Wordless Wednesday: Virginia Beach Mural

                                                                      Mural on a building in Virginia Beach, VA 



  1. That's such a cool mural! Love it!!

  2. Oh Wow! It looks awesome. I also thought it was a puzzle at first glance. Neat!

  3. It's beautiful!  I've always admired people who are that artistic!

  4. Some people are so talented!  That is awesome! 🙂

  5. Nice!  Down in Dallas they have murals everywhere, a lot from the music industry.  It's pretty cool!

  6. That is too cool!

  7. That's a neat mural! Someone has some talent.

  8. Wow – Wish we had those kind of murals around here!!!

  9. That is an awesome piece of art. I always worry as much for the K9 dogs as I do the human officers.

  10. That's stunning! I love the detail and I bet it looks amazing in person!

  11. It looks almost like a puzzle at first glance.  That is SO cool.

  12. Great & sad.

  13. Wow – that is amazing!

  14. @Rob – My daughter lives there.  I love it.

  15. @Shopping Mama – It was huge, and stunning.  Love Virginia Beach, they have the murals on numerous buildings.  Got some great shots.

  16. That's neat and very detailed too.

  17. Thats awesome! I'm sure the pic does it no justice!

  18. So cool!  We've been wanting to go to Virginia Beach forever!

  19. That's very cool! How big is it? It looks huge.

  20. Whoa that is a sweet German Shepherd!! I definitely would have stopped to take a pic of that gorgeous mural too!

  21. that breaks my heart. My cousin is a K9 cop – I always worry for not only the cop, but the dog too.

  22. What a neat mural.

  23. Get out!  I love that!  WOW!

  24. Melinda and I got married in Virginia Beach and vacationed there for a few years and have seen this murual. It is really cool.

    Happy WW!