Wordless Wednesday

A Mountain View!

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  1. nice picture

  2. Just beautiful!  My mother was born in Kanawha County, WV.

  3. Beautiful WW!!!

  4. Wow, gorgeous!  I’d love to look out my window to that view!

  5. What a nice place to come home to.

  6. reminds me of the rockies.. although they look nothing like this.. I miss colorado!!

    Wilderness at the doorstep

  7. nice view….just spectacular!

  8. I love trekking in mountain trails.

  9. That is gorgeous.  Makes you feel at peace.

  10. Great shot…Happy WW.

  11. That is a warm and wonderful view.

  12. What a beautiful view. I love it. Happy WW

  13. And a lovely mountain view it is!  I see a cell tower too, so you’re good for coverage LOL

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  14. That’s a beautiful view

  15. it would be nice to have a house on top of those mountains huh?

  16. Gorgeous shot Rhonda! Looks like a lovely place! Happy WW 🙂

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  17. nice view

  18. BEautiful view of the mountains