15 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Mom

Mother’s Day is around the corner.  So, everyone will in search of Mother’s Day gift ideas.  It’s so important that we honor our mothers, but are you tired of giving and receiving the same gifts for Mother’s Day?  Do you want to do something unique and memorable, but lack innovation?  Because I have come up with a few great Mother’s Day gift ideas, you have no worries.  These ideas will lead to an unexpected and exciting Mother Day with a little ingenuity. No flowers, chocolates, or dinner at a local restaurant on this list.  Just unique ideas that will be sure to please. Here’s my list of unique Mother’s Day gift ideas:



mother's day gift ideas

1.  Photo Blanket –  First, I loved this idea and it’s great for any occasion. Gather a few of mom’s favorite photos or yours and have them added to a nice warm blanket for mom to snuggle in. Great for chilly evenings and week-ends or just to display.  Great conversation piece too.  Order two, you may want to keep this one.


2.  Wine Club Membership – Next, is mom a wine lover?  How about a membership to the Wine of the Month Club or a wine gift basket.  Furthermore, two bottles of wine per month will be shipped to your front door or a fine wine gift basket delivered. This would be a perfect gift for me, as I’m a lover of wines especially red wines. You may also want to check your local winery to inquire about a custom basket for mom or membership.


3.  Breakfast in Bed – So, how about serving mom breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day?  Fortunately, any week-end will do for this Mother’s Day gift idea.  Serve her breakfast in bed for a month?  For example, serve a bowl of fresh fruit and a croissant.  Also, yogurt with her favorite coffee is good or go ahead and whip up a full fledged breakfast starting with fresh squeezed juice.  Follow that up with bacon, eggs and toast. Print up a few certificates and place them in a gift box. When mom needs a break, let her turn in one of her coupons for breakfast Saturday or Sunday morning.

  4.  Afternoon Tea – Next, invite  a few of mom’s friends or family member over and serve them tea and biscuits or tea sandwiches.  Maybe they would like a sconce or bite size desserts too.  Nothing fancy, just a fun and relaxing day with the girls.



5.  Latte Machine – About how this, purchase a Latte machine and whip up a few Lattes.  Rather than running out for a special treat, she can brew her own in the comfort of home.



6.  Massage – Get mom a gift certificate for a massage. I have one every year for my birthday, and I swear by them. The Swedish Massage is my favorite. They rub and roll all my stress away from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.  Additionally, you may be able to find a masseuse who makes home visits.


7.  Dinner for Two – Make her favorite meal at home.  One of my best memories of Mother’s Day was a home cooked meal, and I didn’t have to cook it.  I’m not sure if it was truly the taste or the thought that made it so delicious.


8.  Happy Hour – Invite a few of mom’s friends over for cocktails and be their bartender.  Also, add a designated driver for the evening.  Offer a buffet of wings or shrimp, cheese and crackers, vegetables with dip and fresh fruit. She will love you for it, and so will her friends.  This is a great Mother’s Day gift idea.


9.  Cleaning Service – Another idea, I have cleaning service once a month and it is heavenly.  My house is cleaned from top to bottom, and I lightly maintain it during the rest of the month.  Best gift ever.



10.  Magazine Subscription I love being able to sit in my favorite chair on Saturday mornings and flip through my favorite magazines, Bird and Blooms and People, while sipping a cup of coffee and watching the news.  Birds and Blooms not mom’s thing, just subscribe to mom’s favorite magazine.  Be sure the first copy is available in time for Mother’s Day.



11. Coffee Club Membership – Another Mother’s Day gift idea is a membership to a coffee club.  I had membership a few years ago and really enjoyed it.  Most of all, a different flavor of coffee is shipped each month.


12. Manicure/Pedicure Get mom a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure at a local nail salon.  Not only is it relaxing, but summer is around the corner.  She will want to have her tootsies ready for sandals.



13.  Salon Gift Certificate –  Another good idea is a gift certificate. Moms often sacrifice to ensure everyone else has what they need.  So, why not get her a gift certificate to a local salon for a hair cut or color.  I guarantee, it will be welcome.



14. River Boat Cruise  – Another Mother’s Day gift idea at the top of my list is a day cruise. So, if you live near a riverboat took a dinner cruise.  Also, let mom play the slots for a few hours or just enjoy the cruise and dinner.


15.  Gift Card – Last, a gift card for a small shopping trip or on-line excursion is always welcome. Fortunately, gift cards can be used by mom to purchase that item she’s been eyeing for a while.  It give her freedom to use it on what she wants when she wants.

Finally, I hope you have been inspired by my Mother’s Day gift ideas.  Most importantly, select an idea or two for your mom or yourself.  In conclusion, I highly recommend them.  Especially,  since I have indulged in the majority of the ideas. What’s your favorite idea on the list?  Please leave a comment.

Product Reviews: Wine Country Gift Baskets


chocolate gift basket review


I received this gift tower from a co-worker and I was delighted.  When I removed the gift tower from the box, I was delightfully surprised.  You can see from the picture that it is not your average gift basket.  It was a tower of 6 boxes.  It was so pretty I didn’t want to open it.  So, I placed it on my kitchen counter and admired it for days.

The boxes are beautiful, and the ribbon gave the tower a finishing touch.  As a result, my curiosity peaked as I looked at the pretty boxes.  They leave you wondering what’s in them because the boxes don’t give any hints.  I think that’s the point of the packaging.  The packaging was so beautiful, I decided to do a review of the gift just for you.

After a few days I couldn’t resist opening the boxes.  I had to find out what was in them. So I decided to open the top box on the tower.  What do you think was in the box?  If you guessed Ghirardelli chocolate squares you were right.  Chocolate lovers know how good Ghirardelli chocolate is.  They were devoured in a few days, much to my delight.

Because of my excitement, I decided to open one box per week.  During my endeavors, I discovered chocolate Italian pralines, candy apple caramels, butterscotch hard candies, yogurt covered pretzels and spice cookies.  I have to say this is one of the best gift baskets that I’ve ever received.

Wondering about the maker, Wine Country Gift Baskets?   This company is based out of California.  It is known for their wine gift baskets and stellar customer service.  They have a large selection of towers and other gift baskets to choose from and ship via FedEx Ground.  They offer a variety of  prices to accommodate everyone’s budget.

This gift tower just happens to be one of my favorite reviews.  So, add Wine Country Gift Baskets to your on-line Brands for gifts. If you’re looking for something unique, consider this gift basket tower.  I highly recommend it.

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