Wordless Wednesday

On Top Of The Rocky Mountains



  1. Nice!  Were you in an airplane?


  2. Just Beautiful!

  3. Over Thirty Mom – I can understand why he misses the Rocky Mountains.  They are so beautiful.  It was a wonderful experience.

  4. Rob – Yes, I took the picture.  It was an amazing experience.  Simply breathtaking.  This shot was taken while the fog was lifting. 

    I hope that I'm able to experience it again.

  5. What a cool shot.

  6. Oh, GORGEOUS!!

  7. Wow that's an amazing picture and an absolutely beautiful place… 🙂

  8. Beautiful pic! Happy WW to ya!

  9. beautiful shot, my husband is from that region and misses the mountains.

  10. A Beautiful shot!  Luckily I get the shot from the ground! Happy Wednesday!

  11. Beautiful! I have never been there but would love to go one day.

  12. That's a wonderful shot… The mountains look like they're topped with caramel.

  13. Great photo! I love mountains.

  14. Awesome view!

  15. Absolutely Beautiful!

  16. Simply breathtaking!
    Happy WW!

  17. WOW, that is a great shot. Did you take that yourself?

    Happy WW!

  18. That's beautiful.  Happy WW!

  19. Beautiful! I miss the mountains (no Mountains in MI). Happy WW!


  20. beutiful shot!

  21. That is an amazing shot!

  22. WOW! That is so beautiful. I bet it is breathtaking getting to see it in person.

  23. Beautiful!

  24. How absolutely beautiful!

  25. Wow!  That's amazing!  Happy WW!

  26. Beautiful picture!  Happy WW!

  27. How beautiful! Such an amazing sight!

  28. WOnderful shot.  I would love to be up there.  Happy WW!

  29. Simply beautiful and breathtaking!

  30. Oh wow!  That is an amazing shot!  Just beautiful…

  31. Wow that is a beautiful pic. I have always wanted to go there. Maybe some day.  Happy WW!