10 Vegetables For Container Gardening



Short on space but big on fresh vegetables in the summer. I understand, there’s nothing better than fresh veggies during the hot summer months. My people think that they must use land to create a kitchen garden. That is simply not true. Container garden has become popular. It’s a great way to grow fresh vegetables when you have limited space. I have listed 10 vegetables that I plant in my garden each year, but are also excellent choices for containers.  You containers can be regular flower pots, crates, 5 gallon buckets, or plastic tubs from the dollar store.  Check out my other backyard vegetable gardening posts too.



1.  Cherry Tomatoes – First, cherry tomatoes are a great choice for hanging baskets on patios or balconies.  Don’t you love the idea of reaching up and grabbing a few tomatoes for a salad or snack. My favorite cherry tomato is the Sweet 100. It’s hard for me to make it out of my garden with devouring my harvest.



2.  Eggplant – Great for growing in pots. A 4 foot garden stake can be used to support the plant. Black Beauty is an excellent plant for containers. The blooms alone are worth finding a spot in the garden for eggplant.



3.  Bell Peppers –  Second, green, red, yellow, white or orange peppers can be grown in pots.  Five gallon bucks make excellent pots for container gardening. You will need a 4 foot stake to hold the plant.



4.  Herbs – Small clay pots are excellent for growing herbs in windows or on a patio.  Basil, oregano, sage, mint or Rosemary can be grown as shown.



5.  Chili or Jalapeno peppers  – Depending on your pot size, you will need a 2-4 foot stake to support your plant.




6.  Salad Bowl – Next, I have 2 wash tubs that I use.  For example, I grow ButterCrunch, Black Seeded Simpson and Salad Bowl lettuce so that I have a good mix of salad greens. If you use metal containers, place bubble wrap at the bottom to keep the roots of the plants from burning. Lettuce likes cooler weather so if you use metal containers remember they hold heat. Place your container in a shady spot so the lettuce doesn’t bolt.



7.  Lettuce – If you’re lucky enough to have wine crates, they’ve excellent for growing lettuce and herbs too.



8.  Tomatoes  Five gallon buckets, rectangle, square or round pots can be used.  Depending on the variety you will need to stake or cage them. A 5 foot stake or cage should suffice, but be sure to stake or cage early. Look for varieties that can be grown easily in containers like Early Girl, Patio Princess or Tiny Tim to name a few.



9. Cucumbers  – You will need a trellis so they an climb. Nothing fancy, find 2 sticks in your yard and wrap twine around them as shown.



10. Radishes or Carrots – Last, grow a pot of rainbow carrots with your children or grandchildren. The rainbow carrots are yellow, orange, purple and red.  Great idea to introduce kids to gardening while having fun.

Finally, make sure your containers have adequate drainage.  For example, use a quality, organic potting mix. Don’t limit yourself to the 10 suggestions above.  You can also grow peas, beets, squash, and zucchini in containers too.  Now that you know space is no longer an issue, you can enjoy fresh vegetables too.

Note:  Container garden photos courtesy of my Pinterest.   Additionally, you may also like: How To Grow Bigger Tomatoes or How To Stake and Cage Tomatoes



  1. Container gardens are such a great way for folks with small spaces to grow their own. Thanks so much for sharing on the (mis)Adventures Mondays Blog Hop.

  2. I am patiently waiting the arrival of 3 tomato plants from Burppe that are strains especially good for container gardening. Between that and the plumeria seeds we are going to have a lot of plants to watch over!

    • I'm so excited for you. I know you will enjoy those delicious tomatoes. Looking forward to reading your posts. Now what is Plumeria seeds?