How To Decorate A Vintage Sled

Vintage Sled Decorations


Do you love my vintage sled?  It brings back so many childhood memories.  First, I found this beauty in an antique shop in Lancaster, PA.  There were several sleds in the shop, but I was looking for a special sled.  It had to be a Lightning Guider and I wasn’t going to settle for less.  The owner overheard my conversation with a few of the girls that I was traveling with.  She came out and said I have a Lightning Guider in the back if you would like to see it.  It was exactly what I was looking for, and the owner sold it to me for far less than its value.

You know, when I was growing up we had plenty of snow in the winter and plenty of snow days out of school.  My father always brought several Lightning Guider sleds for Christmas.  As a result, we jumped for joy when school was canceled.  We knew  we would be sled riding all day and eating King’s Syrup sandwiches.  King Syrup was so thick and delicious.  We loved fixing them ourselves and loved the fact that we didn’t have to bother mom to fix our sandwiches.  I think she was so grateful to have a few minutes to herself that she didn’t care how much bread we grabbed, or how much syrup we put on the bread.  We fixed and ate all that we wanted.

After we ate our syrup sandwiches, we would bundle up and head across the street for hours of fun sled riding.  We would stay out until we just about froze. I remember my father pulling off our boots and sitting us beside the wood stove so we could  thaw out.  Additionally, I also remember him using sandpaper to sharpen the blades so the sleds would go faster while we were warming up.  Oh the good ole days.

Unfortunately, they stopped manufacturing the Lightning Guider in the 1990’s.  What a shame, because it was the fastest and the best quality sled on the market.  It is now a classic, and I will hold on to it forever.

I decided to pull the sled out of storage and use it on my front porch for the winter.  I needed fresh greenery for a few center pieces that I want to work on for my tables.  As a result, I decided to add it to the sled as well.   Luckily, I have plenty of pines, spruce and other greenery surrounding my property.  If you’re not as lucky, check out your local Christmas tree lot.  Most are more than willing to give you a few bundles for free.

I love combining different greenery in my center pieces.  Included in the bundle are spruce and pine cuttings. However, you can use whatever you have on hand.  I used smaller pieces on top of longer pieces to give it depth, and tied it together with twist ties.  Use additional twist ties to tie the greenery was to the sled.  I just fluffed the bow out and readjusted it.  It was on the sled from the previous year. The bells are from a wreath that I purchased at the local Goodwill.  A friend found the ice skates at a local Goodwill in Pennsylvania and shipped them to me, lol.  She knew that I would use them for Christmas. The greenery will stay fresh in the cold air through the holiday season.

Did you have a Lightning Guider when you were growing up? If not, share a memory from your days of sledding.




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  1. I love your sled and how you’ve decorated it. My niece wanted an old sled for Christmas — the antique ones are VERY expensive! They just don’t make them like they used to! Merry Christmas Rhonda!

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      Thanks Kc. Yes, the older sleds are expensive. I have fond memories of jamming that sled into my car with two of my girlfriends and driving it 3 hours home. I love that antique dealer, lol. Merry Christmas to you too Kc.