Grow Your Own: 13 Money Saving Fruits and Vegetables

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Each season I select the top money saving fruits and vegetables that I need to plant in my kitchen gardening. Budgeting and doing things in the most efficient and frugal way is my motto. I plant vegetables that I can preserve for meals and herbs for seasoning sauces and other dishes. Additionally, I also plant a few fruits that I can enjoy in the summer.  Because I grow my own, I don’t have to purchase from the grocery store.  Check out my other backyard vegetable gardening tips.


Here’s my top 13 money saving fruits and vegetables:


  1. Tomatoes – I plant and harvest enough to preserve whole or quartered for soup.  I also make sauces for spaghetti and other pasta dishes, chili, and salsa. I also grow cherry tomatoes for salads and snacking.
  2. Peppers – I pickle and freeze them. Great in dishes, sandwiches, and on top of nachos and cheese.
  3. Zucchini – I make fresh muffins and zucchini bread, but I also freeze it to make these items during the winter.  
  4. Greenbeans – I freeze these for soup and for side dishes during the winter.
  5. Onions – A majority of my dishes call for onions, so I preserve these for using during the winter.
  6. Garlic – Fresh garlic is great in salsa and sauces.
  7. Herbs – I dry my herbs for winter use.
  8. Potatoes – Red and Yukon Gold potatoes get plenty of use in my house.
  9. Cucumbers – Great for salads and homemade pickles.
  10. Lettuce – I grow leaf lettuce for sandwiches and salads during the summer.
  11. Strawberries – Great for jam.
  12. Watermelon – I love fresh watermelon on a hot summer day. I grow Sugar Babies.
  13. Cantaloupe –  Great breakfast fruit.
What does your family eat most from your kitchen garden or containers?  These are the veggies that you should plant. You will save money on your grocery store bill and they will taste much better.
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  1. I've had great luck with my strawberries peppers, onions, and beans over the years. Watermelon & cantaloupe have never done well for me though. I love being able to have my kids in the garden with me and use it as a teachable moment to show them how food is grown. 🙂

    • Gardening is relaxing for me. My watermelon and cantaloupe were so delicious last season, I must try them again this year. I love having my grandchildren in the garden too. Getting them to eat the vegetables is a task, but they love the fruit. I believe if you start them early it will become a part of their soul and hopefully they will grow their own fruits and vegetables down the road too.

  2. I love growing zucchini. I shred it up and freeze it for bread all winter long. Thanks for sharing on the (mis)Adventures Mondays Blog Hop. I can't wait to see what you share next next time!

  3. I just ordered some tomato plants — special for container growing. You have motivated me!

    • Glad to hear that Kc. You're going to love those fresh tomatoes on a sandwich, salad or in salsa. Looking forward to reading your posts on your new tomato plants.