Wordless Wednesday

Potato chips, dip & crabs legs.



  1. YUMMY! lol
    Happy late WW!

  2. He is so intent on his food! I can see why-crab!  Yum.  He's a cutie!

  3. Stacey – He loves to eat.  We expose him to as many things as we can.  We want him to be well rounded.  He even tried to use the cracker and pick.  It was halarious.

  4. Crab legs…yum.  I don't know about with potato chips and dip though.  lol.

  5. My kids would be too creeped out to eat the crab legs – good for him! 🙂 (he must recognize the finer things in life)

  6. That's a man sized meal!

  7. Trisha – You're welcome to eat at my house anytime.  We love crab legs & shrimp here.

  8. MMMM! Sounds Yummy!

  9. ha ha. that reminds me of my mom always breaking into her crab. looks like he is enjoying himself

  10. Oh you're making me hungry! I love me some good crab legs! Looks like he had one great meal!

  11. LOL YUMMY!

  12. Mmm, looks good!  Can I come eat at your place?  🙂

  13. He is serious about those crab legs!

  14. Yummy!!!!!
    He sure is enjoying it!
    Have a Lovely♥WW!!!!

  15. Crab my daughter favorite meal. Happy WW

  16. I am sure that kept him busy for a long time lol.  Cute!

  17. That's great! My kids wouldn't even touch a crab leg.

  18. When Alec was little he wouldn't eat veggies but he'd eat just about anything that came out of the water. Crab legs are still his favorite. Your little man looks very determined!

  19. That crab doesn't stand a chance.

  20. Now that is a meal!  YUM!

  21. I love crab, but it sure is a pain to eat. haha

  22. Oh man, that just gave me the willies. Crab legs freak me out every time.

  23. A meal fit for a king.  He's so focused on those crab legs – must have been delicious!

  24. OMgosh!  My 4yo LOVES crab legs, too!  I had pictures of him chowing down on a WW post not long ago, too.  Kids are too much!

  25. Those are some huge crab legs!  Looks like you've got a good little eater!

  26. Yum!!! I haven't had crab in forever and it looks so good!

  27. Yum! That crab is as big as him!

  28. Those crab legs look delish!  My children wouldn't know what in the heck to do with them, LOL!  Looks like he is a pro!