The Benefits of Family Meals

Do you eat as a family? Research has shown that there are benefits to eating together as a family. I believe it. When I was raising my daughter, I made it a point to prepare a meal and we sit at the table as a family. Sometimes it would breakfast, but the majority of the time it was dinner. I used it as an opportunity to discuss the events of the day, and to exchange other pertinent information. I remember my daughter having a guest one week-end. We decided to order pizza. When the pizza arrived, her guest opened the box to have a slice. I explained to her friend that we didn’t eat out of the box, I set the table and we shared the meal.

It was a beautiful day, so I decided to make use of the deck for the meal. The young lady seemed shocked and at a lost when I set out dinner plates, glasses, forks, knifes and napkins. I had prepared a salad and ice tea to go along with the pizza, so I placed the salad and pitcher of tea on the table as well. She explained that they didn’t eat that way in her home. Everyone eat when and what they wanted, and I could find her mother with a beer in her hand any time of the day or night. Once we sat at the table and I started the dinner conversation, she became at ease and joined in. I realized how differently things were done in her home and family dinners were truly a benefit. Family dinners allowed me to:

  • Be a role model and set an example for my daughter
  • Find out what was happening with her in school 
  • Find out what was happening with her friends
  • Discuss outside activities and the news
  • Discuss what was happening with other family members
  • Make plans for the week-end

A study at Cornell University has shown that having family meals also prevent:

  • Youth drug/substance abuse
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Developing a disconnect with parents
  • Failure in school

Because of family meals, my daughter grew up eating healthier and knowing the importance of family, school, planning and setting goals. Do you plan family meals? Leave me a comment and share how your family has benefited from family meals.

Kitchen Garden Questions – #1

I’ve had several questions sent to The Mail Box on kitchen gardening and thought you may find the information useful:

Question – I plan to plant Kentucky Wonders this year in a raised bed,
and I don’t know how many to plant for canning purposes. Will one teepee produce
enough beans to can, or do I need to have more? (Check out my post building a bean teepee). 

Response – If you’re going to pressure can your green beans, I would suggest that you
plant bush beans instead of pole beans in your raised bed.  If you plant bush
beans you will be able to harvest enough from the bushes to fill your
canner with 6 – 7 quart jars per load. Planting pole beans gives you a gradual
harvest throughout the planting season. I’m sure you don’t want to spend time
canning 1 or 2 quarts of beans. I use pole beans because I freeze my harvest and
can put them away a quart at a time. 

You didn’t mention the size of your raised bed. A 4 x 4 raised bed should
hold about 32 plants if you space the seed about 6 inches apart. You may be able
to plant about 4 inches apart and get a few more plants in the bed. Using
a gallon bucket for your harvest is a good way to determine how many quarts you
will be canning.  Five gallons will yield around 18 quarts. 
There is a disadvantage to bush beans, you have to bend over to harvest

Question – I am tired of procrastinating with this container garden! I am ready to get
started! My plan is to purchase organic, nonGMO seeds from SeedsNow. I’ve been
doing research but I feel like I’m overthinking things and I need to just jump
in and give it a try. I think container gardening is the best start. I’m
concerned about planting a garden in my yard because my hubby uses a lot of
pesticide to control fleas and other pests. I plan to buy the following seeds:
lettuce, spinach, bell peppers, collard greens, and tomatoes. I would appreciate
any advice you can give me. I also have a few questions.
1. Should I use organic potting soil so that my veggies are truly
2. What should I plant that can grow year round?
3. Can I start planting now?

Response – Glad to hear that you’re ready to jump into container gardening. I think
you’re wise to use containers if pesticides are being used in your yard. They’ll
grow just as big and delicious in a container. Lettuce, spinach, peppers and
tomatoes grow well in containers. I’m not sure about the collard greens, but
give it a try.  I’ve been gardening for years, and I’m not always successful
with everything that I plant. Here’s a few tips: 
  • Use deep plastic containers for your tomatoes and peppers, and make sure
    your container is large enough for a stake. Paint buckets from Home Depot or
    Lowes work well for tomatoes and peppers. Remember you will have to drill holes
    in the bottom for drainage and come up with a staking system. If you can find a
    large, plastic flower pot with good drainage that’s even better. 
  • While choosing your tomato seeds, select the Indeterminate tomato variety.  
  • Old wash tubs, basins, flower pots, window boxes, whatever you can locate,
    will be great for lettuce and spinach.  These are cool weather crops, but
    can grown from spring until a hard frost hits in shady areas. If you have a cold
    frame, you can extend your growing season.    
  • Using organic soil in your containers is a good idea.  Do you plan to start
    you seeds inside under grow lights?  If so, I use Miracle Grow Seed Starting
    Mix.  You don’t want to use regular potting soil for this step.
  • Plant according to the zone that you live in. I’m in zone 6B, so I plant
    what will grow in this region and the planting times states for that region.  
Have questions?  Send an email to The Mail Box using  I will respond.  

How To Make Newspaper Seedling Pots

gardening tips


Last week I posted a seed sowing schedule that I use to help organize and keep me on track with sowing my kitchen garden seeds and suggested that you use it to help organize your kitchen garden too.  I hope you found it beneficial. I had also mentioned taking inventory of your peat pots, you will need them to sow your seeds indoors if you want to get a jump on the growing season.  Check out my other backyard vegetable gardening tips.  You will become a frugal vegetable gardener too.

To help cut down on the expense, I make newspaper seedling pots to sow my seeds indoors if I miss the boat on finding peat pots on clearance at the Dollar Store or Big Lots. I thought I would show you how to make the pots to cut down on your expense too.  If you have children that can handle making the pots, let them spend the afternoon making them for you.   

What you will need:

  • Newspaper (single sheets folded in half)
  • Pint jar 
  • Duct or scotch tape

In the above picture, I’m using 1 single sheet of newspaper folded in half.  You will want to fold the paper across not length wise. Next,  I used a pint size canning jar, leaving about a 1/4 inch of the mouth of the jar out of the newspaper as shown below. Roll the jar until all of the newspaper is used. Make sure the newspaper is rolled evenly.  Tape the ends of the newspaper together.  I actually used scotch tape, but duct tape will work too.    


Turn the jar upside down. The opening of the jar should be face down.  Fold the bottom of the newspaper as if you’re wrapping Christmas gift.  Tape the folds down. 



Remove the jar from the newspaper, and you have a newspaper pot.  These are great for starting herbs, tomatoes, peppers, squash, zucchini, melons etc. Fill the pot with seed starter mix (I use Miracle Gro) and you’re ready to plant your seeds according to the package. Don’t use potting soil to start your seeds indoors.  The soil is to heavy for the plant to emerge through.

Once the seed has germinated and has grown 2 – 3 inches tall, I transplant them into plastic cups to give them more room to grow.  You can leave them in these newspaper pots if you’re leery of transplanting.  If you leave them in, I recommend removing the newspaper before you place them in your garden or containers. I’ll discuss transplanting seedlings in a later post.  

When you start your seeds you will want to water from the bottom up so you won’t displace your seeds.  I also recommend planting 2 or 3 seeds in your pot.  You have better odds of germination using 2 or 3 seeds.  Once the plant(s) has grown 2 – 3 inches, you can leave the strongest seedling and discard the other plants.  

Just pinch off those you don’t want and discard them.  If you’re feel brave transplant all of them.  Sometimes plants will suffer transplant shock when you pull them apart at the root so don’t be disappointed if all don’t survive. 

I use a tray to hold and water my seedlings.  You can purchase the trays at your local dollar store.  They usually come with cells of 72, but I remove the cells and just use the trays to hold my water and seedling pots.  

I don’t like the cells because they are so small and you will definitely have to transplant if you use them.  I prefer to let the plant have room to form a nice root ball in a newspaper or peat pot, and if I’m short on time I don’t have to worry about transplanting. Efficient and cost effective is my goal.  


I germinate my seeds on heat pads under grow lights.  You can start them on top of your refrigerator if you don’t have heat pads or in your laundry room on a shelf. Seedlings really don’t need light to germinate, they need warmth and moisture. Once they germinate, you will need to place them under a grow light immediately. The light should be no more than 2 inches above your seedlings or they will get leggy. You must raise the light as they get taller.


This is a picture of my tomato and pepper plants that I started last season in peat pots and the watering tray that you will need. See how the pots are soaking up the water from the bottom. Fill the tray half way with water and allow your pots to absorb it. If you need to add more water add a little at a time. You don’t want your pots sitting for days in a water filled tray I cover my peat pots with Saran Wrap to help keep in the moisture when I’m germinating the seed. Rubber bands are used to keep the Saran Wrap nice and tight. This step is not necessary, but I find it helps with germination.  I remove the Saran Wrap immediately once the seeds have germinated.  Unfortunately, I can’t use this method with the newspaper pots.
You will need to check your pots several times a day. You can have no germination in the morning and sometime during the day they may germinate. As soon as I see green stating to come through, I remove the Saran Wrap. Tomatoes have a tendency to jump up, so you may want to remember that if you have them covered with the Saran Wrap. I also use plant markers so I will know what I’ve planted.  Stay tuned I will show you how to make your own markers to cut down on expense.
Now start making those newspaper pots or your peat pots so you will be ready to sow your seeds and remain on schedule with your kitchen garden. If you have small pots that your purchased flowers in last year, you can use those too.  You will need to clean them in a bleach solution before using.
If you have questions about this post or other gardening questions feel free to send an email to The Mail Box using and I will respond.  I may share your questions with other readers, but I won’t use your name or email address.  They may have the same question or find the information useful too.
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Sunday’s Best Linkup – #3


Welcome to Week 2 of  Mother 2 Mother’s Sunday’s Best Linkup. I’m happy to be the host of this fun and new linkup. Each month we will feature a theme, this month the theme is Baby It’s Cold Outside. Brrr! Please share your favorite winter posts old or new, cold weather recipes, crafts, winter scrapbook layouts, Christmas photos, anything that has a winter/cold weather flavor. 

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February’s theme is Love Is In the Air.  We’re looking for loving memories of you and family, love stories, Valentine crafts, DIY, recipes, anything that you love and would like to share. 

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Penny Wise School Set

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Why You Should RSVP

Do you RSVP?  Maybe you heard about the story of the parents who were billed for a portion of a party because they failed to attend a party?  Apparently they sent an RSVP stating they would attend; however, they didn’t show up.  But they failed to contact the hosting parents to let them know of their change of plans.  Since the host parents paid for accommodations for their child, they wanted to be reimbursed for the expense. So they sent the parents a bill and threaten to take them to small claims court if they didn’t pay up. You can read the details here.

I laughed when I read the story.  Because I remembered all the times that I sent invitations and asked guests to RSVP.  And they never bothered to  respond one way or the other.  I have never thought about sending a bill to those who did RSVP, but never showed up.  I most admit, I like the thought.

When I send out an invitation for an informal or formal event, I ask guests to RSVP.  For example, if it’s an informal events I always ask the guests to call me. I give a date that they must call by and my phone number.  Additionally, I expect them to call and say yes they are coming or no they are not coming.

I ask for the RSVP to be mailed to me when I send out a formal invitation.  Furthermore, I include the RSVP card and a stamped return envelop.

I ask guests to RSVP because I need to know how much food to prepare, how much liquor to purchase, or how many party favors to purchase. To me it’s just disrespectful when a guest does neither. RSVP means respond/reply please. I never do Regrets Only, I want to hear yes or no from the invited guests.  I’m not unique, other people who are hosting parties expect the same.

I hosted my grandchildren’s birthday several years ago. It was a huge backyard event with clowns, magicians, a bounce house and everything else that goes along with a carnival themed party. I had 10 people show up with their children and they never bothered to RSVP.

Needless to say, I had not planned for 20 extra people. One of the guests had 5 children. It left me scrambling. I had to purchase and cook more food, put more party favor bags together and accommodate more children and parents. I should have billed the parents for the stress alone. That would teach them the meaning of RSVP.

Proper etiquette requires those who receive an invitation to not ignore it. It is not up to the host to call you to find out if you’re coming or not. If they thought enough of you to send an invitation, you should think enough of them to respond one way or the other.

For those who RSVP and don’t show up, you have cost the host money.  Because they have included you and/or your children in the food, beverage and party favor count.  The cost is even more profound for weddings and other formal events. Those events normally require a cater who charge by the plate.  Additionally, if alcohol is involved it’s per bottle and bartenders must be paid.  

Finally, now that you know the meaning and importance of RSVP, please respond.  In conclusion, you may find that family, friends, co-workers and neighbors are leaving you and your family off the party list. Better yet, you may find an invoice in your mailbox if you end up being a no show.

Wordless Wednesday

                           Do you see yellow? Yes, New York city is full of yellow cabs.  

Inspirational Quote – Rainbows and Stars

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Elaine chose How to Use Hootsuite Pro from Chaos & Kiddos. “I upgraded to Hootsuite Pro last week because I was spending 3+ hours a day scheduling tweets and Google+ page post for 4 websites with 6 twitter accounts. This is a great tutorial.”
Natasha also chose this post. “Although I have used Hootsuite for some time, I haven’t tried to make the effort to purchase Hootsuite Pro. Katy has definitely convinced me and has shared some great tips to use it most effectively! Great post!”
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Tina chose Sweet Enough for Your Sweet Tooth | | Light Enough for Your Resolutions from Eat, Drink, and be Mary. “Looks great and delicious. I love the decoration and the fact that it is made from scratch. An irresistible valentine’s day dessert.”
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I See Me Sponsored Post

personalized books, personalized children's books

This post contains sponsored links from I See Me.  Looking for a personalized book or other gift for a child? Check out I See Me, they specialize in personalized gifts for children. I was so excited when I reviewed their site and saw the diverse items they offered. My initial response was wow. I love giving unique gifts. If I have to choose between a big box store versus a specialized on-line store, I choose the latter.   

The adorable ballet place mat above caught my eye. I immediately thought about my granddaughter. She loves to dance and wants to take ballet lessons. I know she would love to eat her meals with these beautiful ballerinas. I don’t think they’re powerful enough to get her to eat peas, but they sure are cute. I wish I had found this site before the holidays, but this place mat will definitely go on my gift list for her. They also have princesses and fairies that you can choose from. Every little girl’s dream. 

Not only does I See Me have a large selection of personalized items to choose from, their themes are great. In addition to the ballet, princesses, and fairies you can find things that go, garden, and farm animals. This isn’t half of the themes that are offered, there are many more. This company understands children, and they have created products that will appeal to their little minds. You’re not limited to personalized books either. They have lunch boxes, puzzles, and growth charts to name a few.     


I remember my grandson spending hours playing with dinosaurs. His favorite was T-Rex, so these little dinosaurs have a place in my heart. This site is perfect for bundling items in the same theme. You can purchase the lunch box and place mat or a book and puzzle. Wouldn’t this lunch box be great for a backyard picnic or day at the park with mom or dad? What about a Back To School lunch box like the one below. I See Me offers designs that you won’t find on the shelf at your neighborhood store. What are the chances of another child having this lunch box at school and if they do there won’t be a mix-up because they’re personalized.  


personalized books, personalized children gifts

My grandson has started playing organized football and basketball, so I added this book to my list of gift ideas for him. The book can be made for a boy or girl. I had a personalized book made for him when he was born, The Three Little Pigs, and he loved for me to read it to him when he got older. Kids love reading about themselves. There are also books on pirates, knights, and outer space. What makes these personalized books different from what I purchased previously is I See Me focuses solely on one child. You don’t have to add other names to the story. Your child is the star, score! 

personalized book, personalized children's gifts

The gift ideas are endless on this site. They have been endorsed by Town and Country Magazine, Entertainment Weekly and The site also has hundreds of reviews from parents. Whatever the occasion, you will be able to find a special and unique gift here.  Head over to I See Me and check out their personalized gift ideas for children.  

I received compensation for this post; however, all opinions are my own.  

I visited Martin Luther King’s Childhood Home

Martin Luther King

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, I wanted to share a few pictures that I took when I visited his childhood home and the MLK Center for Non-Violent Social Change in Atlanta.  What a memorable trip. This is a picture of my sister and me sitting on the front porch of the home Dr. King grow up in. I will always treasure this picture and the feelings that I had when I stepped upon that porch.  Witnessing history was truly an emotional experience, especially since the Civil Rights movement impacted me and my family significantly. Sharing it with my sister put the icing on the cake. We always have a good time together.    

The home has been beautifully maintained and has lots of character.  It is actually quite large, four bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, study, parlor/living room, a bathroom and a huge backyard. I love the wrap around porch.  

Martin Luther King wagon

This is the farm wagon that carried Dr. King’s coffin from his Ebenezer Baptist Church to Morehouse College, his alma mater, for the second service.  The wagon was pulled by 2 mules through Atlanta for 3.5 miles.  If everyone remembers, Mrs. King walked with her children ahead of the wagon in the funeral procession.    

Martin Luther King

This is Dr. King’s final resting place at the King Center in Atlanta.  His wife Coretta Scott King was laid to rest beside him.    

Martin Luther King
Across from the Kings’ Crypt is the eternal flame.  There is also the Civil Right Walk of Fame. Below are a few prints from the walk which include Dr. Maya Angelo, Sidney Poitier, Magic Johnson, and Maynard Jackson.  Maynard Jackson was the first black mayor in Atlanta.  My brother, Dr. Robert Holmes, wrote Maynard Jackson’s biography. It can be purchased on Amazon.     
I hope that we all remember and honor what Dr. King dedicated his life doing.  Be kind to and love one another. Have a blessed week-end.