How To Build A Green Bean Teepee Trellis

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Last year I used a teepee trellis for my pole beans and it worked well. This year, I decided to modify it to maximize my harvest. Several bars were added to the teepee so I could plant beans completely around it.  However, one side was left open. I wanted my grandchildren to have a seat inside of the teepee while I’m gardening.  An adorable miniature chair will be placed inside the teepee for them to sit.  Check out my other backyard gardening tips before you leave.

Making a bean teepee can be simple and inexpensive.  I used the bamboo poles from last season and cuttings from my bamboo squash trellis from last year as well.  I found left over string from other projects under my sink and  used around the teepee.  String is great for the tendrils of the plant to latch onto. Lowes and Home Depot sell bamboo poles that won’t break the bank if you can’t found a resource locally. The Dollar Store sells string.  My brother has a yard full of bamboo, so I luck out. 

The poles should be 6 – 8 feet tall and you will need 4 pieces.  I used (4) 7 foot poles and 5 bars across.  Be sure to secure the poles tightly at the top and get them deep into ground before you tie on the horizontal poles.



Here’s the steps again:

1.  Tie your 4 poles at the top securely.
2.  Your poles should look like A-frames.
3.  Place the frames in the ground deep enough to secure them.
4.  Tie the smaller pieces (20) across the bars to form 3 sides.  Leave an opening to place a chair for the kids or spacing for growing lettuce through the summer, which requires shade.  The leaves of the beans will provide the shade.
5.  Plant your choice of pole beans completely around the bottom of the teepee and watch them climb.


Last, I use Blue Lake pole beans.  I believe they are more flavorful and less stringy than other beans.  However, planting Jade Bush Beans along with the pole beans will prove beneficial.  They were recommended by a fellow gardener.  Can’t wait to try them.  Also, green beans can be used as a companion to tomatoes and cucumbers.  Plant green beans close to your tomatoes and cucumbers this gardening season.  Finally, do you plant pole beans or bush beans?  What’s your favorite brand?

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  1. @Christine Graves – I had so much fun making it.  I hope to have a great harvest along with it.  Thanks for stopping by. 

  2. WHat a wonderful idea….like secret garden you have made a secret harvest! Totally genius….What great memories the little ones are going to have sitting in their chair underneath their bean teepee…LOL

  3. @April – You could plant peas, squash, or cucumbers around the teepee as well.  If you plant squash, make sure you have it planted deeply in the ground.  Squash is heavier than beans, cukes or peas.  Thanks for stopping by. 

  4. What other veggies can you put on the teepee? Looks like it would work well in the space that I have. Thanks for sharing with Turn it Up Tuesday!

  5. @J – I love being a grandmother.  My experience with my grandchildren is so different from when I was raising my daughter.  I'll post pictures on the progress of our bean teepee.  Stay tuned. 

  6. @mommyatozblog – Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the loving on Bloglovin. 

  7. The best part for me, as a fellow grandma, is picturing your little cuties sitting inside that tent! Kids just love cozy little enclosures! I hope you'll post some photos when the beans have covered the frame!

  8. Thanks for the great instructions! Stopping by from the Sunday Social hop and following you on bloglovin'! Looking forward to reading more 🙂

  9. @Maria Brittis – Thanks for stopping by.  I loved the luggage garden and if I can find a vintage suitcase, I'm going to try it.  Hope you try the string bean teepee. 

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog to visit the garden suitcase post I did.. I like this bean pole. I love string beans and this is a great idea.. Maria