Wordless Wednesday – Strut Your Stuff

This picture was taken at Hunt Club Farm in Virginia Beach, VA during one of our trips to their petting zoo with my grandchildren. 



  1. Beautiful picture! They are such gorgeous creatures — if they just weren't mean!

  2. Such a pretty animal!

  3. Yes Peacocks are interesting birds, I love their colors and watching them strut around.  We had a great day.

  4. Peacocks are so cool to look at. POSH

  5. This is a nice picture, a nice vibrant blue color.  It's nice to take the kids to the zoo, hope you had a great time.  Thank you for sharing this photo.

    • I love peacocks. I agree, the colors are so vibrant. I was hoping to get a shot with the feathers spread, but it didn't happen that day. We did have a great time.