Preschool Garden Vegetable Printables

teaching children about vegetablesteaching children about vegetablesteaching children about vegetablesteaching children about vegetables

I found these adorable garden vegetables printables for kids at  So, I thought I would share them with my readers. They’re a fun way to to expose children to gardening.  Furthermore, you can discuss the importance of vegetables in our diet. It’s also a great way to start a conversation about planting a small vegetable garden.  Furthermore, they can become familiar with growing their own food. Getting children involved in gardening teaches them to nurture and to become self-sufficient. Children should learn to be responsible at an early age.  Responsibility will become a life lesson.  Check out my other backyard vegetable gardening posts.

Try planting kaleidoscope carrots to peak your child’s interest.  Orange can be boring so add a little color. Plant kaleidoscope carrots that are yellow, purple, orange, red and sometimes white. Popcorn is a favorite on movie night. Try planting some colored popcorn. Husk the corn after it has dried and store for movie night. Tomatoes come in different colors too. I plant red, yellow, orange and purple tomatoes. Get creative and make it a family event. Children often like what you like.
Also, allow your children to explore seed catalogues.  They can check out different varieties of plant and flowers. For example, sunflower are big deal at my house. We plant Russian Mammoth, Lemon Queen, and Autumn beauty for a colorful summer display. The Mexican Sunflower is small and could be a variable option for children. Don’t leave pumpkins off you list.  Remember they do require lots of space though.
I plan to let my 4 year old granddaughter color these vegetable printables.   Grab a box of crayons and print these tomato, green beans, carrot and corn printables, and let your kids go to work too.
Stay tuned for our April Showers posts this month.  We’ll be sharing more activities for kids, craft roundups and other ideas for those rainy days.  You can download the vegetable printables here:
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