My Fish Pedicure Was Wonderful

Have you ever had your feet nibbled on by little fish? It’s amazing! I had a Fish Pedicure tonight and I can’t believe how soft and beautiful they are. I’m rubbing my man’s legs with my feet, and he’s enjoying them as much as I am. I wouldn’t have dreamed of brushing my calloused feet up and down his legs last night. My feet were dreadful. I think they scared the manicurist when she saw them today. I’m a high heel and boot wearer, and my feet show it after the winter months. When the weather breaks, I treat myself to pedicures regularly. I start off the season with a Fish Pedicure. I’m telling you, it’s so relaxing. Once you have one, you’ll make an appointment for another before you leave the salon.
Yvonne’s Hair and Nail Salon in Alexandria, VA is the only place in the country that uses this method. Yvonne’s has been featured on The View, CNN, and in major newspapers around the country. Her shop is 1 1/2 hours away from me, but it’s so worth the trip. I usually schedule a manicure, The Fish Pedicure as well as their regular pedicure when I go. The Fish Pedicure consists of a 15 or 30 minute foot soak in a tank full of tiny carp, who eat off the dead skin. The carp had their work cut out for them today, I choose the 30 minute session. My feet are as smooth as a baby’s butt now.
The salon serves wine, water or soft drinks while you’re indulged. Between the wine and the carp nibbling at your toes, there is alot of giggling going on. They also wrap a warm and soothing towel around your neck to help you relax. Next, they bring trays of lotions and salts for you to smell and than choose your pleasure. The flavors consist of citrus, sea breeze, cappuccino, and lavender. They’re used to massage your feet and legs after the pedicures. I choose the citrus this time.
Once your Fish Pedicure is completed, they move you into a massage chair. Your back, butt, and thighs are massaged while they continue to buff your feet. Once that is completed, they lay you completely back in the chair, oil your feet and wrap them in plastic for 5 – 10 minutes to allow the oil to pentrate. They buff them again to ensure they’ve removed all layers of dead skin. You are truly pampered from head to toe. My feet feel like I’ve lost 30 lbs off of them. Oh, how I wish that were true for the rest of me. I was driving home thinking, how light they felt. I have an appointment for a regular pedicure in two weeks. I can’t wait to go back.
This technique has been used in Turkey and Asian countries for years. The owners of Yvonne’s Hair and Nails decided to try the technique in the States and it became a major success. Approximately, 10,000 women from across the country have taken the plunge. It’s an experience that you won’t forget. If you’re ever in the area, you must make an appointment.



  1. Great to know of as innovative idea s a fish pedicure…must be good from what I read.I was wondering about the smell when you came up with the lavender and the citrus smelling ritual.

  2. Hi: I went and got a fish pedicure at Yvonne today, and I was not impressed with the results!  I mean, it was really neat to sit there with the fish (my friend and i were cracking up) but my feet don't loo or feel any different.  I am pretty sure that the softening actually comes from the regular pedicure they give you afterwards.  We only got the fish thing– not the pedicure afterwards– and didn't get much result!  It was neat because of the coolness/weirdness factor, but I wouldn't do it again.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey..kewl pedicure XP

  4. Anonymous says:

    fish pedicure.. sounds interesting but am sure wll cost a lot of money..getting this done once in a while is ok.. but thn not regularly.. so i would opt for the choice of doin it at home.. simple n easy .. i read this article as to how to do it at home. read it .. u could also do it..


  5. Crazy, I've seen this before on TV. I wonder if she can do that with her Pedicure Massage Chair? Well not in that, but that would be a pretty cool addition!

  6. Oh wow! I’ve never heard of this either! and I’m sure it feels wonderful, but I could never have that! I don’t like fish, I don’t eat it or buy it nor do I swim with them!! I have something with fish, I even have nightmares with fish!
    Thanks for posting about this, good to know!

  7. This sounds awesome! I am going to give it a try if I can find somewhere nearby that offers it. I bet it tickles. Thanks for that.

    Tanya Mother of the Groom dresses blog

  8. The Health Dept. worked with this shop to install their system.  I’ve been following them for a year and, out of the 10,000 people who had the Fish Pedicure, not one has reported any diseases or health issues.  The salon is high end and spotless.  The owner also monitors all pedicures that are performed.  Wonderful technique, no razors, scrappers etc. being used. 

    This makes my 3rd and I have another Fish Pedi scheduled in 6 weeks. I go every 2 weeks in between.

  9. These pedicures have been illegal in NH due to fish diseases that cannot be detected. Anything used on your feet should be sterilized. How do you sterilize fish? you don’t! If the person before you had a foot or skin problem, the fish can carry that disease to your feel/skin. Ugh.

  10. Wow… I can honestly say I have never heard of this! I have a great salon near my house where I get my nails done and they do an amazing pedi… I get one once a month in the summer and once in the winter!