Sunflowers and Finches In The Garden



I love sunflowers.  They make me happy, look at their beauty faces.  They dance in the garden and add brilliant color among the green.  This is a my second year, growing sunflowers.  The first year, I didn’t have one seed germinate.  I changed my method of growing them, and ba-bam!  I use bottle greenhouses to germinate the seeds now and than transfer them to the garden.  

My favorite is the Lemon Queen.  It’s smaller compared to the Mammoth, which is probably 8 – 9 feet tall now, and the Autumn Beauty.  In a few weeks, the centers will be filled with sunflower seeds and the American Gold Finch will have a new feeder.  

They love sunflower seeds and will eat every center of the sunflowers until they’re bare.  They’re so beautiful, I just let them eat until their heart is content.  There’s 2 males and a female in this picture.  The males turn the same dull color as the female in the fall/winter and color up in the spring and summer.  This feeding station is outside my bedroom window.  I could have saved my money with the tub feeder.  They prefer the $1.99 sock.  Lesson learned.  They will feed from the tube feeder if the sock is completely occupied with feathered friends, so I guess it isn’t truly wasted.  I do enjoy watching them feed upside on the tube feeder.    

Next year I hope to add additional varieties of sunflowers to the garden.  Do you grow sunflowers? What variety do you grow?  



  1. I am curious — what would they do if you put the dried sunflower head out for them? I have done this twice and a squirrel (which we have very few of) had a blast with it and the birds sat around gathering seeds around him and going through his leftovers! He is very messy.