Mia Bella Candle Give Away

Giggles & Sugar Kisses is giving away 12 Mia Bella Votive Candles. You could be a winner. Here’s how: Visit Giggles & Sugar Kisses and leave us a comment on your favorite item. Subscribe to our blog and you can enter twice. Subscribe to the Giggles & Sugar Kisses newsletter and you can enter three times.

Votive candles will be mailed directly from Thirty One. Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you. Contest expires mid-night October 15, 2008 and is open to all US Residents 18+. Winner will have 3 days to submit name and address information. Failure to contact us within 72 hours will result in a disqualification. Good Luck!

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  1. I like the Zebra Print Chenille Baby Blanket


  2. I like the Nursery Rhyme Diaper Cake !

  3. also a subscriber

  4. the Children’s Poodle tote bag is so cute!

  5. bear bath towels

  6. I have to go with the Winnie The Pooh gift basket too.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love the Winnie the Pooh gift set!

  8. I like the Winnie the Pooh gift basket best- too cute, and who doesn’t like the silly old bear.

  9. i love the Mother & Daughter Totes

  10. I love the Red Rose gift set.  It’s out of my price range but what a beauty!

  11. I love the Pirate Tooth Fairy Pillows. Its hard to find tooth fairy things designed for boys.

  12. The bear bath towels — wouldn’t those look so cute in the bathroom!


  13. Ilike the Sweet Miss Tooth Fairy Pillow.

  14. I love the tooth fairy pillows!

  15. i love the Gourmet Deluxe Gift Basket!!  high priced but very nice!  imjessica@mail.com

  16. The Winnie the Pooh gift basket looks useful and cute.

  17. My favorite item is the Coffee Lovers Delight Gift Basket.  Thanks!

  18. I love Pooh, so of course I love the Pooh basket!

  19. I love the Hot Pink Chenille Baby Blanket.

  20. I love the Lauren Pink Lady bag!

    sockmonkeygreetings @ comcast . net

  21. Love their Chenille Baby Blankets.

  22. Oh yum… I love that 10lb Gourmet Deluxe Gift Basket.

  23. love the bear bath towels

  24. I love the Ballerina Tote I have to Ballet bound granddaughters 3 and 4 I care for. Thank you for a great contest

  25. The Pooh gift basket is great.

  26. I’m a subscriber!
    proudyaya04 {at} yahoo {dot} com

  27. I like the Lauren Sweet Treat diaper bag.  Thanks for the chance to win your great giveaway!
    proudyaya04 {at} yahoo {dot} com

  28. My favorite is the Kitty tote by Bella Bambolina.
    Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com

  29. the toothfairy pillow is quite adorable!


  30. I love the chenille bib and burp cloth sets!

  31. Love the monkey bath towels,so cute. Count me in to win this wonderful contest

  32. I really liked the “Its Christmas” family gift!

    thank you

  33. I love the bear bath towels! Thanks!  senekers(at)comcast(dot)net

  34. the lauren sweet treats diaper bag is awesome, fabulous colors and whimsical design!


  35. I like the the bear bath towels.
    beausdorei at gmail dot com

  36. My favorite item is the Bubble Gum Layette. So cute!
    lisalmg (at) ktis (dot) net

  37. I like the Mother & Daughter Totes

  38. I subscribed to your feed.

  39. I like the Synergy diaper bag.

  40. i like the Coffee Lover’s Delight Gift Basket

  41. I like the mother daughter totes. They are so cute.

  42. The tooth fairy pillow is adorable!  Thanks for the great giveaway.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I love the Mermaid Tooth Fairy Pillow


  44. I am a subscriber.

  45. I like the Princess Tooth Fairy Pillow.

  46. Anne Marie Synergy Diaper Bag is my fav. Looks like something I”d love to carry even if I didn’t have a baby on my hip, too!

  47. Wow!  That’s a great site with a huge assortment of gifts. I’ve bookmarked it for future use.
    All of the tooth fairy pillows are great. I’m going to have to get the Mermaid Tooth Fairy Pillow for my best friend’s new baby.
    Thanks for introducing me to them and for the nice giveaway.

  48. Debbie Criss says:

    Loved the baseball and minnie diaper cakes. Expecting twin grandbabies in December, a girl and boy. Please enter me, thank you

  49. i like the kitty tote bag.

  50. My fave is the Snoopy Diaper Cake or the Mickey mouse one.

  51. I love the Cowgirl Tooth Fairy pillow!

    kelli at pfrog dot net

  52. My favorite items are the Holiday gifts.  Thanks.

  53. I love the Kitty tote…it’s so cute!


  54. The Pooh gift basket is sweet.

  55. I love the mother daughter totes..gorgeous
    3beez at bellsouth dot net

  56. I love the gorgeous diaper bags, especially the Lauren Pink Lady and the Anne Marie Cayla!

    junglewife (at) gmail (dot) com

  57. Ithink that the gift baskets look really nice. I especially love theDisney Princesses Gift Basket:)


  58. Strawberry Shortcake Diaper Cake is just beautiful.

  59. I subscribed

  60. Its a toss up between the Pooh gift basket and the Mother and Daughter totes, which would be perfect for my little girl and I.  Thanks for the contest.

  61. The tooth fairy pillow is really fun!


  62. i like the rosemary diaper bag and thet tooth fairy pillow..too cute! 🙂

  63. The Diaper Bag in ” Synergy” is so cute!

    vanessamcoppola at gmail dot com

  64. My favorite item is the Red Rose Gift Set. It’s too cute!

    agsweeps [@] hotmail [.] com


  65. The Family Gift baskets are really cool! Great idea for the upcoming holidays.


  66. I subscribed to the Giggles & Kisses newsletter.

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)

  67. I’m a subscriber!

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)

  68. The Winnie the Pooh Gift Basket is awesome!!! I LOVE It!!!  Great giveaway!!

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)

  69. I love the chenille baby bib in chocolate with the blue reverse.  It’s lovely!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  70. wow every thing is so cute and well i realy dont have a fav but one of the things i do like are the dipper cakes and i think the raggy ann one is so verry sweet. and well it must take hr’s if not days to make one of them up boy are thay so ever nice

  71. I love the Rosemarie diaper bag.  The sunbonnet hat,so many things here, the ballerina toddler bag.

  72. I love the monkey bath towel !


  73. nursery rhyme diaper cake

  74. I love the gourmet gift baskets, it looks like a lot of great stuff. Fun site!

  75. i sub scribed

  76. the baby gift set in red rose is so pretty i love it

  77. The tooth fairy pillows are an awesome idea! how cute! 

  78. I love the Mother & daughter totes…very cute!


  79. Flower Power tote


  80. like the Pooh gift basket

  81. Love the nursery rhyme diaper cake 🙂

  82. I am a subscriber!

  83. I love the bear bath towels! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  84. I would pick the bear bath towels. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  85. My favorite is the Winnie the Pooh gift basket! Thanks for the chance to win!

  86. I like the Angel tooth fairy pillow.

  87. I like the Anne Marie Diaper Bag in Ebony – thanks for the chance

  88. The Imelda and Reaganne mother and daughter totes are pretty.  Thanks!

  89. I love the Our Ballerina tote

  90. I like the Jamie Rae Hats

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  91. I like the Ann Marie Ebony diaper bag!

  92. Thank you for having this! I really like these and also love the Green Bow Tooth Fairy Pillows. Very cute. thank you!

  93. I love the Lil Cowboy Tooth Fairy Pillows.

  94. The toothfairy pillow is just adorable!  So many nice things to choose from!

  95. Alot of nice things to choose from. My favorite is the Cream Rose Gift Set


  96. I love the Mother-Daughter totes. How cute is that!

  97. Family Gifts is my pick

  98. Mickey Mouse gift basket is SO cute, I love mickey!!

  99. I love the lion bath towel

  100. I just love the diaper bags!  They are so trendy, not like the days of old.  Great selection!

  101. Basket of Joy

  102. My favorite thing is the Retro Blossoms Mother and Daughter totes – they would be so much fun for the 2 of us to have!

  103. I subscribe to your feed!
    proudyaya04 {at] yahoo {dot} com

  104. I like the Sweet Treats diaper bag.  Thanks for the chance to win your great giveaway!
    proudyaya04 {at} yahoo {dot} com

  105. i just love their bathtowels ! The Walrus Bear Bath Towel is my favorite 🙂 too cute !


  106. My favorite item is the Flower Power children’s tote.

  107. I left you bloggy love on my page 🙂

  108. my favorite – Walrus Bear Bath Towel – so cute!  thanks for the giveaway!  yyeres at gmail dot com

  109. I am a subscriber!~ Cindi

  110. Hello, I think the “Cream Rose Gift Set” is lovely. It would make a wonderful keepsake outfit,also. Thanks, Cindi

  111. bear bath towels

  112. The chenille bibs and burp cloths are great.


  113. I’m subscribed

  114. I really love the Mickey Mouse Gift Basket. That is really nice. Thank you!

  115. I like the Disney Princesses Gift Basket!!

  116. The nursery rhyme diaper cake is wonderful, I would feel overjoyed by a present like that.

  117. newsletter subscriber

  118. blog subscriber

  119. Pat Connors says:

    Thanks for the contest.


  120. mermaid tooth fairy pillow

  121. I like the Care Bear Boy gift basket the best.  Thanks for the contest.  Charlotte

  122. the tooth fairy pillow is soooooooooo precious!

  123. I’ve also subscribed.  Thanks!

  124. I love the Children’s Poodle tote bag.  How cute!  Thanks for the great contest!

  125. I like the Blue Chenille Baby Blanket – so soft and cuddly for a precious little one!
    frog123 (at) cyipcom (dot) net

  126. I like your gift basket

  127. I am also a subscriber to your newsletter.  Thanks!


  128. I really love the matching Mother and Daughter Totes.  They are so cute!  Thanks for such a great giveaway!


  129. I’m already a subscriber!

  130. I love the baby bath robes, especially the one with the little whale on it. Baby robes are soooo cute!

  131. Pooh Bear gift basket 🙂

  132. I like the tooth fairy pillows.

  133. I am a subscriber.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  134. My favorite is the Sweet Miss Tooth Fairy Pillow.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  135. I adore the Princess Tooth fairy!

  136. Love the Ballerina Tote!

  137. I like the bear bath towels, thanks

  138. subscribed. THANKS

  139. the Bear Bath Towels for sure.,..love them THANKS

  140. I really like the It’s Christmas Holiday Christmas Cake Gift Basket!

  141. I like the princess tooth fairy pillow.

  142. love, love, LOVE the baby hats, especially the Jamie Rae Hats in red polka dots. If i have a girl, i definitely will be getting some!

  143. i COULD USE the Mermaid Tooth Fairy Pillow

  144. we are subscribers!

  145. love the nursery rhyme diaper cake!

  146. My favorite is the Mickey Mouse gift basket

  147. I like the Rosemary Celery Swirls Diaper Bag.


  148. love the pooh gift basket

  149. The Baptism Baby Bracelet is so sweet

  150. I am a subscriber to the newsletter!


  151. I am a subscriber to your blog!


  152. Princess Pearl baby rings are my favorite, too bad my little one is too old for them now 🙁


  153. I am subscribed to your blog by email.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  154. I like the Princess Tooth Fairy Pillow.

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  155. I’d love the mermaid tooth fairy pillow of my little mermaid!

  156. I like the cute Fairy Princess Childrens Tote! I like how it looks like a skirt!

  157. You have a nice blog, it is pretty and friendly looking…I will browse at your posts…I like the one about the party invitation below.  cheers.

  158. I really liked the Care Bears Gift Basket, We got our grandaughters started on Care Bears and they love them.


  159. The bear bath towels are cute

  160. Anne Marie in Ebony Diaper Bag

  161. Ballerina tote is nice!

  162. The princess tooth fairy pillow is really cute.  Thanks so much!

  163. Love the Pooh gift basket.

    rebbi511 at peoplepc.com

  164. I like the ice cream romper and the Winnie the Pooh Gift Basket. CoCo540@yahoo.com

  165. Linda White says:

    tooth fairy pillow


  166. I love the Flower Fairy Tooth Fairy Pillow!  Thank you for having the giveaway!

  167. The nursery rhyme diaper cake is the best I’ve ever seen! 🙂

    Thank you! 🙂

  168. The tooth fairy pillow is very cute,,,

  169. I love the Mermaid Tooth Fairy Pillow 😉


  170. Thank you so much for this giveaway.  I love the Anne Marie in Ebony Diaper Bag.  Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  171. My favorite is the Mickey Mouse gift basket.


  172. I love the Winnie the Pooh gift basket.  It is too cute.

  173. Shonna Anthony says:

    I like the Bear Bath Towels and the Angel tooth fairy pillow!


  174. I absolutely ADORE the Winnie The Pooh Gift Basket!!  What a great gift this would make for a new Mom who loved Pooh Bear as much as I do!!

    Thank you for a great giveaway!!

  175. subscribed

  176. bear bath towels

  177. The Angel tooth fairy pillow!


  178. The bear bath towels.

  179. Nursery Rhyme Diaper Cake this is so cute and universal.


  180. i like the nursery rhyme diaper cake is cute

  181. I like the Nursery Rhyme Diaper Cake !  cdziuba@aol.com