Snowman Preschool Math Game


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This week we have a preschool math snowman game that will help your preschooler count from 1 –  20.  Today we’re counting the buttons on the snowmen.  You will need:

  • black and white construction paper or cardstock
  • black marker or pen
  • scissors
  • pencil for tracing
  • orange marker

I found it easier to make a sample snowman and top hat to trace and cut around.  However, construction paper from the dollar store can be used for the snowman or printer paper.  Anyway, I folded a sheet of construction paper in half and than folded it again. I placed the sample snowman on top of the folded sheet and cut around it.  I was able to create 4 snowmen at once using this method. 

Additionally, it was easier to use the cardstock for the top hat and cut out each one individually.  You will need a circle for each hat so you can write the number on it.  It was easier to just cut out the small circles for the hat individually.  Afterwards, glue the circle on the hat and than allow it to dry before writing the number on the hat. 

Next, while the glue is drying, make the faces and draw the buttons on the body of the snowmen from 1 -10 or 1 – 20, depending on how many you wish to make.  My 9 year old grandson helped draw the faces and make the buttons on each snowman. Once the bodies are made, write the numbers on the hats.

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Finally, teaching your child to count using this snowman preschool math game is not only educational, it will be fun.  Making education fun should be the goal. The goal is to count the buttons and than match the hat to the coordinating snowman.  If you have an older child like my 9 year old, let them count with your preschooler or kindergarten.  It’s a great way to teach them to count without getting bored. Stayed turned to our next snowman game.  You may also like Kid’s Donut Snowman Snacks.









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  1. What a cute idea. Your grandchildren must love all of the fun ideas you come up with!

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      Hi Kc.  Yes they do.  My 8 year old loves word search puzzles and my granddaughter loves anything that I make.  I need to get busy, lol.

  2. Very cute game! I like the way you have kids get involved with the construction of it. And that snowman theme is very interesting to kids during this time of year! I also think teachers would appreciate how you have the dots arranged in groups – the way kids are taught these days!

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      Hi J. I think it’s important to make as many activities as you can a family affair. Fortunately, my grandson loves helping his little sister learn and his a big help to me tracing and cutting out the pieces. He loves teaching her. They truly love each other.


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