20 Flowers To Use In A Wildflower Garden



First, summer is around the corner.  And if you’re like me you can’t wait to get outside and start working in the garden. I have found that there’s nothing prettier than a wildflower garden.  Not only are they beautiful, but they attract birds  and butterflies.  As a result, I love sunflowers in my garden.  They can be used in a wildflower garden, but there are so many flowers that can be used in addition.  Be sure to check out my other gardening tips too. So, here is a list of my favorites flowers for a wildflower garden:

  1. Coneflowers
  2. Red and Yellow Poppies
  3. Black Eyed Susan
  4. Zinnia
  5. Shasta Daisy
  6. Cosmos
  7. Coreopsis
  8. Autumn and Lemon Queen Sunflowers
  9. Turtle Heads
  10. Fireweed
  11. Blue Aster
  12. Cornflowers
  13. Texas Blue Bonnet
  14. Sweet William
  15. Wild Petunias
  16. Four O’Clocks
  17. Blanket Flowers
  18. Butterfly Weeds
  19. Wild Golden Glow
  20. Marsh Marigolds

Sowing or planting any or all of these flowers will result in a beautiful garden.  Furthermore, wildflowers look great even among grass and weeds.  However, I do recommend that you remove as much grass and weeds as you can from the area where you will be sowing your seed. This will give the seeds an opportunity to  sprout and grow a strong root system.

Also, before you purchase your seed or flowers know the difference between annuals, biennials, and perennials.  So, here’s a straight forward description of each:

  • Perennials  – Most of the wild flowers listed are annuals, Cosmos, Poppies, Cornflowers, and will return year after year.  They bloom abundantly and will drop lots of seeds before dying   More plants will grow the following year.
  • Annuals –  You will have to purchase annuals yearly. Marigolds, petunias, geraniums are popular annuals.
  • Biennials –   Biennials will sprout one season but not bloom until the next year. They self-seed, so more and more plants will sprout in the spring. Black-eyed Susan and Sweet Williams are examples of biennials.

Finally, regardless of whether you’re planning a cottage garden or just a small spot in your backyard, plant plenty of flowers.  Most importantly, there’s nothing better than being able to enjoy the fruits of you labor.  And bringing fresh cut flowers into the home.


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  1. Happy Spring! Hope your garden is beautiful again this year.