Backyard Birds – Red Bellied Woodpecker


It’s getting cold in my area, so I decided to fill the bird feeders this week-end and do a little bird watching.  In the summer, I don’t fill the feeders as often.  Most of my backyard birds feast on the sunflowers in my garden. I thought it would take a few days for the birds to find the seed since I hadn’t filled them for months, but it only took a few hours.  Check out my other backyard bird posts before you leave. 


backyard birds, feeding wildlife, woodpeckers


Within a few hours, I was jumping for joy when I saw this fellow at the feeder. This is a male Red Bellied Woodpecker. Isn’t it beautiful. If you’re wondering where the red is on his belly, I was too.  I do know they love the black oil sunflower seeds that I place in the feeder.  But, they love pecking on this tree and my gutters.  Apparently, the sound resonates and a potential mate will hear the call.  They also hide seed for later consumption in the crevices of trees, which is what he’s doing in the picture below. This winter I will set out a suet feeder.  They love any kind of suet.

backyard birds, feeding wildlife, woodpeckers


Furthermore, if you want to attract Red Bellied Woodpeckers to your backyard, purchase or build a platform feeder and add black oil sunflowers or safflower seeds.  Red bellied woodpeckers love peanut butter and cracked corn too.  I add peanut butter to pine cones during the winter.  You can find my post on peanut butter pine corns here.  Peanuts are a favorite too.

Are you a bird watcher?  What are some of your favorite backyard birds?



  1. Such a great picture of the woodpecker you captured! Stopping by from the Turn It Up Tuesday link party. We both used to bird watch with our dad when we were younger. We even used to make our own bird feeders and suet packs. We haven't done it as much now but wouldn't mind getting back into it. Some of the birds we enjoyed watching were blue jays, gold finches, baltimore orioles, hummingbirds, and yellow bellied sapsuckers. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My daughter Jenna says I have become a birdie! I love watching the birds in the yard. Because it is nice and warm here I am still seeing lots of hummers but sadly I will never see a red bellied woodpecker. Our area also has beautiful wild green parrots — I love watching and listening to flocks of them go overhead.

    • I just started bird watching about a year ago.  I love it too.  My hummers have become scarce since it has gotten colder in my area, but I do have many that hang around.  It's too cold for parrots in my area, but I would love to see a picture of them in your area.  Hope you will post one. 

  3. I'm adding a bird feeder to my list of supplies for next spring. You got some really great pictures, thanks for sharing.

  4. Rhonda, I really enjoy your pictures and tips of the birds that visit your backyard. This woodpecker is a beauty! I started feeding birds last winter and I 'm going to try taking photos of them.

    • Thank you Terri.  I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures.  I have so much fun watching them & discovering new ones.  My goal is to attract Baltimore Orioles & Blue Birds.  No Luck so far. 

  5. We just saw one of these beauties yesterday. Yes! They love gutters our gutters. Scared the living daylight out of me one day sounded like gun fire. We feed them black sunflower seeds.