8 Reasons to Use Gift Bags


Do you use gift bags or wrapping paper when you give gifts?  I used to love wrapping gifts, and I was pretty good at it.  I spotted a gift bag while shopping for wrapping paper one day, and decided to give one a try.  I have never looked back and from the looks of this gift table others think the same way.

When I first started buying gift bags, I wondered if the thrill of opening a gift would be diminished. Not!  I have not seen one person, from child to adult, who wished they were unwrapping a gift wrapped in paper versus pulling a gift out of a bag.  The anticipation of opening the gift is there regardless of a wrapped box or gift bag.  

Here’s 8 reasons to switch from rolls of gift wrap to gift bags:

  1. You save time from having to wrap the gift.  – With my schedule, I look at all avenues to save time. 
  2. They’re cheaper than rolls of gift wrap.    
  3. There’s so many colorful, bold and cute patterns available. 
  4. You can purchase the bag according to the size of the gift.  
  5. They’re reusable. 
  6. Handles make gift bags easier to carry versus a wrapped box.  
  7. You can contrast the gift bag with colorful tissue paper.
  8. You can save money on scotch tape and bows.