Holiday Decorating Ideas




holiday decorating

Entertaining this holiday season?  Looking for holiday decorating ideas?  Mother 2 Mother found these center pieces and wanted to share the ideas.  If you’re like me, you have tons of extra Christmas ornaments in storage that you don’t use.  These center piece ideas will make a great conversation piece if you set them in the center of the dinner or buffet table.  How about the center of your coffee table.  You can use wooden or glass bowls or wood crates.  Be as creative as you like. 

I love the top idea.  I’m a big candle person, I love the atmosphere they create.  You can buy them cheap at the Dollar Store for this creation.  I use silver beads and bulbs on my tree, so I have those at hand.  This idea is going in the center of my coffee table this year.    I have two wonderful wooden bowls that I found at a flea market that I will be using.

I love the color of the second center piece and the impact that it makes.  A tall cake plate would be perfect to use for idea.  I have a milk glass cake plate that’s coming to mind for this idea.  I’m not thrilled about the parfait glasses, I think that I will substitute candles.  I would have to put this idea in a high place.  Zarriah would have her hands in this in no time.  I’m imaging my 2 year old rolling the bulbs across the floor now.  My dining room table would be perfect.  She hasn’t mastered pulling out the chairs on her own and climbing up on them yet.


I love the bowl in the third picture.  I don’t have anything this gorgeous, but I do have bowls that I use for dessert that would be perfect.  I’m also thinking one of my small punch bowls surrounded by fresh greenery from my backyard.  I’m thinking burgundy and gold for this dish. 

Which idea is your favorite?  Do you use different color bulbs in your decorating or a theme?  I’ve been using burgundy, silver and gold for the past few years.  Let us know what you think about using Christmas bulbs to decorate with other than on the tree.  I think it’s a fun idea.

Note:  Photos courtesy of Lush Fab Glam.