7 Christmas Items You Can Recycle


Christmas Items You Can Recycle

The holidays are upon us.  So, there’s food, music, carols, lights, Santa and reindeer.  We spend hours trimming the tree, wrapping gifts, and preparing to entertain family and friends.  Also, we spend days reading Christmas cards from family and friends and finding the perfect spot to display them.  Finally, Christmas day arrives!  We find a mountain of ripped gift wrap and bows in the middle of the floor.  The kitchen is filled with empty wine bottles and corks from the gathering, and you realize that you purchased too many candy canes for the kids.

Don’t throw any of it away.  Check out our tips on Christmas Items You Can Recycle.  There’s tons of ideas to recycle all of it:

Christmas Cards – First, Christmas cards have beautiful scenery on them.  You can recycle and use them as gift tags, frame them for a vignette, or donate them to your local school.

Candy Canes –   Next, candy canes can be used as stirrers for hot chocolate.  Kids love them.  Also, they can be pulverized and used in sugar scrubs or cookies and brownie recipes.

Wrapping Paper –  So, piles of wrapping paper are sitting in your living room. A 33 gallon garbage bag should be big enough to hold it.  But, don’t throw it away.  Wrapping paper can used for crafts, book covers, scrapbooking, shreds, puzzles for kids and more.  Save the best pieces and get creative.

Wine Bottles and Corks – Paint the wine bottles and use them as vases or for seasonal messages on mantel.  Joy or Peace can painted on them for Christmas or BOO for Halloween.  The wine bottles are perfect for ring toss games.  Additionally, turn corks into wreaths, ornaments or other crafts.

Christmas Gift Bows and Ribbon – Turn Christmas bows into wreaths or use them on next year’s gifts.  Save only those that are in good condition.

Cardboard Shipping Boxes –  Cardboard boxes make great craft material.

Gift Wrap Tubes – Last, these make tubes are sturdy and make great bases for kid’s crafts.

Finally, I hope that you will find Christmas items you can recycle.  So, if you’re a crafter put your creativity hat on and get to work next season.  You have plenty of time to find projects, and be sure to involve the kids!  You may also like: 7 Christmas Morning Tips You Need.


Kindergarten Christmas Craft: Christmas Tree


kindergarten Christmas crafts

Looking for a kindergarten Christmas craft?  This kindergarten Christmas craft is easy, and would be perfect for little hands.  It makes a beautiful Christmas card.  Furthermore, it is also a great project for first or second grade students.  Here’s what you will need to complete the project:

  • Cardstock or construction paper  (I purchased a pack of construction paper from Dollar Tree)
  • green washable paint  (I purchased the paint from Michaels)
  • brown washable paint
  • glitter (optional)
  • gold or silver star


Kindergarten Christmas crafts
Step 1 – Fold your stock card in half.  Use any color that will make your days jolly and bright.  Just make sure that you Christmas tree will show well on whatever color you choose.

Step 2 – Next place a few dots of brown paint on a paper plate.  Add green paint to your plate as well.  Instead of making a circle, you will need to form a straight line on the plate.  You will be dipping the toothbrush in the green paint, so you will need the line long enough so you can cover the toothbrush bristles.

Step 3 – For your information, I found it easier to draw the tree truck on the cardstock in pencil.  It’s easier for the kids to try to paint inside established lines rather than trying to paint the tree truck freehand.  You can sharpen the outline of the tree truck with a small brush once the kids finish painting it.

Step 4 – Allow the tree trunk to dry completely before you proceed.  It should take approximately 10  – 15 minutes.

Step 5 – Once the trunk has dried, dip the toothbrush into the green paint.  Help the children move the toothbrush up the paper to make strokes for the tree branches.  Dip the brush back into the green paint and move the toothbrush down the opposite side of the card to make a branch.

Step 6 – Repeat Step 5 until the tree is complete.  Allow the paint to dry completely.

Step 7 – Once the tree is dry, add a star to the top.  (This step is optional).

Step 8 – Add glitter to the branches (This step is also optional).

Last older children can write a message inside the Christmas card wishing mommy and daddy or their grandparents a Merry Christmas.  Let the smaller children write a message or their name as well.  Most importantly, they will be sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face.


How To Decorate A Vintage Sled

Vintage Sled Decorations


Do you love my vintage sled?  It brings back so many childhood memories.  First, I found this beauty in an antique shop in Lancaster, PA.  There were several sleds in the shop, but I was looking for a special sled.  It had to be a Lightning Guider and I wasn’t going to settle for less.  The owner overheard my conversation with a few of the girls that I was traveling with.  She came out and said I have a Lightning Guider in the back if you would like to see it.  It was exactly what I was looking for, and the owner sold it to me for far less than its value.

You know, when I was growing up we had plenty of snow in the winter and plenty of snow days out of school.  My father always brought several Lightning Guider sleds for Christmas.  As a result, we jumped for joy when school was canceled.  We knew  we would be sled riding all day and eating King’s Syrup sandwiches.  King Syrup was so thick and delicious.  We loved fixing them ourselves and loved the fact that we didn’t have to bother mom to fix our sandwiches.  I think she was so grateful to have a few minutes to herself that she didn’t care how much bread we grabbed, or how much syrup we put on the bread.  We fixed and ate all that we wanted.

After we ate our syrup sandwiches, we would bundle up and head across the street for hours of fun sled riding.  We would stay out until we just about froze. I remember my father pulling off our boots and sitting us beside the wood stove so we could  thaw out.  Additionally, I also remember him using sandpaper to sharpen the blades so the sleds would go faster while we were warming up.  Oh the good ole days.

Unfortunately, they stopped manufacturing the Lightning Guider in the 1990’s.  What a shame, because it was the fastest and the best quality sled on the market.  It is now a classic, and I will hold on to it forever.

I decided to pull the sled out of storage and use it on my front porch for the winter.  I needed fresh greenery for a few center pieces that I want to work on for my tables.  As a result, I decided to add it to the sled as well.   Luckily, I have plenty of pines, spruce and other greenery surrounding my property.  If you’re not as lucky, check out your local Christmas tree lot.  Most are more than willing to give you a few bundles for free.

I love combining different greenery in my center pieces.  Included in the bundle are spruce and pine cuttings. However, you can use whatever you have on hand.  I used smaller pieces on top of longer pieces to give it depth, and tied it together with twist ties.  Use additional twist ties to tie the greenery was to the sled.  I just fluffed the bow out and readjusted it.  It was on the sled from the previous year. The bells are from a wreath that I purchased at the local Goodwill.  A friend found the ice skates at a local Goodwill in Pennsylvania and shipped them to me, lol.  She knew that I would use them for Christmas. The greenery will stay fresh in the cold air through the holiday season.

Did you have a Lightning Guider when you were growing up? If not, share a memory from your days of sledding.



28 Holiday Recipes, Crafts and Decorating Ideas

Happy Holidays!  They’re around the corner and if you’re like me, you’re looking for delicious recipes, great decorating ideas, and fun crafts for kids.  I like to start decorating after Thanksgiving. Check out my holiday round-up, here’s 28 great ideas for recipes, crafts and decorating.  

I have so many Christmas decorations that I acquired over years, so I’m always looking for a way to re-purpose them. As my readers know, I’m all about budgeting and doing things in the most cost effective way. Not only have I hung to years old decorations, I’m surrounded by woods and evergreens.  So I look for ideas to use with natural items that I can retreat from my neighbor’s or my yard.  A can of paint from the Dollar Store and a new twist on an old item and I’m good to go.  

Lets get ready to whip up fabulous dishes, decorate awesome trees and tables, and spend time making fun crafts with the kids.

holiday ideas, holiday round-up

Rainbow Christmas Tree found at Inspired by Charm
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The Stair Case found on the Relax Deco

 I’m loving the Monogram Wreath, Stair Case, and the Doughnut and Popcorn Snowmen. My grandchildren love both, so guess what will be on their snack plates during the holidays.  I hope these ideas have motivated you too. If you need more information on how to create your inspiration, click on the link and go check out these crafty bloggers.  What are some of your favorites?