My Favorite Christmas Decorating Items

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Today I’m sharing my favorite items that I use in my Christmas decorating displays.  I love, love, love nutcrackers. I started collecting them years ago, and I use them in every nook and cranky that I can find. I did scale back this year, but many found their way out of storage.  
These little fellows found a place on my dining room table. I’m not hosting a formal dinner this Christmas, I’ll be serving a buffet style gathering after Christmas, so I decided to do a simple center display using the nutcrackers, over sized ornaments, and a simple table runner.    



I added additional nutcrackers on my coffee and end tables.  As you can see I also love adding ornaments to my displays. The vintage glass bowl is a gift from one of my aunts who passed away this April.  I put a together a cook-book in her honor that I will be giving as a Christmas gift to her siblings.  Stay tuned for that post.  
Christmas Table Settings
I did bring out a set of my informal Christmas dishes that I use in my breakfast room. I like for my rooms to feel festive during the holidays. I picked up the miniature stockings to house the utensils at Walmart. Great price, 4 for a $1.00.  I thought they added a festive touch.  I gathered some greenery from the backyard to add to the centerpiece, I love how the greenery smells in the house. I added a few sprays of berry pics that I picked up at Michael’s for $.99 each. The pine cones were picked up on a trip to North Carolina when we were scouting colleges for my daughter, and the dish is a vintage milk glass cake plate. I like to use it with the Christmas dishes.  I love how the white makes the red pop.  
Christmas Place Settings
My artificial tree. Yes, I finally purchased one after struggling with the idea for several years. I softened the blow of not having a live tree by purchasing new ornaments.  I love the color, I went with chocolate and gold this year. The tree is starting to grow on me.  I have to say that I was completely lost when it came to shaping the tree, but once I got the hang of it I moved pretty quickly.  If only I had room to store it put together, lol.  
Now, I want your honest opinion.  Which do you like, the artificial or the live tree at the bottom.  I may revert back to the live tree next year.  Do you have a live or artificial tree? What are your favorite decorating items, and do you use a color combination on your tree.  Please leave me a comment, I love them.   



  1. We have a small artificial tree that we got 10 years ago when we moved into this house. I know what you mean about getting the tree fluffed out properly. After 10 years of being packed and unpacked it really needs to be replaced — maybe next year. I would love to have a real tree but they are so expensive – in addition to all the other reasons you mentioned. I hate cleaning up pine needles. Now as for which tree from above — I really like your artificial one but more for the gold tone decorations – they are gorgeous! Love the gold bows and it is perfect in front of that yellow wall! But I bet the other one smelled wonderful!