5 Health Reasons To Garden

Summer is around the corner and I’m looking forward to having fresh and chemical free vegetables.  I’ve been gardening for several years and wanted to share the benefits of having a kitchen garden:

1. High In Antioxidants – Herbs help reduce heart attacks and are high in antioxidants according to Fitness Magazine.  Oregano, basil, rosemary and parsley are a few of the herbs that you will find in my kitchen garden.  I love using oregano and basil in my sauces, parsley on potatoes and rosemary on chicken and in stuffing dishes.  

2. Exercise – Having a kitchen garden provides an opportunity to get moderate exercise.  

3.  Boosts Vitamin D – Sunshine is the best way to boost Vitamin D intake.  Ten to 15 minutes a day should be sufficient.  (Be sure to wear sunscreen while gardening). 

4.  Reduces Stress – Gardening reduces the Cortisol level, which is produced when you’re feeling stressed.   

5.  Better Nutrition – Home grown vegetables, herbs and fruits provide better nutrition and are more flavorful and chemical free.     

Home grown vegetables and herbs have become an important staple in my home.  I look forward to picking fresh lettuce, tomatoes and herbs for my dishes and preserving them for use during the winter.  The flavor versus what is purchased in a grocery store is beyond comparison.  That alone is a great reason to have a kitchen garden.  I enjoy walking into my garden retrieving peppers and tomatoes straight from the vine when I’m cooking.  The fresh herbs provide a wonderful enhancement to sauces, stuffing and salads.  

Start planting and reap these health benefits as well as a new found flavor and perspective on fruits and vegetables.  Start with a few herbs and tomatoes which can be planted in containers, and than start planning for next year’s garden.  

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  1. @J – Lol, I love your humor. I do love gardening. It's a great stress reliever for me. I'm going to add more flowers to the garden this year. Now, if I could only eat my grandson to eat more of the veggies. He does like cucumbers and corn.  My granddaughter loves them. Thanks for stopping by. 

  2. @Jane Rutkowski – Thanks for stopping by. I agree, being out in the sunshine clears your head and makes you feel better.  Nothing like fresh air and sunshine.  Nice to find a fellow gardener.  I'll be stopping by. 

  3. I am so glad you are able to enjoy something that I would really love to have! We lived on a wooded lot with poor soil and so much shade that it's impossible to grow anything besides mosquitoes and weeds!
    I'm sure your grandson will enjoy harvesting and cooking right along with you!

  4. Nice post.  I love gardening for many of the reasons you mentioned. For me being out in the sunshine makes me feel wonderful!  🙂