Backyard Vegetable Gardening



Next, there’s nothing better than a fresh tomato from the backyard garden.  Fresh vegetables have been a welcome on the dinner table since I was a little girl.  My grandfather had a small farm when I was growing up.  As a result, a large vegetable garden was planted each year.  Everyone was expected to help maintain and harvest the produce.  So, I learned to grow most of my vegetables from seed.  My grandfather tilled the land and planted the seeds by hand.  I have tried to improve on his gardening method by starting my seeds in bottle greenhouse and under grow lights.

Additionally, I focus mostly on tomatoes because I turn them into sauce, salsa or preserve them diced or whole  Preserving green beans, corn, and peppers are on my list too.  I love being able to have fresh vegetables for my dishes  year round.  It saves on the grocery bill too. Finally, be sure to check out my famous sauce recipe. It’s kid approved, at least by my grandchildren. Check out my vegetable gardening tips below:

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Finally, I hope that you have found my backyard gardening tips helpful.  Be sure to try a few, and don’t bypass the recipes.  Fresh and flavorful is what you get with backyard veggies.