Wordless Wednesday – Dinner Ready

No matter how old they get, they never really grow up. I feed the baby breakfast and lunch changed him, and held him all while they sleep until noon.  Now they want to know if dinner is ready?  Really! 

Wordless Wednesday – Sunset

                                                                    Sunset in the Virgin Islands

Wordless Wednesday – Strut Your Stuff

This picture was taken at Hunt Club Farm in Virginia Beach, VA during one of our trips to their petting zoo with my grandchildren. 

Wordless Wednesday

                           Do you see yellow? Yes, New York city is full of yellow cabs.  

Wordless Wednesday

                                           Belle, every girl should wrap their hair in satin.

Wordless Wednesday: Cluck Cluck Cluck

                                  Xavier caught a chicken.  So glad he didn’t want to take it home!

Wordless Wednesday: Virginia Beach Hunt Club

                                       My Big Boy On Willow

Each year I take my grandson pony riding.  This is our 5th year.  The ponies have gotten bigger through out the years.  The first year he was on a minature pony.  Amazing how fast they grow up. 

Wordless Wednesday: Channel Purse

My daughter’s Birthday Cake

Wordless Wednesday: Pony Rides

Xavier enjoying a fall pony ride at the pumpkin patch.

Wordless Wednesday: Virginia Beach Sunset

Virginia Beach Sunset