Using Eggshells In The Garden

eggshells in the garden

Don’t throw those eggshells away.  Save them for your garden.  That’s right, your tomatoes will love them.  Grab a container and save them throughout the year.  Before you store the eggshells, I recommend drying them in the oven on a low temperature.  You can also set them outside on sunny days.  They don’t need to be in the oven long or on a high temperature, just long enough to dry.  Once cooled, crush them and put them in a plastic bag or container.  You can store them in your freezer or the refrigerator.  I use a rolling pin to crush mine.

When garden season arrives place a generous dose of the crushed eggshells in the hole when you plant your tomatoes.  I also sprinkle the shells around the plant once I get the tomatoes in the ground to keep slugs, cutworms and snails away.  I actually do this throughout the growing season.  The eggshells will help give your tomatoes a calcium boost, and help fight off blossom end rot.  

Do you use eggshells in your garden?  How do you deter blossom end rot?



  1. @Jodi – I haven't tried the brewed coffee.  I am saving my grounds so I can try it this year. Thanks for the info. 

  2. I also use "already brewed" coffee grinds!  Adds nitrogen to soil!  Help keeps moisture in!