Attract Backyard Birds With Birdseed Pine Cones

feeding backyard birds

I started bird watching and feeding my backyard birds several years ago.  It is a hobby that I have come to love, and I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I started making birdseed pine cones, and the birds are loving them.  They literally pick the pine cones clean.  They’re easy and fun to make with kids, so I thought I would share the recipe if you can call it that.


feeding backyard birds

Pick a day to gather pine cones with the kids from yours or a neighbor’s backyard.  If neither of you have pine trees, locate an area where you can gather a few without trespassing.  They are essential to your project.  I use a medium or large pinecone.  The larger the pine cone the more seed it will hold.

You will also need the following items:

  • peanut butter (Purchase store brand)
  • twine or yarn (You can purchase twine from the Dollar General)
  • birdseed  (You can purchase seed from the Dollar General)
  • a paper plate
  • plastic knife
  • plastic spoon


feeding backyard birds

Next, tie a piece of the twine or yarn around the top of the pine cone leaving the ends long enough to hang it from a branch as shown.  Spread the peanut butter over the pine cone (be generous) with the knife. Place the pine cone on the paper plate and sprinkle the birdseed over the pine cone with the spoon.  Cover the birdseed pine cone thoroughly.  You can use the spoon to press the seeds into the nooks and crannies.  Be sure to do this around the entire pine cone.

This is a fun project for kids.  And they’ll love watching the birds eat the seeds on cold, snowy, rainy days.   Furthermore, if you need visuals, you can get the instructions here.  Have fun watching our feathered friends gobble up the birdseed pine cones.  I guarantee you they will devour every seed.  Place them in a location where you and the kids can watch them enjoy the feast.  Especially, on cold snowy days.  They need the protein to keep warm.

Tip:  Freeze the pine cones before placing them outside.  Place them in a gallon baggie, and place in the freezer until you’re ready to use.