How To Create A Great Outdoor Living Space:

Outdoor Living Space Ideas


Outdoor living is quickly becoming a trend.  More people are taking pride in their yard and patio areas.  As a result, they spend more time outside.  What was once considered a normal part of the home has become an extension of your home.  So, a great garden and outdoor living space can even be a selling point for your home.

Having the space and making it neat and tidy are great, but how do you make it a more useable area?  How do you encourage yourself and your family to spend more time outside?  I wanted to share a few ways that you can invest in  luxurious items, accessories and other things to create an a great outdoor space. We encourage you to invest your time and your money in your garden.  You won’t be disappointed, it will pay off in resale value.


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Make an outdoor dining area

The one thing that enjoyed most is dining outside.  So, if you find yourself stuck with what to do with your garden or patio area consider a dining area.  Keep things simple, but invest in a new dining table and chairs.  Also, add an umbrella to shade you from direct sunlight.  Furthermore, invest in a cover to keep the furniture in good condition too.  Especially, during the winter.  If you don’t feel like you have a large enough space for a table and chairs, consider extending your patio area.  A decked level would also work.  You can add details like wooden shades and planters to make an impact.

Take the cooking outside

Dining outside is great, but why not think about doing the cooking outside as well.  Again, you can keep things really simple and invest in a BBQ.  Some BBQs are full on outdoor stoves where you can cook a full meal or grill.  If you’re brave enough when the weather becomes chili, you can still enjoy your outdoor stove.

However, a BBQ can just be the start of your outdoor kitchen.  Home owners love the idea of creating an outdoor cooking area.  Some have included a pizza oven, a fire pit to keep warm and even an outdoor sink.  These are some amazing examples of outdoor kitchens that could tempt you into investing in one so that you can create a great outdoor living space too.


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Add a fun element to your outdoor living

 Who says that a yard is just for sitting, reading or sipping on a beverage.  Although there is clearly nothing wrong with this, adding fun elements to your outside space could really bring it to life.  A portable hot tub can make a big difference. You may be thinking that a hot tub is a little extravagant, but there are some health benefits to having one.  For example, hot tubs help relieve anxiety and stress as well as improve your sleep.  Another idea is to create a children’s play area.  You can separate parts of your yard to ensure that you have adult space as well as a great place for your children to enjoy.  You could add a treehouse, a slide or swings.  While you’re relaxing on your deck, the children can enjoy their space.

Socialize more in your garden

Socializing can often be seen as something you do inside your home.  After all, that’s why a majority of people invest in an open kitchen and dining areas.  Or, they invest in a plush kitchen. However, socializing can now be extended to your outside area.  Consider having additional seating and LED lighting installed.  Adding the seating and lighting around a fire pit makes the area inviting.  Additionally, when the temperature drops a fire pit could help you extend the use of the seating area too.

While it can be quite tempting to dismiss your garden during the winter months, keeping it tidy is recommended.  Stay on top of the flower beds and your lawn.  Having a tidy space is also inviting, so invest in outdoor storage to keep lawn care items out of sight.

I hope that some of these suggestions have offered you some inspiration on how to create a great outdoor living space.