Gardening Tips, Tricks and Backyard Birds

gardening tips


Gardening can be therapeutic.  It relieves stress, provides light exercise and helps you get in touch with nature.  First, there’s nothing better than beautiful flowers to brighten up a spot in the yard, patio, deck or porch.  Fresh vegetables from the garden are always welcome too.  Growing lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic and other vegetables can help reduce the grocery bill.  Don’t leave out fresh berries.  Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and other berries can be added to smoothies.  Check out my flower gardening tips.

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Next, there’s nothing better than a fresh tomato from the backyard garden.  Fresh vegetables have been a welcome on the dinner table since I was a little girl.  Also, my grandfather had a small farm when I was growing up.  As a result, I learned to grow most of my vegetables from seed.  He tilled the land and planted the seeds.

I focus mostly on tomatoes because I turn them into sauce, salsa or preserve them diced or whole.  Preserve green beans, corn, and peppers are on my list too.  I love being able to have fresh vegetables for my dishes year round.  Saves on the grocery bill too. So, be sure to check out my sauce recipe.  It’s kid approved.  Check out my vegetable gardening tips:


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backyard birds


Attracting backyard birds has become a big part of my gardening experience.  As a result, I have managed to attract Cardinals, Orioles, Blue Jays, Wrens, Gold Finch, Tuft Titmouse, Barn Swallows and more.  Watching them feast and learning their habits can be fun and educational for children too.  If you are a backyard bird lover check out my tips for attracting backyard birds.


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