5 Ways To Reuse Gift Bags

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Did you know that you can reuse gift bags from birthday, Christmas, baby showers and any other occasion. I replaced my wrapping paper with gift bags years ago. Check out my 8 Reasons to Use Gift Bags post. They’re easy to use, colorful, and come in a variety of sizes. I purchase mine from the Dollar Store, so we can throw in expensive too. 

I have saved tons of gift bags for reuse.  Here’s 5 ways that you can reuse your gift bags too:

1.  Reuse the bag for another gift giving occasion. 

2.  Donate to churches or other organizations that give gifts for Christmas or other occasions. 

3.  Use as a decorative piece for canning jars. The jars can be filled with Christmas candy, party mix etc. Just cut out a piece of the bag in the shape of the center of the top and glue down. Adds a nice decorative touch to the jar.  

4.  Use as gift tags. 

5.  Use to decorate scrapbook pages.

Try a few of our tips or come up with your own uses.  Ask family and friends to start saving gift bags for you. Having a few gift bags around for emergency gifting or when you’ve running short on time can be a life saver too.

8 Reasons to Use Gift Bags


Do you use gift bags or wrapping paper when you give gifts?  I used to love wrapping gifts, and I was pretty good at it.  I spotted a gift bag while shopping for wrapping paper one day, and decided to give one a try.  I have never looked back and from the looks of this gift table others think the same way.

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