How to Clean a Cement Birdbath

how to clean a cement birdbath


I love auctions, especially auctions where I’m able to get items that I’m bidding on at bargain prices.  I grabbed this cement birdbath for $10.00.  Nobody else saw the beauty in it or the potential for a repurpose.  To put the icing on the cake, the auctioneer threw the birdhouse in for free. These birdbaths new can cost $150 – $200.  It has a few hairline fractures, but the base and the top were in pretty good shape overall.  It had sat in a knockout rose garden for many years.  The owners were moving to Florida, and were limiting their haul to their new home.  So I decided to give it a new home.

My first step was to clean it up.  I hadn’t decided if I would try to fix the fractures or repurpose it.  The birdhouse needed the roof repaired, and a paint job, but overall it was in a good shape too.  Check out the steps below on how to clean a cement birdbath.  I’ll show you the birdhouse makeover in another post.


cleaning cement birdbath


As you can see, the birdbath hadn’t been cleaned in some time, and really needed a little TLC. So, I filled it with water and added a good dose of Clorax Bleach.  Next, I covered it with a 33 gallon garbage bag and just let it sit for a few hours.


how to clean a cement birdbath


how to clean a cement birdhouse


After a few hours, I removed the garbage bag to inspect the status of the basin.  The bleach solution was working as expected.  It was eating away years of grime and filth.  Fortunately, the base was pretty clean and in excellent shape.


how to clean a cement birdbath


I had to remove the remaining dirt by hand.  So, I found a piece of steel wool that I had stashed under the sink, put on a pair of Nitrile gloves and started scrubbing the basin.  After 5 – 10 minutes of scrubbing and several good rinses, the basin looked squeaky clean and ready for a fix or new purpose.


how to clean a cement birdbath


Try our tips on how to clean a cement birdbath if you own one.  Also, check out my other attracting backyard birds tips before you leave.   And be sure to check back so you can see if I decided to fix the basin and continue to use it as a birdhouse or if I repurposed this beauty.  Next, the birdhouse makeover.

5 Ways To Reuse Gift Bags

recycle, repurpose, gift bags

Did you know that you can reuse gift bags from birthday, Christmas, baby showers and any other occasion. I replaced my wrapping paper with gift bags years ago. Check out my 8 Reasons to Use Gift Bags post. They’re easy to use, colorful, and come in a variety of sizes. I purchase mine from the Dollar Store, so we can throw in expensive too. 

I have saved tons of gift bags for reuse.  Here’s 5 ways that you can reuse your gift bags too:

1.  Reuse the bag for another gift giving occasion. 

2.  Donate to churches or other organizations that give gifts for Christmas or other occasions. 

3.  Use as a decorative piece for canning jars. The jars can be filled with Christmas candy, party mix etc. Just cut out a piece of the bag in the shape of the center of the top and glue down. Adds a nice decorative touch to the jar.  

4.  Use as gift tags. 

5.  Use to decorate scrapbook pages.

Try a few of our tips or come up with your own uses.  Ask family and friends to start saving gift bags for you. Having a few gift bags around for emergency gifting or when you’ve running short on time can be a life saver too.