This Red Dress Was Designed for Skinny Bitches

Check out the new dress that Delta Airline flight attendants will be wearing.  Nice!  My significant other is a pilot, I’m glad he doesn’t work for Delta Airlines, lol.  The dress is attractive and it will definitely catch the attention of everyone in the airport, but some of the flight attendants have filed a grievance.  Not because it’s sexy or it’s red, because the dress only goes up to a size 18.  What about the plus size attendants?  Why is this beautiful uniform made for the skinny bitches only and the larger women are being told to wear pieces including slacks, tops and blue dresses that are currently made in larger sizes.  Big woman want to look sexy too. 
The dress is not your typical flight uniform, it carries a designer label.  The designer decided to not make the uniform in a size larger than 18.  Delta and Northwest airlines have merged.  Delta was basically non-union; however, Northwest was heavily unionized.  As a result, the flight attendants decided to file a grievance.  I had several questions when I read the article:
  • Why would an airline purchase a uniform that could not be worn by all of their attendants?
  • Because the dress size stopped at a size 18, didn’t they know that they could possibly face a discrimination suit? 
  • Discrimination causes a hostile work environment.  I certainly do not want to be on a flight where a hostile work environment has been created because one attendant is wearing the sexy red uniform and stilettos and another is wearing the mundane blue uniform. 
Do you think the dress should be made to fit all attendants?  Normally, the flight attendants uniforms go up to a size 28.  Not making the uniform in a size larger than 18 leaves quite a few women out of the new uniform. 
Let us know your thoughts and if you think Delta is discriminating against plus size women.



  1. wasn't it Delta Airlines in the hotseat on Dr Phil because the kicked a female passenger off the flight for not dressing correctly?Maybe they're thinking a plus sixze lady will have breasts and look too sexy?I've always had this problem at work myself.I can wear the same outfit as an ultra skinny chick and I get told the top is perhaps too revealing??and she gets away with it coz she is built like a boy?

  2. Although I believe all employees should be given the same opportunity (and forgive me if I sound a little ignorant here), but I didn't even know that someone larger than a size 18 could be a flight attendant. How is that possible given the space restraints? I've never seen a really large attendant and given the hoopla about larger passengers having to buy two seats… well, it just seems along the same course. IDK>

  3. I believe an employer must give all employees the same opportunities regardless of their physical characteristics, if they are providing company uniforms. 

    The plus size women were not given a choice, they were simply not considered by the designer and Delta.  They are promoting smaller women versus larger women, even though it's through dress.

  4. While, I think its unprofessional to buy a designer label dress for flight attendants that not all the attendants can wear, I don't know if its discrimination.  Are the larger women getting bullied because they don't fit into the designer label? Are their hours getting cut or are they getting worse schedules because they don't wear the new uniform?

    If they aren't I don't think its discrimination.  Though, as a larger woman myself I would find it insulting that my employer had uniforms that I could not fit into. Its not like there are any weight requirements to be a flight attendant with any airline.

  5. Wow… cant believe they didnt think of that! terrible. If there are larger attendants they should make sure the uniforms fit them all! Wrong wrong wrong!