Capturing the Unexpected – Sunsets




Have you ever had a moment where the most unexpected thing happens? I stepped out on my deck this evening to sip a cup of coffee and wind down after a 5 hour drive from visiting my grandchildren.  As I was exhaling and enjoying the crisp air, I noticed this beautiful sunset in front of me.  It was amazing, and just what I needed to wind down for the day. I love my property and home, I never know what I’ll found when I step outside. I had actually thought about selling and downsizing, but when you’re surrounded by this type of beauty I find it hard to do. I actually had a lady drop off a cake for my granddaughter’s birthday tell me that she would buy my house and wanted to know if she could bring her husband by to see it. I laughed and asked her if there was a For Sale sign out front that I didn’t know about.       

Another thing that I find amazing is most of my trees are still wearing their coats except in this one area. It just happened to be where this gorgeous sunset was taking place.  This is a perfect ending to my day. Off to download all the pictures from my visit to the pumpkin patch with the grandchildren.  Stay tuned.  



  1. That is absolutely beautiful scenery.

  2. What beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them. We do need to take more time out just to look around us! The hawk is sitting up in the tree again today — I should go take his picture!

  3. Great share and a view like that is priceless enjoy and much blessings xo!