In Memory of Caylee Anthony

I’m sure everyone has heard Caylee Marie Anthony has been declared dead. I’ve been following this story on CNN for the past few months and I must say that it has truly touched me. I can’t imagine how Caylee’s grandparents are feeling at this time. Making it through this tragedy will be an enormous task. The fact that their daughter, Caylee’s mom, is being held for her murder is a double blow.

I look at this little girl, and I have asked over and over how anyone could harm such a precious child. Any child for that matter. When I see pictures of this beautiful little girl my heart breaks. I squeeze Xavier, my grandson, so much more these days.

I know that in this country people are presumed innocent until proven guilty, but if Casey Anthony did murder this beautiful little girl, her own daughter, I wonder what would make her loose all sense of right or wrong. Motherhood is so sacred. I’ve thought about my own daughter and my grandson. I wonder what I would do or how I would feel if I received a phone call and someone told me that my daughter was being held for killing her son. I just can’t get that far in my thinking. I could never fathom that someone I gave birth to could take her own child’s life.

My thoughts and prayers are with this family this holiday season. I’m so looking forward to seeing my grandson Christmas morning. I feel so bad that they will never see Caylee Marie again. From one grandparent to another, I pray that they be given the strength, insight and endurance they will need to move forward. Would love to hear your thoughts on this child murder.



  1. Anonymous says:

    I ,too,have been following this story thru Nancy Grace and there are more people involved than was originally thought.the whole family is asking for immunity;there is defintely more going on in this family .Something is very wrong with this picture.i have 8 granchildren and i sutter to think that anyone could harm one of them.Caylee was a beautiful little girl with her whole life ahead of its all gone .R.I.P. CAYLEE.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I cant believe that a mother could kill their own child. There is something very weird about everyone in the Anthony family. Caylee was a beautiful angel. She seemed so happy. But in reality, her own mother neglecting her. Caylee was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think about Caylee all the time. Gods with her now. She is safe from harm. It’s so sad because she only had a taste of life. I believe she has touched the hearts of millions of people. I pray that Casey Anthony will get what she deserves for this. Caylee will always have a speical place in my heart. Rest in peace with our lord and savior!

  3. if you ask me it was sick what this woman did to here kids 100% worng

  4. Thankyou so much for posting about this story.  I have been following it for months and I am just shocked at the outcome.  My heart breaks with this family.  I can’t imagine losing a child (and I have 3).  I also pray for strength for the family to get through all that they will have to go through with the publicity and trial, etc, over these next few months.  God bless, DAWN

    ~Painter Mommy

  5. It is always painful to loss a love one. I hope that the family will stay strong and may God provide them strength to move on.

  6. It is so hard to believe someone could do this, and to have a mother do it is even worse to grasp. As a grandparent, I am with you. I am just not sure how I would handle it, or if I could at all and still stay sane.

  7. This case has been one heartbreak after another. I am so sad for everything that has happened.

  8. There is just too much tragedy that comes with everyone’s life in general. It’s a given. We lose loved ones. (sometimes way too early) We see our loved ones hurt or suffering.
    I am a mother and a Grandmother. I lost a my little boy at a very young age due to SIDS. It is a loss that you carry your entire lifetime. An unanswered question remains with me: Why?

    When the murderer of this little angel, Caylee, is found guilty, the punishment should be most sever.And she/he should have to answer the question truthfully. WHY?

  9. As well, I have been following this story, praying each and every night that this precious child would be found safe and unharmed. My heart broke when I heard the tragic news about the remains being found, and declared to be Caylee. It has all made me realize what a precious gift it is to be able to hug our children. My prayers are being upheld along side yours in that the family be given the strength, insight and endurance they will need to move forward. I can not fathom what these poor Grandparents are enduring right now – it is a double blow.