Turn Your Garden Into An Outdoor Living Space


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Is your house a little cramped? You’re not alone. When it comes to living space, we never seem to have enough.  With a little ingenuity your space dilemma can quickly change.   The solution is right under your nose. Transform your outdoor living space with our gardening tips.  Also, take a look at these surprising ways your can transform your garden:

Create A Beautiful Canopy

One straightforward and quick way to transform your garden into a living space is to build a wooden canopy.  A canopy provides plenty of shade.  It allows you to enjoy your space when temperatures soar.

Get Fired Up

In the evening temperatures can drop rapidly.  Having a fire pit in an outdoor communal areas is a great idea. With a fire pit, everyone can gather around in the evening. It’s a great way for family to enjoy marsh mellow and hot dog roasts.  Also, fire pits come in all shapes and sizes. Campbell Hill has a massive, but attractive stone fire pit that’s designed to churn out the heat. Building an extra large fire pit is a great idea if you plan on using your outdoor space for parties and gatherings.

Outdoor Eating

Outdoor kitchens are ideal for those who love to cook in the open air. They’re a step up from your average BBQ too. The best outdoor kitchens marry outdoor living with indoor comforts.

To make your kitchen fit in with the rest of your garden, you could upcycle or use salvaged materials from your garden. For example, some designers have married upcycled garden chairs with modern outdoor kitchen units.  Others have experimented with beautiful, yet varied, stone tiles and slab pavers.

What could be a better venue to cook your homegrown food?


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One thing you can do to create an amazing atmosphere outdoors is to use texture.  Textured concrete walls are in vogue.  These walls add a depth and mood to your outdoor living spaces. Use wall lighting to highlight all the recessed crevices in the wall and create shadows.

Make Seating Sociable

If you want to make the outdoors an attractive place to live, the right seating is a must. Don’t go for generic outdoor seating. Choose something that’s comfortable and invites family as well as guests to sit down and mingle.  Corner seating is a great option.  It gets people gathered around and talking. There are plenty of outdoor seating options from which to choose.  Decide the purpose for your area.  Is for reading, mingling or dancing.  You decide.

Light Up Your Paving

Lighting is important in outdoor living spaces. Install garden lamps alongside paths.  Rope lighting can enhance the edges of your travel routes.  It provides ambiance, and helps everyone see where they’re going at night. Also, if you have a deck or paving, experiment with lighting around the edges. A well-lit paving area can generate a beautiful effect.

Make Canopied Areas Comfy

You want to make your outdoor space as comfortable as possible. In canopied areas, consider using knitted throws and cushions to increase the coziness. Curtains will help make the space feel more inviting.

Are you thinking of transforming your garden?  Which of our tips would you consider implementing?


Ticoze Patio Lights G40 Globe Patio/Party Light Review #patiolights

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I’ve been looking for outdoor lighting for some time.  I was given an opportunity to review the Escolite Patio Lights G40 Globe Party for an honest review, I accepted the opportunity.  I’m like a kid at Christmas when I’m expecting a box.  It finally box arrived, and I couldn’t wait to tear it apart.  I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the globes on the lights.  It could just the lighting, but the lights give a soft white glow versus the yellow shown in the picture above.  The picture below is taken in my breakfast area. The lights are still in the box, but it gives an excellent display against the black background. I think this gives a true picture of how they will look outdoors at night.

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I couldn’t wait to hang the lights on my deck railing so I could get an idea of what they would look like when I was entertaining.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough clips that I had planned to use to hold the lights onto the railing.  However, we were able to stretch the strand along the railing.  Each strand of light is about 25 feet long.  The strand wasn’t long enough to hang along the entire length and width of my deck, so I will have to purchase another set.

The lights do offer a different look and feel from the lights that are normally used during the Christmas holidays.  The bulbs are 5 watts each.  There’s a total of 25 lights per strand, so you will have a total of 125-watts.   You can connect up to 3 strands of lights.  They don’t generate much heat, but they do change the mood of the area. They create an ambiance that brings you into the environment and you want to stay.  I can see myself sipping a glass of wine with friends on the deck while enjoying the glow of the lights.

I would also use the lights for Christmas parties, around trees, for wedding, on the mantel and more. They will change the mood in any room or outdoor space, and you will want to enjoy the glow for hours. I highly recommend these lights.  I will be purchasing two more strands for an upcoming party.  Head over and check out these Ticoze patio/party lights, and be sure to pick up a strand or two.