Wordless Wednesday

Pimp My Ride!

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  1. How adorable!!

  2. Oh man, my kid’d love that.  He was a money for halloween with a monkey basket.  I wish I had him in there for a pic, it’d have been the trifecta.

  3. Awh. A ride. It’s been FOREVER since I’ve been a childrens ride. I grew up, so did the nieces, so did the cousins, and we don’t have kids yet. Thus, so more fun kid parks. Looks fun!

    Happy Wordless Wednesday.

  4. Looks like fun !

  5. What a hilarious ride. I would so ride on that.

    Happy WW!!!

  6. I’d love a chair like that at home!LOL

  7. now that kinda freaks me out…inside the monkey???

  8. Great picture!

  9. nice ride there 🙂 happy WW!

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  11. 🙂
    Nice shot, it brought me a smile.

  12. OMG…my niece would just die to ride on that monkey lol!

  13. Hehehe that is such a cute pic, and love the caption 🙂 Happy WW 🙂

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    Nuttin’ But

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  14. I don’t think my nephew would like to have a ride there! He’s such a scaredy-cat *lol*

  15. my son love to sit in there 😀

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  16. What a fun ride! Happy WW

  17. Hahahahaha! Love it.