13 Fun and Frugal Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas


Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas


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Tired of the same boring gift wrap in stores?  We have the solution, you just have to choose what you love.  We’re sure you can find a few Christmas gift wrap ideas from our suggestions below.  Included are a Santa theme, snowman, dried fruits, race car and more.  So, grab a glass of coffee, wine or eggnog and check them out!


Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

Hohoho!  Merry Christmas.  These adorable Santa inspired gift bags and gift boxes say that and more.  Unfortunately, there were no instruction on how to create these.  But, don’t be intimidated.  Get creative!  Plain red wrapping paper and gift bags, faux fur, buttons  and labels.  Hit the craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  You can find the accessories there.



How fun is this frosty the snowman siting by the tree waiting to be opened.   It’s simple, use white craft paper, black and orange construction paper for the buttons and nose, and a scarf.  You’ll be admiring this guy in no time.


Christmas gift wrap idea

A Christmas gift wrapped in Christmas lights.   What sets this gift wrap apart from the others is the lights made by little ones finger prints.  Also, check out my Kindergarten/First Grade Christmas Lights Crafts.  You’ll need brown Craft Paper, a black marker and washable craft paint.  Make it a family project.



I love this idea.  Instead of using gift tags, use one of your favorite photos of the gift recipients.  Brown Craft Paper, twine/string and a great photo is all that is needed.


Word Search gift wrap.  I love word search puzzles.  I even have my grandson hooked on them.  This idea is perfect for small gift boxes.  You create the word search puzzle and than print it on 12 by 12 paper.  Find the words that you want to highlight and than wrap your gift.  Merry Christmas baby!

Brown Craft Paper seems to be the way to go with gift wrap.  It’s inexpensive and can go a long way when wrapping gifts.  Personalize it with stenciled names on the gifts and a ribbon.  You can find stencils here.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find the original post on this idea.  The idea was picked up on Pinterest.


Christmas gift wrap ideas


I love to stencil.  So, I thought stenciling a Christmas design on brown Craft Paper would be fun.  It adds a perfection touch to brown background.  Many craft stores have Christmas stencils, brushes/sponges and paint.  Get creative.  You can do the ornaments as shown, reindeer, or whatever suits you.  Check these Christmas stencils too. However, I would stay with the white paint.  It looks amazing on the craft paper.  You can find the paint and stencil brushes at Michaels or other craft stores.



A Newspaper Christmas on gift wrapped in brown Craft Paper or any plain colored wrapping paper will work.  Simple, but makes a statement.  If you’re not the greatest artist, purchase stars from your local craft store.  Another idea, print The Night Before Christmas poem and make the tree from it.



Christmas gift wrap ideas

I love recycling old things.  Wrapping a gift in newspaper is something that I would do.  Somewhere doing my browsing a blogger suggested that if you have a sports fan use the sports section.  There’s the comics, style, real estate and the ideas go on.  Finish it with a nice bow.



Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas


Polka dot gift wrap is what’s happening here.  Brown Craft Paper, white ink pad and pencil with a clean eraser.  Finish the gift with a bow.  You can also do a Let it Snow theme.  Don’t cover the gift entire with the dots.  I would place them a various degrees to make it look their the dots are falling.


Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas



I thought this gift wrap was a perfect idea for the race car lover.  My grandson loves Hot Wheels and still does.  He’s 10. Wrap the gift with brown gift wrap, use black construction paper for the track and a white paint pen for the road markings.  The Dollar Tree, Dollar General and/or Big Lots has a nice selection of Hot Wheels that won’t break the bank.  So, get creative!


Using dried fruits on gift wrapped boxes is a great idea.  This blogger used dried oranges, but apple slices would work too.  Check out my post on drying orange slices here.  You can add cinnamon sticks and/or miniature pinecones.  A glue should be your friend for this project.  You will want your fruit and other accessories to stay on the gift.


Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas


Last, this is one of my favorite gift wraps.  Wrapping gifts in sheet music.  Get creative, this blogger used a full sheet of music to wrap gifts as well as strips of the music sheet.  Furthermore, google free sheet music or check your local music store for a deal. Finish it with a bow, string or greenery from your local Dollar Store.

So, we hope that you found a few Christmas gift wrap ideas that have inspired you.  You may also like 15 Festive Christmas Cookie Ideas.


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