideas for kids roundup:

  1.  Footprint Snowman from My Life of Travel and Adventures
  2. Craft Sticks Snowman from Cindy Derosier
  3. Q-Tip Snowman from Mess For Less
  4. Craft Sticks Hot Chocolate from Glued To My Crafts
  5. Mason Jar Snowman from I Dig Pinterest
  6. S is for Snowman from Crafty Morning
  7. Paper Plate Polar Bears from Artsy Momma
  8. Paper Bag Snowmen from I Heart Crafty Things
  9. Memory Mittens from The Classroom Creative
  10. Q-Tip Snowflakes from Babble
  11. Let It Snow Snowglobe from Teacher Pop
  12. Photo Snowflake from Crafting Chicks
  13. Plastic Bag Snowman from Crafts n Coffee
  14. Paper Plate Frosty from Crafty Morning
  15. Snow Covered Tree from The Imagination Box
  16. Mason Jar Candle from Family Focus Blog
  17. Hand Snowflake from The Pinterested Parent

Last, I hope that you have been inspired by one or two of our snowman craft ideas.  After the kids are exhausted from sled riding and building snowmen, pull out our snowman craft ideas.  Our activities will keep them busy for hours.  Be sure to stock up on supplies before the winter storm hits.  Which of our winter crafts is your favorite?

Finally, you may also like:  30+ Rich and Delicious Hot Chocolate Recipes.  This roundup is filled with fun and creative hot chocolate recipes that any kid will love.


Painted Pine Cones Crafts

painted pine cones



First, I love using pinecones for crafts and decorating.  I think they make the room festive during the holidays.  Most importantly, they bring a touch of nature into your décor.  I’m laughing as I’m writing this post, I’m remembering my grandson seeing the pine cone one day.  He opened the back door and threw them out.  In his mind, pine cones belonged outside.  I think he may have been 3 or 4 at the time.

However, if you have pine trees on your property, gather a few to add your Christmas décor or to use them in other  crafts. I love free, and I love recycling items.

So, I decided to paint a few of the pine cones to use as a center piece during the holidays.  I needed to give my table a pop of color,  and I thought they would be fun.  And, I really love how the painted pine cones turned out.  I displayed them on an antique milk glass cake plate.  But, the possibilities are endless.  So, find some inspiration and get creative.  For example, you can fill a basket or glass container with the painted pine cones.  Paint them in your favorite colors, and display them on the mantel for a fall or winter display.  Or paint them in spring colors for Easter.

You will need the following items:

  • craft paint brushes
  • craft paints in your favorite colors
  • paper plate
  • newspaper to paint on
  • container for display

Next, I found it easier to just pour a dab of paint onto a paper plate.  I painted the edges of the pine cone with a small paint brush.  Use your favorite colors or you can paint the entire pine cone.  Afterwards, allow the painted pine cones to dry. Drying time is quick for this project.  Around 30 minutes should definitely be sufficient.  Once dry, display in your favorite place.

Last, this is a fun project to do with the kids.  You can expose them to nature by gathering the pine cones on a nature trip.  Afterwards you can paint them as a family project.