Wordless Wednesday: Blue Ridge Mountains

                                               The Blue Ridge Mountain and Shenandoah River

Wordless Wednesday: Virginia Beach Mural

                                                                      Mural on a building in Virginia Beach, VA 

Wordless Wednesday: Virginia Beach Fireworks

                                                          Fire Works On The Beach

Wordless Wednesday: Hat Creativity

                                                                 Do You Like My Hat?

Wordless Wednesday: Parking Lots

    Look, Daddy’s a Parking Lot!

Wordless Wednesday

Chocolate, you’re the bestest Mama!

My Little Spider Man

Ready To Trick or Treat

Worn Out Spider Man
Xavier choose a Spider Man costume for Halloween. My daughter initially choose an adorable little lion outfit, but he would have none of it. He claimed he was scared of the outfit, lol. In the top picture he was preparing to go out for a few treats. He was so excited. He remembered to say Trick or Treat and Thank You.
I may be a little biased, but isn’t he the cutest Spider Man that you’ve ever seen.

Wordless Wednesday

This pumpkin was carved at a local wine festival.

Wordless Wednesday

I can do it myself Mama!

Wordless Wednesday

Martin Luther King Jr.’s childhood home

My sister and I taking a rest on MLK’s door steps.