Wordless Wednesday: Hat Creativity

                                                                 Do You Like My Hat?



  1. Priceless! I am hoping that was a clean diaper! LOL!!

    dropcqueen at yahoo dot com

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for stopping by.  I'll be sure to do the same.  Yes, that is a diaper on his head.  He amazes me with the things that he does.  It was halarious.  I'm glad it was clean.


  3. Adorable picture!

  4. I think he is on to a new fashion trend for sure.  lol

  5. LOL!  That's hilarious!

  6. I certainly hope it was a clean one. lol

  7. Is that a diaper on his head? LOL!! Cute pic!

  8. Haha stylin'!