It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Photo Courtesy of Breast Cancer Awareness
Aren’t these pink pumpkins gorgeous!  What could be better than these beautiful pink pumpkins to remind us of Breast Cancer Awareness Month?  I was delighted that my mammogram came back normal this month. What a relief.  I dread having my annual mammogram, but I have learned the importance of setting my dread aside and scheduling my appointment. Ten minutes of discomfort is far better than months of radiation, chemo and all the other steps that must be taken to fight this disease.  

Even so I sit for weeks praying that everything comes back normal, and until I receive the call from my doctor I’m holding my breath.  I’ve watched so many women fight this awful disease with tenacity and win, but I’ve also watched those who have lost their battle.   

I know that the best course of action is examination of my breast at home for early detection and my mammogram.  It is advised that all women start having one at age 40 and if you have a history of breast cancer in your family age 35.  This year, there were more than 2.8 million women with a history of breast cancer in the United States.  Approximately 85% of the women diagnosed had no family history of breast cancer.  

Breast cancer knows no boundaries, it affects women in all races and age groups.  Early detection is key ladies.  



  1. Cute pink pumpkins!  I love that breast cancer is getting the awareness it deserves.  Women should definitely get mammograms.  I hate ALL cancer.  I've seen too many kinds take the lives of too many people.  Right now my mom is suffering and struggling with lung cancer.

    • Hi Terra.  I agree, breast cancer awareness is getting lots of attention from both men and women.  My father passed away from cancer, so I understand what you're going through with your mom.  It is a brutal death.  Praying for you and your mother. 

  2. Love the idea Rhonda :)!

  3. I love the pink pumpkins and must share with you Rhonda! My nephew who is a fireman in Virginia is wearing pink gear that he was specially made for him so that he could raise funds and remind people of breast cancer awareness. I am very proud of him and he looks great in pink!

    • I'm applauding your nephew.  I love men who aren't afraid to wear pink.  More and more men are stepping up and supporting our cause.  These are real men.  Thanks for sharing.