Wordless Wednesday

Fall Has Arrived
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  1. Love the colors of Fall!

  2. Pretty!  That is what my town is starting to look like more and more each day!  I love it!

  3. Amazing that something so simple can bring us such joy, huh? I love changing leaves.

  4. it sure has! Beautiful, we don’t see many trees like that here in So Cal

  5. Beautiful photo!  I love when fall finally arrives!

  6. A beautiful tree and a great capture of the colors!

  7. Happy WW!

  8. That is gorgeous!  I love the changing colors!

  9. we dont get fall here…till feb. HA!


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  10. WOW! Huge tree and beautiful. I love fall!

  11. what wonderful color

  12. Wow!!  That’s just gorgeous!

  13. Beautiful!! I miss the fall colors down here ;).

  14. What a beautiful tree! I just love fall.  Happy WW!

  15. lovely fall colors!

    Here’s my entry. Thanks!

  16. Happy WW!! I love the fall!

  17. Oh I just love it! Our trees aren’t nearly as pretty this year.

  18. Sigh.  Just beautiful.

  19. beautiful!

  20. Awesome colors between the BLUE in the sky and the lovely shades of yellow and red in the tree.
    Happy WW!

  21. Beautiful tree and looks like a perfect day too – what a sky 🙂

  22. Wow! How beautifu! Ilove the colours of Fall. No luck to see this in tropical Singapore.

  23. Awwwwww yes, the colors of Fall. Love it. Happy WW.

  24. Pretty Tree! Fall is almost over here so it’s nice to see it’s still somewhere.

  25. Beautiful!  Ours are all bare now so I really enjoyed your burst of color!

  26. Oh I LOVE fall…I am in the south so it hasn’t quite visibly arrived yet but we are on our way! 🙂

    Only cutting grass every other week now! Teehee!

    Happy WW!


  27. Good to know that fall is here but at my place, it is summer all year round. Happy WW! 🙂

  28. It sure has! That’s a beautiful tree!

  29. Gorgeous.

    Mine is the creepy creature of the crypt this week!!  Come by…but, beware!

  30. Now that is a marvellous sight! Happy WW

  31. Wonderful autumn tree! Very nice image.

  32. What a gorgeous tree!  I just love the colours of fall…

  33. Beautiful colours! I love this time of year 🙂 Happy WW 🙂

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  34. Fall is absolutely my favorite.  The trees are just breathtaking.  Gorgeous shot.

  35. love the color of fall. Nice shot.Happy WW! mine is up here.

  36. Spectacular tree!